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Clemson: "We're the total package"
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Caldwell and Richt talk jobs. Big wins for Gundy, Spurrier, Wulff

Robbie Caldwell on if one season is enough for a fair evaluation: "I don’t know. That’s in their hands. I’m just exci­ted about having the oppor­tu­nity to sit here and wit­ness and watch. Cer­tainly, I’d love to be able to put a year’s worth of my stamp on it and have a good off­sea­son and toughen them up men­tally and phy­si­cally and those type things.”

"But, hey, it is what it is. I’m exci­ted and I’m going to work like crazy until they tell me to pack my bags."


Mark Richt’s response upon hearing Denver Post report that he is a candidate at Colorado: "Georgia’s my home. That’s the first I’ve heard of that.”


Quoting Mike Gundy following 33-16 win at Texas: “This was really special for Oklahoma State. I’m really happy for our fans. We want the Oklahoma State followers to wave their flag, stand tall and say they’re from Oklahoma State. I think tonight will help them do that.”


Quoting Mack Brown: “This was the best Oklahoma State team by far that we’ve seen.”


Spurrier reflects on special season: "Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and Florida. That doesn't sound possible."


Quoting Wazzu head coach Paul Wullf after defeating Oregon State: “I was so happy to see so many Cougar fans happy. I cannot have enough gratitude for their support and what they’ve been having to go through the last few years.”

"I think, just playing better and better football like we have all year and winning a conference game on the road. I think that hopefully shows that things have been continually moving toward this all year. … Hopefully, that’s what people see.”

Chip Kelly: All that matters is that we got 2 more points than them

Cal place-kicker Giorgio Tavecchio’s 29 yard field goal attempt sailed wide right on the first play of the fourth quarter.    Tavecchio actually connected on the first attempt from 24 yards out, but was flagged for a false start.   Neither team scored in the fourth quarter, and Oregon escaped win a 15-13 victory.

Immediately following the game, Chip Kelly showed ZERO emotion and was short in his responses with a Versus network sideline reporter.

Kelly said, “We won.  That’s all we care about.”

What about the unusual night for your offense and LaMichael James? 

Kelly responded, “We don’t care about that.  All that matters is that we got 2 more points than them.  That’s all we talk about.”

What about the fight from the Cal Bears tonight?

“Winning on the road is a difficult thing to do.”

Oregon finished with 324 total yards.  Cal gained just 192 yards in the game.  The Bears were just 10 of 28 passing for 65 yards.

Spurrier: God's smiling on the Gamecocks tonight

South Carolina won the SEC East win the Gamecocks’ 36-14 win at Florida. 

Immediately following the game, Spurrier talked with ESPN’s Holly Rowe.

Spurrier said, “Our defense was outstanding tonight.  Of course, we got Marcus Lattimore, which gives us a chance against just about anyone.” 

“(Tonight) was great for South Carolina, our state, and our team. It’s ironic (for me to win it in The Swamp).  God’s smiling on the Gamecocks tonight.  That’s for sure.”

South Carolina will play Auburn in the SEC championship game in Atlanta.

TCU offensive line coach suffers heart attack

During his halftime interview on the Versus network, TCU head coach Gary Patterson said offensive line coach Eddie Williamson suffered a heart attack during the early part of the game.

Williamson is reportedly in stable condition at a nearby hospital.

We'll have more on this story as information comes available. 

Skip Holtz: It was a total team win

Skip Holtz and South Florida picked up a 24-21 overtime win at Louisville.  Holtz described the performance as a “total team win.”

“Wow. Great win for the program.  Great win for the program. We talked to our players all week the score the last three years which was 104 to 39 or something like that.  I keep hearing South Florida has never won at Louisville.  A lot of challenges we put on this team.” 

“We had a little bit of plane problems last night.  Got in the hotel about 10:30 pm last night.  You almost felt like we went from Thurdsay to they were putting the ball on the tee.”

“Our guys handled the adjustment a lot of credit. At the end of the day, I think this came down to a total team win.” 

“Statistically, this game wasn’t pretty.  Third-down, we weren’t very good.  We kept having to punt the game….we didn’t punt it as well as we wanted.  We didn’t execute as an offense as well as we wanted.  We let them run the ball too much where Powell goes 31 carries for 150 yards.  You can look at all those things as negatives, but they believed, competed, encouraged each other….It was a GREAT team win.”

South Florida is now 6-3 on the season.


Down 35-0 at halftime, Steve Fairchild tweets

Trailing BYU 35-0 at halftime, Colorado State head coach @CoachFairchild tweeted, "As bad a half as we've ever had. Going to try like hell to play better for these seniors."

At least he gets to coach the second half in snow flurries. 

You can follow all of the head coaches in the FootballScoop Twitter Center

Mack Brown to consider changes after the season

Mack Brown, on several occasions this fall, has been publicly critical of the job his coaching staff has done this season.  In 2009, the Longhorns played for a national championship.  This season, Texas is 4-5 with home games remaining against Oklahoma State, FAU, and Texas A&M.

The Longhorns rank 118th in turnover margin and 118th in kick-off return average.  Red zone offense has been brutal, according to Brown.

Asked about the overall performance of his coaching staff, Brown stated, "I think it's an ‘F.'  We just haven't been as productive as we should have with these players. That doesn't sound good. It's not pretty. But it's factual."

Brown reiterated that he will make decisions about potential coaching staff changes after the season.  He explained, “During the season, you're tired. This season I've been mad about half of it. So when you're tired and you're mad, I've been told you never make decisions.”

"What you do is research information and take some time after the season to look at it and see exactly where things are. I do it every year, good and bad. Then you try to make the decision that's best."

Kick-off against Oklahoma State is set for 8:00 pm EST.


Interesting Friday comments from the "High Flames Commander" and Dan Mullen

Some interesting quotes from Tommy Tuberville from the Tim Brando's Friday Football Festival:  “You can control any game you play when you play great defense.  But it’s hard to predict what’s going happen when you don’t.  When we don’t play good on offense, it’s going to be a disaster.   We just can’t slow anybody down.”

“(Against Missouri) Our offense, maybe for the first time in 10 or 12 years here at Texas Tech, our offense ran for 200 yards, so our defense was able rest.” 

(on Taylor Potts) “Heck, he’s thrown for 3,000 yards.  I didn’t throw for 3,000 yards in 5 years at Auburn.”

“You have to have speed rushers in the Big 12.  Not necessarily in the SEC because you have to stop the run, but in the Big 12, everyone throws it, so you better be able to rush the passer.”

"Before I go, I want you to know that Ron Franklin has re-nicknamed me the “High Flames Commander,”  I kinda like what you gave me (back in the day)...the Mississippi Riverboat Gambler.”


Dan Mullen responds to Tim Brando’s notion that he and Mike Gundy are the coaches of the year in college football: “There’s still a lot of football to be played.  I’ve been pretty smart the last 6 games, but you can become pretty dumb in a hurry when you play Alabama.  We’ll see.”

“We’ve been able to play team football all year, too.  We’ve played to the strengths of our team.  Our offensive line, they’ve done a great job of carrying us.  And we have 2 senior kickers, a senior kicker and senior punter.  All year, I’ve seen our team complement each other.  When we need a big play on special teams, we’ve gotten a big play on special teams. We’re not going to be able to be one dimensional down the stretch.  We’re going to have to make plays running the football and throwing the football.”