Video tour of Mississippi State's new facility

Construction is well under way (but as you will see, there is still a long way to go) at Mississippi State on a new football facility that will house a team dining area, the hall of fame, state of the art weight room for the football and baseball teams, and the coaches offices, where each coach will have a view of the practice field. 

Director of football operations Jon Clark leads the tour of the facilities and helps to paint a good picture of how things will look when the dust settles.

Video: Rumble in the Jungle

Well produced video here out of South Alabama showcasing their "Rumble in the Jungle" lifting event. 

The event was nothing short of first class and, as you'll see, the players were definitely the center of attention.

You'll want to pay attention towards the end of the clip as one player goes for a school record squat of 730 pounds.


D-II strength program making impressive gains

The strength program and staff up at Division II Western State College of Colorado has paved the way for some impressive gains this off season.

In all, 9 new players reached the 300 pound mark in cleans, and 21 new faces joined the 400 pound squat club. Perhaps even more impressively, the players set a total of 184 new personal records.

The two videos below show the hard work these guys have been putting in this off-season that have led to their progress. There are no short cuts being taken in Colorado!

GA of the Day - Byron Thomas (Texas A&M)

Byron Thomas has a great foundation (and a great story as well). He's from California, has coached and recruited up north and has now served as a grad assistant at both South Florida and Texas A&M. He both played for and worked for Ed Meierkort and earned just about the highest compliment one can from Mark Snyder (you gotta watch the video).

Every coach we have spoken with that has worked with Byron says great things about him. He's going to be one of the leaders of this profession twenty years down the road. 

Watch the video and hear him tell you about his road to Texas A&M...fascinating. Thomas' story should remind all young coaches that you never know when that break might come.

NCAA / NFL Coaches Academy

The NCAA sent us the list below showing all of the coaches that participated in the Coaches Academy last week.

Some sharp coaches on that list. Hope everyone enjoyed it. 

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