Monday October 19, 2009
Monday: Coaches Quick Hits

Washington Redskins: Recently hired offensive consultant, Sherm Lewis, will take over the play-calling duties.  What would you do if you were Jim Zorn?  Tony Dungy said last night, "I would say 'you hired me to be the head coach and this is how I'm going to do it.  If you don't like it, then you need to fire me."

Cal: We hear that one athletic director will have Cal offensive coordinator / quarterbacks coach Andy Ludwig on a "first group" of candidates that he will be interested in. 

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Sunday October 18, 2009
Sunday: Coaches Quick Hits

Washington Redskins: We hear a meeting has taken place this evening with owner Dan Snyder, GM Vinny Cerrato, and Jim Zorn.  Cerrato apparently asked Zorn to give up the play-calling duties and focus on head coaching duties.
Friday October 16, 2009
Friday: Coaches Quick Hits

Idaho State: We are hearing the Idaho State plans to renew the contract of head coach John Zamberlin, despite a winless record this season.  We hear the school will extend Zamberlin's contract for the next 2 seasons.
Thursday October 15, 2009
Thursday: Coaches Quick Hits

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Kansas City Chiefs: The Chiefs have demoted wide receivers coach Dedric Ward.  Richie Anderson will now serve as wide receivers coach.  It is unclear about the new role for Ward.

Georgia State: We are hearing that Georgia State has an assistant coaching job open.

Louisville: Michael Lombardi of the NFL Network is reporting that if Louisville makes a change, the school will make a strong push to lure Jon Gruden.
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