Troy Calhoun makes tall statement and Randy Shannon's pre-game speech

Air Force head coach Troy Calhoun says this is best Utah team ever: "It's probably, maybe, the best team they have ever had there. Two years ago they were outstanding and at the end of the season they very easily should have had an opportunity to play for a national championship or even a vote for the national championship. This squad is better. They are much faster and more athletic, especially at the skill position and defensively. They are an excellent football team. What is impressive is you can pick any game in the last month and they have been dominate across the board."


Gene Chizik trying to keep Auburn focused: “I think being mature and staying grounded is the key. You can be happy with results, but shouldn't be satisfied with where we are at. The only thing that matters is this Saturday.”

“I told our offensive line, ‘You are what makes it go.’  From there, everyone has to raise their play individually.  I think there have been some significant improvements over the last 4 or 5 weeks.” 


Brian Kelly talks about key to beating Tulsa: "Don't let Navy influence how you play Tulsa....I look at the Navy game as an isolated incident."

"I don't know that I ever get surprised...No, Dantonio surprised me."


Dabo Swinney refers to back shoulder throws as “paint balls”: “They (Boston College) have done a good job throwing some paint balls, some back shoulder throws.”

“This year’s team has come to play every week.  That’s what I like.  They’ve stopped beating themselves.  They’ve continued to play hard.  Last year’s team laid an egg.”


Dan Mullen reacts to linebacker Chris Hughes suspension for illegal hit: "This is a teachable moment for Chris and our entire team He'll face the consequences for his actions and learn from it."

The SEC deemed that he was in violation of Rule 9-1-4 of the NCAA Football Rule Book, which reads, “No player shall target and initiate contact to the head or neck area of a defenseless opponent with the helmet, forearm, elbow or shoulder.”


Randy Shannon's pre-game speech against UNC: 


Randy Edsall responds to outrageous question

The world coaches live in...  Despite winning 25 games over the last three seasons and winning a Big East championship, UCONN head coach Randy Edsall had to react to a question about fans calling for his job security.   

Edsall responded, "That’s one of those questions that doesn’t matter how you answer it.  You’re going to have problems how you answer, so maybe I’m better off just not answering it at all.  People can have opinions.  There’s a statement that I would make, but if I made this statement I would really be in trouble."

"I could probably say it and get away with it, but I think some of you might have already heard that statement that opinions are a lot like other things." 

"I didn’t get dumb overnight.  I didn’t get stupid overnight.  Some years you have pieces of the puzzle.  Other years you don’t." 

"Sometimes you spoil people.  Maybe the level of expectations are a little bit higher than the people who made those expectations really know anything about.  Believe me, if I worried about that I would never have been in the profession as long as I have, or as long as I want to be in it." 

"Like I said, I’m the same guy I was last year when we beat Notre Dame, South Carolina, when we won the Big East championship.  Like I said, I didn’t get stupid overnight."

UCONN is 3-4 this season and hosts West Virginia on Saturday.

Third time in two years Lane Kiffin battles #1 ranked team

Twice last season as the head coach at Tennessee, Lane Kiffin led his team against the #1 ranked team in the country.  Tennessee lost at Florida (23-13) and at Alabama (12-10). 

On Saturday night, Kiffin will get his third chance against the nation’s #1 ranked team.  ESPN’s College GameDay will be set up in Los Angeles as the Trojans host the Oregon Ducks.

Asked about how much pressure is on the Ducks, Kiffin didn’t miss a chance to send another message to recruits. 

Kiffin said, “It reminds me what a phenomenal run was done here before, 34 straight wins. Now being on the other side of it, last year playing the number one team twice, and now playing the number one team, you feel how focused your players come to work because they have a chance to play the number one team.  It’s why it’s so hard to stay up there.  It’s why what was done here before is so phenomenal.  Look, three weeks in a row the number 1 team has lost.  It’s very hard because you get everyone’s best shot and everyone is focused.”

The biggest challenge for USC is consistent tackling, especially in the secondary. For the first time in a while, USC had full tackling periods in practice, both last Thursday and yesterday.

"If we could tackle at all in the secondary, we're 7-0 right now," said Kiffin. 

What about the Ducks' fast tempo offense?  Kiffin said, "Everyone is a middle linebacker this week because everyone has to see it because it happens so fast." 

Kick-off is set for 8 pm EST on ABC.

