Sunday September 20, 2009
Sunday morning: Coaches Quick Hits

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Friday September 18, 2009
Friday morning: Coaches Quick Hits

NFL coaches to college: A number of NFL assistant coaches are increasingly concerned about what their contracts for the 2011 season will look like with a lockout on the horizon. Larry Kennan, the executive director of the NFL Coaches Association, said the assistants fear that teams will write their contracts with provisions if there is no season. "Basically, there's going to be an amount if there is a season and a lot less if there's not," Kennan said. "That's what everybody is expecting and a lot of guys are worried about it." There isn't much many assistant coaches can do about that, so expect a fair number of coaches to look at college jobs, where there will be more security in the short term. That could mean an exodus of assistants from the NFL ranks for a season or two.  "I could easily see that happening," Kennan said. "There's more security and, by and large, the lifestyle at the college level is a lot more manageable."
Thursday September 17, 2009
Thursday morning: Coaches Quick Hits

University of Minnesota: We hear the Gophers could be looking to hire a operations / recruiting intern.

Tommy Tuberville Update: Don't expect Coach Tubervile to take over any low level non-BCS program.  It's not going to happen.  Tuberville's name will likely be thrown all over the place this upcoming job season, but Tuberville will land another big-time job if the right opportunity comes available.   
Wednesday September 16, 2009
Wednesday morning: Coaches Quick Hits

Memphis: Former Big East commissioner Mike Tranghese has been hired by the University of Memphis as a consultant to assist the Tigers athletic program in its efforts to gain membership in a Bowl Championship Series conference. His role is to help us and advise us,” RC Johnson (Memphis AD) said. “He asked me: ‘What’s my charge?’ I said, ‘There are six BCS conferences. Just get us in one.’”

West Virginia: FootballScoop has confirmed that although WVU athletic director Ed Pastilong's contract ends in the summer of 2010, Pastilong has every intention of continuing to run the WVU atheltic department. Pastilong has done a terrific job and we have no reason to believe he will not continue to grow one of the best run athletic departments in the country.
Tuesday September 15, 2009

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Tuesday morning: Coaches Quick Hits

2010 & 2011 Open Dates Database: Our database has been updated.  We will update the database again later in the week.  Coaches & DFO's can submit information anytime.
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