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Akey: You better get your bleep button ready if you...

Nevada racked up 844 total yards in the 63-17 win over Idaho.

Today, Idaho head coach Robb Akey said, "You better get your bleep button ready if you want to talk about that one."

 Akey added his team would have gotten hit by a bus if it went to Sunday school on Saturday.

Not only did Colin Kaepernick complete 20-30 passes for 5 touchdowns, but Nevada had three players rush for over 100 yards. The Wolf Pack ran 91 plays, tallied 38 first downs, and averaged 9.3 yards per play.  Kaepernick summed it up pretty well by saying, “When you go 96 yards in 46 seconds, that demoralizes a defense.”

Following the game, Akey said, “I'm glad I don't have to see him (Kaepernick) again. I told him that too.''

At 4-5, Idaho is still bowl eligible.  Unfortunately, Boise State comes to town this week.  The Vandals will finish at Fresno State and against San Jose State.

East Carolina AD embarrassed, mentions Utah & Texas shellackings

East Carolina took it on the chin, 76-35, to Navy on Saturday.  Today, ECU athletic director Terry Holland posted a message on the ECU official site:

Saturday's defeat to Navy by the score of 76-35 is one of those disappointing losses that is forever a part of ECU's football history. No one was more embarrassed and more intent to use that loss as motivation to build a great football program than the coaches and players who fought that battle.


As is the case every Saturday in today's game, there were other proud programs experiencing similar agony. Texas down 39-0 at Kansas State and No. 6 Utah behind 40-0 at home in a showdown game with TCU come to mind first.


If anyone had told us before the season that this team would be 5-4 with three regular season games remaining, most sane Pirates would have exuberantly accepted such an offer. Furthermore, if told that the wins would include a nationally-televised shootout with Tulsa, a gutsy comeback at Southern Miss and a heart-stopping overtime win over N.C. State, we would have been even more elated.


This is a reminder that the team and the Pirate Nation cannot be distracted from the task at hand by the loss to Navy or any other adversity we may face.


We have come this far by pulling on the same oar and the rough seas ahead will require our very best team effort.

 East Carolina is 5-4 and finishes at UAB (Thurs), at Rice, and SMU. 

A disappointed Mack Brown talks about what is ahead for Longhorns

During Monday's press conference, a disappointed Mack Brown stressed the Longhorns (4-5) will not quit.

(on negative press from media) “The coaches have to handle that adversity and win at the same time.  You can’t get down.  You can’t point fingers. You have to go back to work.  You stay upbeat. You stay demanding.” 

“You gotta be upbeat and positive with 18-22 year olds when they don’t have much positive going.”

“The players actually played hard against Kansas State, which is hard to believe considering the way the game turned out.”

(on the horrible field position) “The entire team is responsible for that and the coaches as well.”

“We gave ourselves absolutely no chance to win the game. We lost all phases in the kicking game.  We kick off to the number 1 kick-off return team in the country, they return it 63 yards.  Two plays later, they hand it off to the guy we talked about all week, and he scores. Offensively, you have 5 turnovers, you give yourself no chance to win.”

“We’re sitting here minus 12 in turnovers, the teams that play for the national championship will be around +20.”

(on Oklahoma State) “What Dana (Holgorsen) has done is brought what they did at Texas Tech, cut the split, run the ball better, and that receiver is every bit as good as (Dez Bryant).”

"Still trying to win those 8 eight. We're going to fight our guts out."

"I've told the guys that we've handled winning with class, and now we have to handle losing with class."

Top 3 teams in BCS share something really important for coaches

Not only are Oregon, Auburn, and TCU ranked in at the top of BCS standings, but they are also 3 of 24 programs that kept their entire coaching staff intact during the off-season. 

Here are the 24 programs that did not make any coaching staff changes during last off-season: TCU, Auburn, Oregon, Ohio State, Virginia Tech, Nebraska, San Diego State, Missouri, Iowa, Baylor, Penn State, Northwestern, Iowa, Maryland, SMU, Clemson, Army, Texas, Oregon State, BYU, Boston College, Washington, UAB, Wake Forest, and ULL. 

About hiring his assistants, we recall Gene Chizik saying, "I asked the coaches that I interviewed, 'How can I make this (job) the best job in the country for you?'"  Seems pretty smart to us!

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Washington AD blasts University of Oregon

Washington AD Scott Woodward blasted the University of Oregon during the Washington radio pre-game show.

Woodward said, “It’s not really where we want to be … because it’s an embarrassment what their (Oregon) academic institution is, and what’s happened to them as far as their state funding has gone. In my mind it’s a wonderful athletic facility but they’ve watched it at the expense of the university go really down.”

“The athletic facility is impressive. The fans at Oregon should get down on their hands and knees at night to Phil Knight and pray to him because this is an incredible facility he’s built.”

“You watch how far they’ve [Oregon] dropped because of their state funding. And it’s a message for us too. Our state needs to get its act together because we can’t continue to progress without investment in our institution. But we’re doing extremely well and we’re very proud of that fact.”

Washington lost 53-16 to the Ducks.  The Huskies are 3-6 on the season and host UCLA this Saturday.  UW is on the road the final two weeks of the season… at Cal and at Washington State.