Urban on rule #3, Paterno clueless, Tubs encouraged, Marrone's post-game ritual

Urban Meyer quite frank about rule number 3: "I have more of an issue about efficiency of practice. Fundamentals don't improve for a lot of reasons. No. 1 is you don't practice them at the game speed that you need to be practicing at; No. 2 [is] that you're not taught very well. No. 3 is that the player is not good enough. No. 3 is not allowed around here.

"... You don't say that here. That's very clear to our staff. It is what it is. You got what you got. Let's get them better and find out what they can do. Absolutely, we have the talent level to execute at a high level. I'd like to see it all put together at once, so we can operate."

"We don't have a bad play. I don't allow that. That's kind of my job. There's no such thing as saying, 'That's a bad play.' It might look awful because someone doesn't block the right guy or someone doesn't execute, so I go back to efficiency."


Minnesota’s Jeff Horton admits Joe Paterno had no clue who Horton was during pre-game: "It was obvious he didn't know who I was."

“I have no visions of grandeur about getting the head coaching job. It's not gonna happen. But this is like putting your resume out there for people to see and see what response you get."


Tubs pleased with offensive line, says he pulling for Auburn: Yeah, it’s (run game) getting better. I think it saved us in a couple games in terms of slowing the pass-rush down, and that’s the reason you do it. We’re getting more physical. The biggest improvement of our team from game one going into game eight is our offensive line. I think people have seen that. One reason is they work at it, the other is they’ve all been there all year long. We’ve had very few injuries. When you have consistency like that, you can become better at what you’re doing. I think they’re taking pride in the running game. You’ve got two good running backs and when you’re playing in an atmosphere that you’re trying to create some momentum and slow the pass-rush down, that’s the best avenue you’ve got. Run right at them.”

“I’m proud of them (Auburn). I’ve got a lot of kids on that team that we recruited. They’ve got 25 seniors. I didn’t recruit the quarterback, and I have not seen him play, but I’ve heard a lot about him. He must be something, a guy that can run that well in that league. I’m pulling for them.”


Syracuse coach Doug Marrone explains his post-game rituals: “I come back here (to the Manley Field House football wing), and I thank everyone – from the equipment people to the doctors and trainers, Win or lose, I think it’s important that you do that.”

“Then, honestly, I go home, and I have a bologna and cheese sandwich. That’s what I eat. I’ve been eating that since I was a little kid. It’s one thing I actually do look forward to. I also drink about four Gatorades. Then I put the TV on and I try to get away for awhile. Because I know the next day when I get up I have to go right back to work.”

UGA AD applauds Richt, Barkley's awesome tweet, Congrats Willie Taggart

Georgia AD Greg McGarity applauds Mark Richt:  “At one time it didn’t look it was going in the right direction for our program. And I have to credit Mark with what he was able to do, to basically rally the troops after a rough run there and a tough game at Colorado.”

“That different tone (more physical practices), and Mark being a man enough to take some responsibility to say we probably made some mistakes on the front end, in terms of the practices and the two-a-days. For him to acknowledge that, I think that speaks to the type of man he is.”


Jimbo Fisher describes the thing he learned the most from Saban and Bowden: "The greatest thing I learned from both of them, don't be like anybody else. Be yourself."


USC quarterback Matt Barkley tweeted on Saturday night: "Wow, Brock just got rocked! Lesnar is to Oregon as Velasquez is to SC. Lezgo."

Matt Barkley later explained: "That had nothing to do with Oregon. I just got fired up thinking about my teammates. It had to do with kind of being an underdog in a big fight, like we're going into. Everyone, of course, takes it out of context and blows it up. But that was about us and about our team and the adversity we've been through." 


Indiana coach Bill Lynch describes consistent “next game” approach: “It’s the next game. We take real pride in being consistent in how we approach things from the Towson game on, and it will be that way all the way to Purdue. It’s the next game. If you all of a sudden make one game bigger than another with your players, you lose credibility with them a little bit. ‘Wait a minute, last week you said this. And now this week you’re saying this.’ There has to be a consistent approach.”

“If we spend time worrying about that (bowl possibilities) then we’re not doing our jobs. Our approach is consistent. We’re going to have our guys as well-prepared as we can every week to give ourselves the best chance to win. I think our guys respond well to that. You want to have a sense of urgency every week, from Week 1. That’s what good football teams do.”


UTEP coach Mike Price concerned about run defense heading into trip to Marshall: "We have to stop the run. I have a lot of confidence in (defensive coordinator) Andre Patterson coming up with a solution for that. It isn't recruiting bigger players, yet. We'll be doing that in the offseason. We've got to do with what we have. Andre will come up with something."


Western Kentucky head coach Willie Taggart talks about life since WKU's first win of the season:


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