Kiffin frustrated, Canales disappointed, Indiana AD Fred Glass explains

Lane Kiffin frustrated following 20-16 loss to Notre Dame: "We've probably set a record for the worst 2-minute defense, not just this year, but in the history of college football."

(on if 7 or 8 wins will be considered a good first season) "That's well below our standards. We're extremely disappointed. I don't know that very often you're sitting at 7-5 and would have the lead in 11 of 12 games in the second half. We need to build our roster up and play better and coach better."

"It's just a very difficult season to deal with. To be sitting here at 7-5 is not easy. We're in our first year here and we've got to do a better job coaching so that we can finish games off, so that we're sitting here (next year) with a different story."


Mike Canales disappointed he didn’t get the North Texas job, but proud of accomplishments as interim head coach at North Texas: "Of course I am disappointed. When you invest so much in the kids and the program and to have to surrender it, it is hard. But I can walk away with my head held high. The program is headed in the right direction because of what we did in the last five weeks. I want to thank the community, the university, the students and those who gave me this opportunity. It was a great honor to represent the university."

"I don't know what is next for me right now. I'm going to visit with Coach McCarney on Tuesday and talk about what he wants to do with his staff, but I also want to be a head coach. I will have to see if someone is looking for an enthusiastic, high energy coach."

"We really did some positive things here. I want the program to do well no matter what happens. We could still be part of the program in a week or two."


Indiana AD Fred Glass compliments Bill Lynch, says the cupboard is not bare: “Bill Lynch is often described as a `nice guy' and he absolutely is, but it is important to recognize he is much more than that," Glass observed. "People should know that Bill is also smart, talented, passionate, perceptive, committed to his players, a great teacher, and a very good football coach. That I have concluded we need a new coach at this point in time does not change any of that.”

"The cupboard is not bare. One of Bill's legacy's is he has left the kind of foundation that has not been left in previous transitions. Two recruiting classes ago, 18 of 18 of those kids are still in the program and all but one was redshirted. This past year we had a few more junior college guys, but 22 out of 25 are still in the program and 18 of 19 high school kids were redshirted. WE have a fantastic receiving corps and some great guys coming back on defense and Darius Willis coming back (from injury). So I think it is a job where you can step in and not look around and wonder where everybody went. We have some really talented players on the team.”

"It is crazy. The Big Ten Network is the best thing since sliced bread for Indiana University in particular as well as the Big Ten in general, because we take an equal share of the "booty" as it were. The $15 million we get is a lot more on our $52 million base than Ohio State's $15 million on their $110 million base. If you look around here, a lot of the things we have been able to do have been a result of the Big Ten Network. Candidly, the resources we are going to need to put into attracting the kind of coaching staff that we want will largely based on improving revenue streams from the Big Ten Network."

Bill Stewart tweets about retirement report

In between making phones and sending out our 64th text message of the day, we decided to take a look at the FootballScoop Twitter Center for a few minutes.

Coincidently, we noticed an important tweet from West Virginia head coach Bill Stewart.

Straight from the horse’s mouth…“Reports of my retirement are exaggerated ... I have no intention of walking away ... I am not focusing on retirement ... Focus is Rutgers.”

We’d say that pretty much clears things up.

Urban plan to rebuild: Tough-ass players and tough-ass coaches

Florida finished 7-5 and 62nd nationally in turnover margin.  In Urban Meyer’s previous six seasons as head coach at Florida, the Gators finished much higher than in turnover margin…24th nationally (2009), 2nd (2008), 32nd (2007), 37th (2006), and 3rd (2005). 

Following the 31-7 loss at Florida State, Meyer said, “I can assure you we are going to rebuild this thing and build it up the right way and do it right. Obviously we are down a little bit. I didn’t believe we would be that far down – but we are,” he said. How do you build up a program? I’ve done it a few times. You build it up with tough players, tough coaches, and you got to play better. You have to have a plan to win.”

“Obviously this is the first time…2010 is the first time in 10 years we did not follow a plan to win. You can’t turn the ball over.”

“Recruit our butt off is what we’re going to do – and that starts tonight. Coaches are all on the road tomorrow, so we’re going to recruit our butt off and build this thing back up. Obviously we’re down. We got to build this thing back up. [...] How do you rebuild it? Tough-ass players and tough-ass coaches.”

