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Sumlin: We're coming to fight

On the plane trip back from SEC media days, Texas A&M offensive lineman Luke Joeckel told Kevin Sumlin about all of the doubters that he ran into while fielding questions from the media.

“I don’t think those people think we’re any good,” Joeckel told Sumlin. “They kept asking me what’s it like to be in the SEC. I tried to be positive, but I got the feeling they think we’re going to get our brains kicked in.”

Sumlin got much of the same vibe from reporters during his numerous interviews, and shared that sentiment with those in attendance at Texas A&M's Coach's Night in Houston.

"Guys, based on every question I got, they don’t think we have any defense. They don’t think our offense will work, and we don’t have a quarterback or kicker. Other than that we have no problem guys.” The crowd found the story pretty funny, but Sumlin explained that it's a different feeling when you have to deal with those type of questions for five straight hours.

“We’re coming to play, we’re coming to fight our ass off and win every game we can.” Sumlin told the crowd.

Video: WKU is ready

Solid video here from Willie Taggart and the guys down at Western Kentucky.

Not a word is said throughout the entire clip, but the message is simple and clear. These guys are focused and ready for 2012.

New USC promo video

Pretty solid season ticket promo here out of USC.

Notice the creative use of "LA" at throughout the clip. Well done.

Kill and the staff visited Baylor, TCU during offseason

Jerry Kill and the Gophers open up year two with the start of camp on Saturday.

During the off season, Kill and the staff visited a number of programs to find different ideas that they may be able to mesh with philosophies that they already have in place.

“I think in any profession that you’re involved in, if you want to be the best at what you do, you better figure out how to be the best. We try and study the best programs in the country every year, or some program that’s very similar to us or fits what we’re trying to do."

"It’s like going to clinics. You may listen for three hours and get one idea that may help your program, but it’s worth it at the end of the day.”

The offensive staff, including quarterbacks coach Jim Zebrowski and receivers coach Pat Poore, visited the staff at Baylor in an effort to find a wrinkle that they may be able to use with dual threat quarterback MarQueis Gray.

The defensive staff went down to visit with Mississippi State and TCU, and Kill also invited a number of coaches and programs up to their campus to exchange ideas including Sonny Lubick and the staffs at Northern Illinois, Toledo, and Mississippi State.

“You are who you are. It’s like anything, you look at something that maybe can fit in to what you do. You don’t want to get a bunch of hodgepodge things that don’t fit into your [system]."

Kill also shared a few of the subjects that he was hungry to learn about from other coaches. 

“One of my questions when I visit with head coaches is, ‘Tell me about your academics, tell me how many people you have in academics, how many tutors do you have? What are you doing with your strength program? What are you doing in recruiting? Social networking, how do you utilize that to help you? How are you dealing with player discipline?’ Those are a lot of things you ask.”

A few notable helmet changes

At The Scoop, we're well aware of how uniform changes can unite and excite a team and their fan base.

A couple programs from around the country have sent us some notable changes to their helmets for 2012 that are hoping to have that effect.

Of the helmet changes that we've seen so far, the theme of the year seems to be the switch to the "matte" style. The first few are new, and we wrap it up with a handful that were worth revisiting.

Manchester University (D-III - IN)


Tusculum College (D-II - TN)


Missouri Southern (D-II)


Southwest Baptist (D-II)


Azusa Pacific (NAIA - CA)


And don't forget about Arizona's addition of copper helmets


Vanderbilt's white helmets


Missouri added two new helmets to help bring a fresh look with them to the SEC.



Toledo also got a helmet makeover.


Virginia Tech added this helmet to wear with their Wounded Warrior Project uniform.







Mack Brown weighs in on rule changes

Mack Brown has been pretty outspoken in regards to recent rule changes, and the helmet and onside kick rules are no exception. 

However, he admits that he still isn't sure how to address some of the rule changes with his players.

The new rules that Mack Brown had touched on during media day's last week include; the one yard "halo" rule for return men, and when a player's helmet comes off during play they are not allowed to participate any further in that play and also must sit out for the next play.

The new helmet rule is one rule change in particular that Brown continues to have a strong opinion against.

“I have no clue what we’re going to tell a kid. We’re going to tell a kid that we work for 365 days to go compete and hit that quarterback but if he runs somewhere — and I’m not sure where it is — if he’s outside his path, he’s supposed to stop? Or if he fumbles and loses his helmet, he’s supposed to stop?"

"I think they’ve put the officials and the players in a horrible position. I’d rather if the helmet was off, blow the whistle. Kill the play and let’s move on. I don’t know what to tell our guys yet and I’ve had two meetings about it and I still don’t know.”

Bill Snyder's building blocks - #2 Unselfishness

Kansas State released another solid video highlighting Bill Snyder's building blocks for his program yesterday.

This one focuses on #2 - Unselfishness, and was made with the offensive line in mind.

Urban Meyer on the "essence of coaching"

Urban Meyer saw a note recently that said that the last time the Buckeyes had lost seven games, like they did last season, was just before the turn of the 20th century (1897).

Meyer is hoping that leads to a team eager to prove themselves in 2012.

“I saw a quote somewhere that said the last time Ohio State lost seven games was the 1800's. And I actually heard a player say that. So I’m hoping it’s a very angry team.”

Urban noted that coaching a complacent and entitled group is one of the hardest things to fix as a coach, but to coach "an angry group of guys that are on a mission" is every coaches dream. Especially when you have a group capable of channeling that anger and rage into a productive attitude.

“That’s the essence of coaching, that’s what we do. The way I like to do it is to make practices so hard that their anger better be channeled into becoming a better player.

“If practices aren’t hard, there’s still that anger. What are they going to do with it? Fight downtown? Someone is going to say, ‘You guys stink,’ and … we make it so hard that we channel it to what’s important now, which is practice.”