Jim Mora: "Coaches often spill the beans" to TV analysts

The Bruins are off this weekend, but head down to Arizona State to play next Saturday, and Jim Mora wants his guys getting some extra film time in tonight by watching tonight's broadcast of the Oregon and Arizona State game.

At the end of practice today, Mora encouraged his guys to watch the conference foes go at it and to try to get a edge on things like the snap count or get a feel for their offensive and defensive tempo and the overall environment down at ASU. 

Mora also told the players to listen carefully to the analysts when talking with the coaches because coaches have a tendency to "spill the beans" when it comes to philosophy and personnel packages that they may like or dislike.

During his time as an analyst, Mora explained that coaches would often give him nuggets of information on air that would help with the broadcast and that coaches would "send messages through the analysts to people that are watching the game."

Hmmm. Interesting perspective from someone who has been on both sides of the fence.

Just a reminder to listen extra carefully tonight, you may pick up on a few things if you're paying close enough attention.


Gundy explains that their new uniforms have helped in recruiting

On the Cowboy Football Roundup this week, the program took a look at the uniform combos that have been added over the last few seasons. Coach Mike Gundy says that it is a trend that will continue to evolve for them every season and that equipment managers and players council weigh in on the uniform combinations each week.

"The future is new and shiny and the latest, and the uniforms are a part of that. We made a few adjustments on this year's uniform compared to last year and I see minor adjustments every year from this point on." Gundy said.

Coach Gundy notes that the uniforms and having multiple options has helped them attract recruits to Oklahoma State, and that players believe that the new uniforms help their on the field performance to an extent.

As the saying goes, "if you look good, you play good."

Narduzzi: "I made a dumb coaching error against Ohio State"

Michigan State defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi admitted to reporters after practice yesterday that he made a "dumb mistake" during their preparation for Ohio State and dual threat quarterback Braxton Miller at the end of last month.

That mistake Narduzzi was referring to was not making the offensive scout team quarterback live, instead they protected him from contact. This week, Narduzzi ensured that they didn't make that mistake twice, as they prepare to take on Denard Robinson and Michigan.

Asked about what worries him about the Michigan offense, Narduzzi simply responded "Denard Robinson."

Robinson currently ranks #4 nationally with 134 rushing yards per game (101 carries for 804 yards), and 6th nationally with just over 8 yards per play.

There's no doubt that in order for the Spartans, and every defensive staff that faces the Michigan offense, will have to find a way simulate Denard Robinson during practice in order to be successful. Just finding a guy on the practice squad to duplicate Robinson's skill set is much easier said than done, but making the quarterback live in practice is definitely a start.


"The same storyline every week means you're not getting better"

Pittsburgh's Paul Chryst is a little tired of getting in front of the team and reporters every week with the same basic message of, "We're doing some good things, but we have to put it all together."

As Chryst explains in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, at a certain point that means that your not improving as a team.

“It is the midway point of the season. But I also think it’s a time where, you know what, they’re getting tired of me standing up...the same as you (reporters)...and saying, ‘We’re doing some good things; we have to put it together."

“You can’t have the same storyline all the time. That means you are really not getting better. The time is now where we have to get things going.”

This weekend, Pitt will look to get things going against Buffalo, and we noticed a few interesting notes on the match up. The Panthers are 28-3 all time against MAC Schools, and an impressive 20-0  in the past eleven seasons when scoring at least one defensive touchdown.

So far this season under Chryst, Pitt is 0-4 when the have failed to force a turnover during the course of a game, and 2-0 when they've been able to force multiple turnovers in a game.

Mike London defends his assistants

After two straight wins to open the season, Mike London and Virginia (2-5, 0-3) have dropped the past 5 in a row to teams that are a combined 21-10, including last weekends loss to Maryland (27-20). Through this point last season the Cavaliers were sitting at 4-2 overall.

Earlier this week, London was asked about their struggles, particularly on the offensive side of the ball and special teams. London responded by sticking up for offensive coordinator Bill Lazor and special teams coordinator Anthony Poindexter. 

Against FBS teams, Virginia has only eclipsed the 21 point mark once this season (a 38-44 loss to Louisiana Tech), and have ran for a total of two touchdowns against FBS teams so far this season, and both of those were in one game (at Duke).

In five of their seven games, Virginia has put up over 350 yards of total offense, including the past four games in a row. Turnovers seem to be hurting them the most, as they rank 119th in turnover margin (-1.86 per game). The Cavaliers have thrown at least one interception against every FBS opponent and multiple interceptions in four of those six games.

“I know that the plays that are called are called to be successful. What happens when they’re not successful, then everyone knows it. I think that Bill on a couple of occasions, if he could, maybe he would do it over again. But these guys go into the game with the best plans available, best options, best opportunities. They look great when they work. When they don’t, they’re up for discussion." London explained.

The special teams have also been an area where the team has struggled. After assessing where their special teams personnel is from a talent and execution standpoint, London and Poindexter (who also coaches the safeties) have decided on simplifying things. 

“When you assess your team to see where you are talent-wise, execution-wise, sometimes you got to say, All right, let’s just make it simple. I think that’s to the point of where we are right now, is just making it simple.”

All the remaining games on Virginia's schedule are against teams currently .500 or better, starting this weekend with Wake Forest (3-3, 1-3) at home. The game can be seen on the ACC Network at 12:30pm ET.




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