Tuesday October 27, 2009
Tuesday: Coaches Quick Hits

Henderson State: FootballScoop has just learned that defensive coordinator Robert Henry has left the program, effective immediately.  We had heard late last night that a possible change could occur on the defensive side at Henderson State.  Henry was in his 5th season as defensive coordinator.

Southeast Missouri State and Murray State: We continue to hear that changes are likely at SEMO and Murray State.  We hear it's likely that new SEMO athletic director, John Shafer, will try to revitalize the football program. One of our sources tells us that a big Murray State booster has started to feel out potential candidates in case the Racers do not have a turnaround in the next few weeks.

Evangel University (NAIA): We are hearing that head coach Scott Metcalf has resigned, but will coach the remainder of the season.

Jon Gruden: We are hearing that Gruden does not plan to go after any college jobs. We hear Gruden has 3 more years of payments to receive from the Bucs.  If indeed he were to accept another job, our source tell us he would lose those payments. 
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Monday October 26, 2009

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Monday: Coaches Quick Hits

Florida State: Seminole insider website Warchant.com, a Rivals affiliate, suggested Friday that the 79-year old head coach is losing favor with the school's decision makers and is considering signing with the University of Alabama at Birmingham if he is forced out at FSU. The site doesn't name the source of the information, but notes that it is a very reputable one, saying that the school is currently working on a buyout package worth around $4.5 million if Bowden retires at the end of the year.

"Even though it's still in the very early stages, we've heard there is some talk going on behind the scenes between the Bowden camp and a school in his hometown, the University of Alabama at Birmingham," the site's founder Gene Williams wrote in a blog. "At first I figured this was a crazy rumor, but it came from a good source, and we've heard it may have some legs."

The source also said that the school has finalized a contract with head coach-in-waiting Jimbo Fisher to take over the managerial duties as early as January 2010, which makes Bowden leaving even more possible. In his 34th and final season, he would be a mere figurehead to the team and it's likely he wouldn't accept that role.

The deal is believed to afford Fisher with complete control over the coaching staff, Bowden has lobbied against.

For the record, FootballScoop thinks this is ridiculous.  Bowden to UAB is not going to happen.
Sunday October 25, 2009
Sunday: Coaches Quick Hits

Illinois: Illinois AD Ron Guenther stated at halftime of the Illinois/Purdue game, "There will be changes but there won't be a change on the top," he said. "There's a great deal of frustration obviously within the program at the moment. We're still going to evaluate (after the season), but I think it's unfair to start jumping at the end of the fifth year on the guy."
Saturday October 24, 2009

Tommy Tuberville: Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel writes this morning, "A source close to Tommy Tuberville tells me that the former Auburn coach has kept an interested eye on UCF because he believes he could recruit successfully, win big almost immediately and perhaps help escort the Knights into a BCS league. Personally, I believe Tuberville will get a much bigger job before UCF ever opens it."
Friday October 23, 2009
Friday: Coaches Quick Hits

Rice: David Sayler has been elevated to interim AD. 

Washington Redskins: GM Vinny Cerrato stated this morning on the radio that Jim Zorn will remain the head coach for the rest of the season.

Santa Monica College: Long time Santa Monica College head football coach Robert Taylor passed away on Thursday.  Taylor was one the coach who recognized the talent of Chad Ochocinco and Steve Smith.  Taylor was a father figure to many.  Please keep Coach Taylor's family in your thoughts.

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