Saturday October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

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Friday October 30, 2009
Friday: Coaches Quick Hits

LSU: We thought it was odd for Times-Picayune LSU beat writer Jim Kleinpeter to comment on LSU assistants Greg Studrawa and D.J. McCarthy.  Kleinpeter wrote today, "The line has been a disappointment but the pass protection clearly improved against Auburn. Still can't get that push off the line needed to run consistently. But, yes, Studrawa will be back. All assistants except McCarthy, who is clearly gone, got raises recently."

Itawamba CC: We are hearing that ICC will be interested in talking with West Alabama offensive cooridinator Will Hall regarding the head coaching vacancy.  Hall's father is coaching the #13 nationally ranked Madison Central HS program in Madison, MS.

Tennessee & Monte Kiffin: "Can you believe that somebody out there - and it's been a couple and I'm not going to say who - but they said they think Monte Kiffin is going to retire so you may not want to go there and play for him because he probably won't be there," said Kiffin, who left the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to join his son Lane Kiffin at UT. "I want to tell you this right now - I ain't retiring, OK? I'm not going back to the NFL.

"I didn't coach in the NFL 25 years to come to Tennessee and get experience to go back to the NFL. I'm not here because of my kid and grandkids - that may be a little bit of the reason - but I'm going to tell you right here, I'm not going. I'm going to stay right here, I love it here and I'm going to coach here as long as I can coach."
Thursday October 29, 2009
Thursday: Coaches Quick Hits

Itawamba CC (MS): Multiple sources have informed FootballScoop that head coach Jeff Terrell resigned an hour ago.  We should have more information regarding ICC later on.

Evangel University (NAIA): (About the new coach) "He would have head coaching experience or top assistant coaching experience at a variety of levels," the Evangel athletic director said Monday. "It would be helpful if he'd have some (junior college) coaching experience because he'd have contacts in the juco world.

Applicants should apply through Evangel's Web site, and those applications will be reviewed by a committee that likely will include Stair, university president Robert Spence and other administration and faculty representatives, Stair said.

Metcalf's resignation does not mean the entire coaching staff -- 10 assistant coaches, plus a graduate assistant are listed on the school's Web site -- will turn over. Stair said the assistants will remain on staff unless they have a conflict with the new coach.

Valparaiso: Director of athletics Mark LaBarbera on Wednesday affirmed that head coach Stacy Adams will coach the remainder of the season. "As the athletic director, I evaluate programs when the season is over," LaBarbera said. "The coaches and the student-athletes put too much work in during the season. We don't make these kinds of evaluations during the season."
Wednesday October 28, 2009
Wednesday: Coaches Quick Hits

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Indiana: AD Fred Glass made it clear this morning that head coach Bill Lynch will remain the head coach of the Hoosiers.  Glass reiterated that he has total confidence in Lynch and expects him to be the coach for many years to come.

Minnesota: Joel Maturi, expanding on his comments from last week about Tim Brewster's future, said Tuesday that the University of Minnesota football coach's job appears safe, even if the team loses the rest of its games this year.

Minnesota's athletics director had said Friday that extension talks were likely if Brewster won the rest of his regular-season games to go 9-3, but that losing the rest to finish 4-8 would make for "different discussions."

"I didn't mean anything other than the thoughts of giving somebody a contract extension and a raise (after losing six games in a row) probably wouldn't be likely," Maturi said Tuesday. "That's what it amounts to. I'm trying to be honest and open, but I'm not going to make any of those decisions until the end of the year."

The Coach Tracker:  The Coach Tracker now has the contact information for nearly every head high school and Junior College football coach in the country.  If your team hasn't subscribed yet, give us a call and you'll have it tonight.  www.TheCoachTracker.com 225-445-8223  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tuesday October 27, 2009
Tuesday: Coaches Quick Hits

Henderson State: FootballScoop has just learned that defensive coordinator Robert Henry has left the program, effective immediately.  We had heard late last night that a possible change could occur on the defensive side at Henderson State.  Henry was in his 5th season as defensive coordinator.

Southeast Missouri State and Murray State: We continue to hear that changes are likely at SEMO and Murray State.  We hear it's likely that new SEMO athletic director, John Shafer, will try to revitalize the football program. One of our sources tells us that a big Murray State booster has started to feel out potential candidates in case the Racers do not have a turnaround in the next few weeks.

Evangel University (NAIA): We are hearing that head coach Scott Metcalf has resigned, but will coach the remainder of the season.

Jon Gruden: We are hearing that Gruden does not plan to go after any college jobs. We hear Gruden has 3 more years of payments to receive from the Bucs.  If indeed he were to accept another job, our source tell us he would lose those payments. 
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