Spurrier praises OL coach Shawn Elliott, cautions all about Gamecocks

During Tuesday’s press conference, Steve Spurrier immediately shifted the focus towards Kentucky.

Spurrier praised offensive line coach Shawn Elliott, cautioned anyone who would listen, and pointed out that he hasn’t done any national interviews since defeating Alabama.

Spurrier began, “OK. We’re going to go the Kentucky and try to win a road game.  This is probably one of the biggest games in school history for us.”

He went on to say, “We do have a chance to win the East.  We may fall on our face.  I don’t know what’s going to happen.  The opportunity is there.  We’re not a lot better than these teams, but we can play with them (all). We may play our best and still lose.  Kentucky may just out play us.” 

Spurrier then warned anyone who would listen, “We don’t have a great team.  We have a pretty good team.  We’ll see what happens.”

“No, no, no.  We haven’t done enough to be considered (for SEC championship).  We just won one really big game.  We’re not complaining, but we realize we’re not even half-way through the conference schedule.”

Spurrier praised first-year offensive line coach Shawn Elliott, who joined the staff from Appalachian State, “Shawn Elliott is really the guy that’s brought in a lot of what we are doing now.  So Shawn has been a really good hire.” 

“We noticed now since we’re huddling at the line of scrimmage, we don’t get delay of games.”

Kick-off at Kentucky is set for 6 pm EST on ESPN2.



Harbaugh resting team, London continues to build team

Jim Harbaugh says USC game was a 3 ½ hour arm wrestling match: "We knew this game was going to be a three and a half-hour arm wrestling match. We thought we would be the game-winners if we didn't quit. We had to overcome big hurdles and obstacles. To a man, everyone on our team overcame those obstacles. They found a way to get it done. It was a character win."

"I'm giving my team more days off than I've ever given a team. Our team needs to get some rest."


With 2-3 record, UVA head coach Mike London staying positive & building team: "Yeah, it's a challenge. We're disappointed. You're discouraged, but you can't let those feelings last very long, because you start to develop that defeatist type attitude and mentality. There's plenty of that went around last year."

“You're not looking at anybody that's feeling sorry for themselves or down or anything like that. We're a work in progress and we said that at the beginning when we first started. Trying to build what these guys think about themselves.”

"Our players are together. We're all on the same page. Coaches are with each other, the attitude and atmosphere around the McCue Center is high. And that's the way it should be, because of the way things are changing.”


Doc Holliday compliments George O’Leary for always protecting the ball: “That’s George O’Leary. Whether it’s Syracuse or Georgia Tech or UCF, wherever he’s been they don’t do that. They had a couple of unusual turnovers last night, a couple turnovers in the red zone that they normally don’t have.”


Mike Riley talks about Oregon State kicking woes: "(Special teams coordinator) Bruce Read had a long talk with him. Its one of those deals he'll have to fight out of a slump. He's not hitting the ball well. It was obvious with the PATs and obvious on the kickoffs. He has to get back and technically get comfortable again."


Larry Porter says Memphis still searching for identity: "I think we're still searching for our identity. If you look at all the inconsistencies of our lineup, all our youth, the newness ... at times it's been difficult to do certain things based on not wanting to put certain people in positions they haven't been in."


Neil Callaway says UAB desperately seeking a win:  "I didn't mean that to sound like the world is going to come to an end. I didn't mean it like that. But for us to have the kind of season we want to try to end up with at this point, we need to win a football game."


Quoting Bo Pelini: "If we win a lot of games, good things will happen for us. I have confidence in that. I don't think about it any other way, to be honest with you. If you start thinking about any of that stuff, you're going to get humbled really quick. My only concern is Texas and what we have to do today to win the next football game."


Greg McMackin proud of his Hawaii team: "I think it's great for the confidence of our team. That was a good football team. It was a packed house and everybody knows how hard it is to win at Fresno.”



Whittingham loves his team, Frustration setting in for other coaches

Kyle Whittingham loves this year’s team at Utah: “In the 16 years I’ve been here there hasn’t been another team I’ve enjoyed more than these guys. They care about each other and there is an unselfish streak that runs through this team. That is a tremendous asset for us. They are blue collar and don’t feel like we have major headliners, but a group of guys who don’t seem to be concerned or care who is getting the press. All they care about is winning. It’s a good group to be around.”