As far as coaching staff evaluations, Meyer stated, “I’m not ready to comment on that because I have not had the reflective moment. Usually I wait until after the recruiting season to do all that. I’m going to get real busy obviously.”

Would you like to be at Morning #1 of winter conditioning with the Gators? 

Stoops changes defense, Schiano frustrated, Manny Diaz thrilled

Bob Stoops say OU changed defensive scheme against Oklahoma State: “We got in a little bit of an odd look front more than we ever have. It worked out well for us. The kids really executed well. Brent did a nice job of mixing that in and going to a 50 front a lot more than we were used to going to it.”

“Give the players credit. The defense was sensational.”


Dana Holgorsen compliments Oklahoma coaches:  “They schemed a few things that got to us. They've got pretty good players, and they got to us a little bit.”


Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano very frustrated with 5-game losing streak: "Certainly, I feel their frustration. There's no one on the planet that's more frustrated than I am. That's where it starts. Can I feel their frustration? Fifty times over. They're frustrated but then they go do a job or they go back to their family or they do something.”

"My frustration doesn't end. So yeah, I feel their frustration. I can tell you this. I'm betting that the Rutgers' people, the real Rutgers' fans are going to stick with this football team and this coaching staff because we're going to get this fixed.”

"This isn't the end of the world. It's disappointing. It's sad that it had to happen. But this program is built on a rock solid foundation. This storm won't knock us off that foundation and we'll come back stronger. That's what I say to the fans.”

"We'll be back. The true fans will stick with us. The bandwagon fans will be there when we win again. That's life. I don't have an ill-feelings towards that. I'm in a profession that's a very competitive profession. It's entertainment. And when it doesn't go well, people aren't entertained. I understand that.”


Bobby Petrino explains decision to go-for-it  on 4th & 3 at LSU 39 with 14 minutes to play leading 21-20, play resulted in TD: "I called (assistant) coach (John L.) Smith over one time and asked him what he thinks, should we punt it or go for it? I worked for coach Smith for a long time (at Louisville), and we had a saying: 'We didn't come to paint. We came to win a game.' So we went for it.”

"We had problems last year against LSU in similar situations. They come all out at you with a house blitz, cover you with man coverage and sit at the sticks (the first-down marker), especially the safety on Joe. He gave the safety a double move, and it was a great throw."


Mississippi State defensive coordinator Manny Diaz explains key to outstanding defensive performance against Ole Miss:

D-Walk concerned about program, Charlie Strong surprised, Wannstedt disappointed

New Mexico State head coach Dwayne Walker concerned about his program: "I think this project we have football-wise is bigger than me. Hopefully we can sit down collectively and really find out the best plan. I think now is when you start. I look at this as really my first year. And I think we have to put a pretty detailed plan together on how we approach this thing ... from the top on down."

"I really believe the more you give, the more you get. And I just really believe we have to study what are you giving? Because I think this can get done. I really do. But, it's going to take a pretty detailed plan with everybody involved for us to get it right."


Rich Rod ticked off: "I worry about my future every day. I worried about it before I took this job. I worried about it after I got this job, but nothing is going to change how we work. I'm not deterred one bit. I think the worst is behind us. I know it is."

"I'm ticked off. What do you want me to do, jump out there with all those Buckeye fans and sing Kumbaya?”


At 6-6, Louisville is bowl bound, something Charlie Strong didn’t coming in his first year: “I did not see it turning so quickly. When you go through spring ball, you think, ‘I don't know how good we are, guys. I don't know if we can win any games.' ”


Pitt head coach Dave Wannstedt describes 35-10 loss to WVU:  “Everybody understood, approached and prepared, I thought, as well as we could have prepared for this football game.”

“The turnovers prevented us from taking the lead. We came out after halftime and gave up one play to begin the second half, and then the air kind of came out of the balloon. We had to play catch up, right into their hands.”

“Obviously, it’s disappointing. We just didn’t make enough plays. We didn’t make enough plays on defense. We gave up way too many plays on offense from a turnover standpoint.”


Vols’ linebacker Nick Reveiz praises Derek Dooley after fake punt call: “We were inside our own 30 [the 24, actually]. I’m thinking, ‘This is either going to be really good or really bad.’ But I guess that’s why he’s paid the big bucks. I just admire Coach Dooley so much. He never hesitated in making that call. He’s not out there with marbles in his mouth. He was all in. That’s why he’s the guy to take this program to the next level.”

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