UPDATE: Woodward clarified his remarks late this morning by writing, "I have a great respect for the Universityof Oregon both as an institution and an athletic program.  As a life-longadvocate for public funding in higher education, I have seen firsthand the effectsof public funding on many institutions, including the University of Washington.My remarks were intended as a commentary on the powerful impact that a statecan have on an institution’s academic standing.  The University of Oregonis a great example of the struggles which can accompany a university when statefunding decreases, but UO is certainly not the only institution suffering.” 


Come on, Fitz. Great player, but "war daddy?"

Following a 35-21 loss at Penn State, Northwestern head Pat Fitzgerald (35) described his quarterback Dan Persa as a “war daddy.”

Against Penn State, Persa completed 16-25 passes for 201 yards and rushed for another 109 yards.  On the season, he has completed a remarkable 73% of passes this season with 13 touchdowns / 3 INT.  Persa  is averaging 251 passing yards per game and 52 yard per game rushing. 

Fitzgerald said, "I thought Danny did everything in his power to help us win the football game. He's a war daddy and he gives everything he's got on every play."

War daddy? 

Even ESPN’s Colin Cowherd, who is on record as saying, “Pat Fitzgerald might be the single best college football coach in America,” would probably tell Fitz to slow down on this one. 

Persa is one heckuva player.  He's worthy of all Big Ten honors. But "war daddy?" 

As Chicago Tribune writer Teddy Greenstein points out, “For those who had never heard the expression, here's a summary from UrbanDictionary.com: "A term used to describe a particularly impressive football player, mostly offensive lineman of substantial girth. Originated in the deep south and used primarily by Southern football coaches."

“War daddy” is usually used in sentence such as, “See dat boy, he a big ol' hoss, a bonafide war daddy!”

In order, our top “war daddys” would include Nick Fairley, Drake Nevis, Adrian Clayborn, Marcell Dareus, Da’Quan Bowers, Jerrell Powe, and Von Miller.

Urban sends message to Gator fans, Mike Riley wonders "Who are we?"

Urban Meyer send message to Gator fans, Florida host South Carolina on Saturday: "I've never really done this, but I want to make this the most intense stadium in the history of Florida football this Saturday. This is for the SEC Championship.”

"Get there early. I want everybody to wear blue — head to toe — including our players."


Nick Saban talks about LSU: "They're very quick up front. One of our goals up front was not to get a lot of negative plays. ...They did that. We did not run the ball effectively enough or consistently enough to stay ahead of the sticks. ...We became a little bit one dimensional."


Chizik not pleased with punters or punt return game: "To me, I'm not very happy with our punters, period. As long as they're sporadic in what we're doing, it's always open. I don't feel like we've improved in that area in awhile."

"We've got to be more effective catching the football...we've got to get more yards. We also dropped a ball (Carr), and that's unacceptable."


Oklahoma offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson says A&M punched them in the mouth: "You'd like to think if you're a good football team you can punch them off (the ball) and with good backs, your fullback or tailback, punch it in. They physically got after us and won the game right there."


Oregon State coach Mike Riley on if he will take up controversial call to give UCLA 1 second to allow 51-yard FG attempt at the end of game: “There wouldn’t be any satisfaction in any of that. It was just a decision the guy made in the booth, that’s basically the only response that I would get back. We’ve got many other issues (to deal with).’’

“Who are we? You know? That’s the question that’s still out there.’’

Big win for Petrino, Spurrier apologizes, Richt recalls past upset win over top 5 Auburn

Bobby Petrino describes 41-20 win over South Carolina: "We had to stop the run or slow it down - we would have been happy to just slow it down - but I think we stopped it. (We) made them throw the ball, that's hard when you see those receivers to think you're trying to make them throw the ball, but that's what we were trying to do."


Spurrier apologizes to Gamecock fans: "We had a bad night. We had a terrible night. I apologize to the fans that we weren't even competitive tonight."


Hawaii offensive coordinator Dave Aranda describes 42-7 loss at Boise State: "It was one of those days. Soon, it will be over with. It's time to put this day to bed. I've been in games, where no matter what you try, it's not successful. This was one of those games."


Mark Richt recalls when UGA beat #5 ranked Auburn with a red-shirt freshman QB: “I haven’t thought much about it, but they are definitely top 5—No. 2. I think Auburn was fifth maybe in the country at that time the year we played them. We had a freshman quarterback. We have a freshman quarterback here. Our overall record wasn’t stellar in that year either. There are similarities in that way. That’s about the end of it I guess. It is at Auburn.”


Houston Nutt pleased with defensive performance against ULL: "The third quarter was the best we have played defensively in terms of effort and assignment. I was really excited about shutting them out in the second half. We came out and played hard.”

"We rushed the ball well. We are not there by any stretch of the imagination, because in the tight red zone we didn't score a couple of times like we should have, but Brandon and Enrique ran hard and effectively last night and our offensive line opened some holes for them. We were getting a hat-on-a-hat and the backs were running hard.”


Dabo Swinney reflects on the big picture: “It’s November, and we do have a chance. There’s an opportunity out there. As long as we’ve got a chance, that’s all you can ask for. For us, it’s about trying to get better, win a game on the road and take another step forward, finish the season strong, that’s what we’ve got to focus on.”

“The only thing we’ve got to worry about is what we control. All the other stuff will work itself out. We don’t have control over that. We do have control over how we play.”


Quoting Jim Grobe following 23-13 loss to Boston College: "We played better today, defensively. I don't think there's any question. I was really pleased with the way we competed today. You just can't throw four interceptions, you can't fumble a punt."


Great to hear UCLA players praise their coaching staff: