Go to 5 bowls in 7 years and get fired

Southern Miss offensive and defensive coordinators Rickey Bustle and Tommy West spoke recently with Patrick Magee of the Hattiesburg American. A good article looking towards the future of Southern Miss football under Ellis Johnson and his new staff. 

With that said, a couple of quotes were spot on if you know West or Bustle. 

In the article, West is quoted talking about how the feeling at Southern Miss is that not only are they going to win; but they are going to win a lot of games...which he likened to his experience when he was the head coach at Clemson. Magee says West admitted that the scenario was different when West became head coach at Memphis in 2001. West said, "The bar was real low. It was 'Man, if we could ever just go to a bowl game,' because they hadn't been to one in 30-something years." West then added, "We go to five bowls in our last seven years and get fired. So we moved the bar."

Bustle, the head coach at Louisiana Lafayette for nine seasons, spoke at length in the interview about how much he has enjoyed Hattiesburg the past few months (even though his wife hasn't moved yet because she's still teaching at ULL); but then added, "I really like the city of Hattiesburg, but I miss my crawfish." You'll never get the Cajun out of Bustle, and that's a good thing. 

When you dominate the Orange Bowl...

As you might recall, Dana Holgorsen and the boys at West Virginia hung 70 on Clemson in the Orange Bowl in January. 

When you dominate the Orange Bowl you most definitely make some videos to highlight that occurrence. 

One of the guys at West Virginia was nice enough to send this one to us...it's a highlight package of their 2011 season with a couple of minutes at the end showing a bunch of the highlights from the Orange Bowl victory. This one was clearly designed to impress high school athletes...and we think it works.

Recruiting video - Wheaton College

Wheaton - For Christ and His Kingdom

For those not fully familiar, Wheaton is a very successful D-III program just west of Chicago. Below is a video presenting what the football program is all about. 

This is a high quality video which in our opinion is a great asset for the college.

North Carolina sending out a message

UNC Football's video staff has put out a nice string of videos under the "Blue Dawn" title over the past few weeks. Most of the videos focus on conditioning and give glimpses into the new coaching staff. All are well produced and we hear are being enjoyed by the Tar Heel fan base. 

Then today's came out. The first two minutes follow the same script, conditioning drills featuring the players with shots of the coaches and staff mixed in. Well done...and then came the fun. Shortly after the 2 minute mark, they inserted something that might just get their opponents a little riled up. Well played Coach Fedora, well played indeed.

D-III Video: "Sometimes you're the wall, today you're the hammer"

Yesterday we mentioned the value of having some video to support your program...to exicte the kids and the recruits, to energize the fan base and the donors, etc...

Since then, several good quality videos have been sent to us (keep them coming). 

We'll be rolling them out over the next few days...and beyond.

This video comes from D-III Linfield College. The whole thing is good; but right at the end you get the money quote. Enjoy!

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