Rich Rod says defensive staff frustrated: "Our defensive coaches, they're like everybody else — all frustrated we're not making progress like we want, but there are moments. There were moments in the last game."

"We've gotten to the point we've simplified our schemes as best we can. If you're too simple, they'll find a way to go against you. So you've got to be able to slowly add to your package and change things up so they don't always know where you're at.”

"If you just line up in one defense — ‘That's who we are, come get us’ — most teams will find a way to move the ball. We don't want to limit ourselves to not give us a chance to win defensively, but we've got to balance that between not confusing our young guys as well." 


Al Golden says the Temple players and coaches are on notice: “We’re not a good football team right now. We weren’t tough enough last Saturday; we played without energy, without passion. We weren’t focused, and we didn’t deserve to win.”

“The players are on notice, and the coaches are on notice: there are going to be a bunch of changes. We’re going to see some new faces.”


Urban Meyer talks about Florida’s major problem: "The biggest issues I have right now are the lack of production in the red zone and the lack of big plays. That's why we've run the reverse (in the past two games). We haven't run a reverse around here in quite a while because we didn't have to. It certainly will be in our package now more than ever."


Tuberville pleased with offense, says defense must improve: “Offensively, we were a lot more consistent and a lot more physical. That’s what it is going to take for us to continue to get better and to improve on what we are doing. It’s hard to improve on 45 points and over 600 yards — but we can do that.”

“Our defense has got to improve. If we’re going to give ourselves a chance to win this game, we’re going to have to play better defensively. Offensively, we’re in a rhythm, but we’ve got to continue to go out and do that. We can’t take any weeks off.”


Gary Pinkel pleased with Missouri defense: "I think we're playing good team defense, basically. We've also improved. Those are the two things that kind of stand out. We're getting better each week with a lot of little things, attention to detail things that we need to do."

"We haven't arrived in any way. I'm not implying that. We've got some great tests ahead of us, including this week. But it seems like we're playing real well as a unit. That's what I've been most pleased with."


Bret Bielema answers if this is his best team at Wisconsin: "I think elements of it are, but more of the season will tell us that. From when we came back in January to where we are today, I have more seniors than ever who have been starters at anytime in my career, 13 guys.

“We are a workman's program. We don't lose a lot of kids because we really, truly understand that we are going to have the best players two, three, four years down the road that we possibly can have because of the way we develop kids."



Best coaching performances of Week 6

Five more coaching staffs have been recognized this week as part of our 2010 Game Changing Coaches series presented by Family Relocation.

Every Tuesday during the season, we recognize the coaches involved in the most outstanding coaching performances from the past weekend.  This is our third year of this award winning series. 

This year, we are very proud to have Family Relocation, rated the #1 moving company in the country by coaches wives, as the title sponsor of Game Changing Coaches.

Family Relocation has been helping coaches move for nearly 100 years. Regardless of how far you’re moving or where you live, if you want your move to be handled professionally, trust the team at Family Relocation. You and your family will be glad to you did.

See the coaches we have recognized for Week #6 right here.

Saban: Last year we proved it. This team hasn't proved $#&T

Saban isn’t too happy.  He just dropped, "Last year we had the best team in the country and proved it over 14 games. This team hasn't proven $#!%. (Pause) Excuse my language.  That's how I feel about it.  So I'm really upset I used bad language and I'm sure I'll get some letters and emails about it.  And should."

More to come once the presser is over.

Ought to be good.

UPDATE: Saban said Julio Jones broke his hand in the first-half, continued to play the entire game, and has already undergone surgury.  Saban did not rule out Jones for Saturday's game against Ole Miss.

“Offense, we moved the ball effectively most of the time in the game but when we got in the red zone we were unable to make plays to come away with the kind of points that we could have.  And that’s really the difference in the game and there’s really nothing else to talk about.”

(asked about how his LSU team of 2003 responded after their only loss) "2003. What is it 2010?  You think I can remember this stuff 7 years ago.  Kristen was in what, 6th grade?  I don't remember her birthday party either."

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