Monday January 5, 2009 (Update 6)

North Carolina A&T: Sources tell FootballScoop that North Carolina A&T will name Morgan State defensive coordinator Alonzo Lee as head football coach.
Monday January 4, 2009 (Update 5)

Yale: Sources tell FootballScoop that Jacksonville Jaguars assistant Tom Williams will be named head football coach at Yale University.  Williams is also a former co-defensive coordinator at Stanford University.
Monday December 5, 2009  (Update 4)

Cal Poly: We hear former Michigan State coach Chris Smeland has interviewed with Cal Poly officials and could be the leading candidate.

Green Bay Packers: Our sources tell us that Joe Whitt Jr. will be promoted to defensive backs coach.

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Utah: Head coach Kyle Whittingham has hired John Pease as defensive line coach.

Washington: We hear Steve Sarkisian has made a big splash by hiring USC defensive coordinator Nick Holt. UW is expected to make an announcement later this afternoon.  Holt is the 2008 FootballScoop Defensive Coordinator of the Year.

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Monday January 5, 2009 (Update 3)

Auburn: Multiple media outlets are now reporting that Oklahoma State wide receivers coach Trooper Taylor has accepted a position on Gene Chizik's staff at Auburn.

Clemson: We hear the new staff is set as follows: Kevin Steele (defensive coordinator / linebackers), David Blackwell (defensive tackles), Chris Rumph (defensive ends), Charlie Harbison (defensive backs), Brad Scott (centers, guards, executive HC), Ron West's exact position is still to be determined.  Danny Pearman (tackles, tight ends, assistant HC), Billy Napier (cffensive coordinator / quarterbacks), Jeff Scott (wide receivers), Andre Powell (running backs / special teams coordinator), Donald Hymel (asst DFO), Andy Johnston (DFO), Woody McCorvey (executive AD for football relations). 

Green Bay Packers: 6 assistants will not return.  Bob Sanders (defensive coordinator), Carl Hairston (defensive ends), Robert Nunn (defensive tackles), Kurt Schottenheimer (secondary), Lionel Washington (defensive nickel package / corners), and Rock Gullickson (strength coach). 

LSU: Sources tell FootballScoop that Les Miles has just hired South Carolina safeties coach Ron Cooper.

NY Jets: The NY Jets will interview Cardinals assistant Russ Grimm.


Kentucky State: There will be 2 internship opportunities available at Kentucky State University for the 2009 season.  These interns will have their own position and will assist with film breakdown, editing system input, scouting report preparation and assist with duties similar to that of a graduate assistant.  Positions will include meals and a small stipend to assist with housing.  Must have a bachelor's degree, clean record and be willing to work hard and maintain a professional image on campus.  If interested, please send resume and references to head coach Fred T. Farrier at <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> or fax information to 502-597-6466.
Monday January 4, 2009 (Update 2)

Boston College: Multiple media outlets in Boston are now reporting that head coach Jeff Jagodzinski is out as head coach.

Kansas State: Sources tell FootballScoop that Utah offensive line coach Charlie Dickey has arrived in Manhattan and will start work today as the new offensive line coach at Kansas State.

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