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300 former players watch Miami (FL) scrimmage

Miami (FL) went through a 120-play scrimmage today and Al Golden was glad to see roughly 300 former players in attendance.

Golden said around 200 former players were at the facility on Friday, and another 100 showed up today for the scrimmage.

“They (our players) knew they had to represent,” said Golden.

Even former head coach Jimmy Johnson spoke to the team on Friday.

Golden said that Coach Johnson talked to the players about the grind and hard work it takes to reach the highest level.

Golden added, “A lot of people want to look at those teams in the 80’s and they talk about their swagger, they talk about their confidence, or their flamboyance, but what Jimmy Johnson made a point of last night was that you have to be in incredible condition to play like that.”

First up for the Canes… at Maryland on Monday night, September 5th.   Kick-off is set for 8 pm EST.


Large beer sales expected for West Virginia vs. LSU

Five Big East football stadiums sell cold beer on gameday including Syracuse, Louisville, South Florida, Connecticut, and Cincinnati.

West Virginia could soon become the sixth.

According to the Tribune-Review, athletic director Oliver Luck has proposed controlled sales of alcohol, the elimination of a pass-out policy that allows fans to leave the game at halftime and re-enter the stadium for the second half, and banning smoking inside the stadium.

The beer sales could bring in over $1 million per year.  The Board of Governors still has to approve the beer sales.

Upon hearing the potential beer sales next season inside Milan Puskar Stadium, LSU fans were a little disappointed.

An LSU Tiger fan told FootballScoop, “They know we would prefer Red Bull & Vodka (heavy on the vodka) (preferably Grey Goose), but we will settle for beer.”

“Our plan now is to leave Baton Rouge on Thursday.  We’ll take over the Morgantown bar scene on Friday night and if (Jordan) Jefferson plays well, we’ll win by 28…and we won’t leave the stadium.”

“However many kegs they plan to stock for game days, they’ll need to stock 7 times that amount when we come to town. Don’t count on us drinking somewhere in the neighborhood of what the Norfolk State fans drink.  We are LSU.”

West Virginia has home games this season against Marshall, Norfolk State, LSU, Bowling Green, UCONN, Louisville, and Pitt.

In case you doubt the Tiger fans will take over your bar, here's a video of their last trip up north.  Blacksburg 2007.  


NCAA announces rule changes for 2011, doesn't help Dooley now

A couple of rule changes for the 2011 season have been announced today by the NCAA.

Most notably, Derek Dooley gets his wish.

A 10-second rundown of the game clock will occur if a team commits a foul that stops the clock in the final minute of both halves.

Dooley said last week, "I told people I was 8-7 in postgame handshakes. We played 13 games but I had 15 postgame handshakes."

Another rules allows for LIVE television broadcasts only in the coaching booths.  Both teams need to have equal access to a television in the booths for the purpose of determining whether a team should request an instant-replay challenge.

Also, three defensive lineman cannot line up shoulder-to-shoulder on PAT / FG Block.  Three against one is unfair and someone can get hurt.

Since you are thirsty for a Friday afternoon news snack, in honor of Dooley, here’s the last few seconds of LSU vs. Tennessee.

Grad assistants to increase from 2 to 4 in 2012

Pending approval of the NCAA Board of Directors on April 28th, coaching staffs will now be allowed to have four graduate assistant coaches instead of just two.

The new rule will go into effect starting in August of 2012.

According to the NCAA, the rationale is: Current legislation requires that in order for a graduate assistant coach to be appointed, he or she must have either received his or her first baccalaureate degree or has exhausted athletics eligibility (whichever occurs later) within the previous seven years. It is now more likely that the graduate-assistant coach position will once again allow a recent graduate to be involved in coaching activities while continuing what should be the primary pursuit of the position -- a postgraduate education. This proposal is intended to establish two additional opportunities for individuals to advance their educational and career pursuits, while also possibly providing additional minority coaching opportunities.

This rule pertains to FBS programs only.

All four grad assistant will be able to make phone call to recruits.

In talking with an NCAA representative this morning, no decision has been made on the matter regarding the total number of off-the-field personnel a program can have.

How this impacts the quality control assistants has yet to be determined.  We were told advancements should be made on the subjects in or around October.

UPDATE: A FootballScoop staff meeting has been called for this evening at 6 pm at the bar to discuss how this impacts the FootballScoop Grad Assistant Flip Chart.

Sark adjusting scrimmage format to limit injuries

It’s not some revolutionary idea, but Steve Sarkisian seems to really be emphasizing a certain format of scrimmaging during spring practice.  One strong purpose of the format and philosophy is to limit the number of injuries.

Following Thursday’s practice, Sark talked to reporters about what to expect during Saturday’s practice.

Sark explained, “It won’t be a full blow scrimmage.  It’s going to be a very controlled atmosphere.  We’re going to have different scrimmage settings as the practice goes on, but we’re not just going to put the ball down and play.  We’re really trying to hone in on the special situations of the game and understand those situations.”

“When you add it all up, it will be a 100 play scrimmage, but it won’t always appear like that to the naked eye because we break it up into segments and we try to give our guys some rest.”

“The challenge of it is that we are 25 guys short who would normally be playing.  It’s easy just to go and scrimmage, but in the spring, that’s when guys get hurt because guys are tired, you don’t have as many bodies, you’re rotating guys quicker and that’s how guys fall down and get rolled up on.”

“So our emphasis has been on breaking it up into segments, we mix it up with special teams and individual setting and different things, so our guys are fresh when we are scrimmages and we get the most out of them.”


UCF assistant talking national championship

David Kelly believes UCF can win a national championship.

Kelly, who coached for two seasons under George O’Leary at Georgia Tech, has served as the wide receivers coach / assistant head coach at UCF since 2007.

He explained to ESPN’s Jamie Newburg, "I sincerely feel that the long term potential is there for us to compete and win a national championship. We are putting together outstanding recruiting classes and we are going after some of the best prospects across the country. Now we can attract those athletes. The facilities are there. NFL coaches and scouts can't believe our place because all of the elements are there."

"We have been in our championship game three out of six years and won it twice. Then we beat Georgia, so that was two big hurdles for us last year. We beat a tradition-rich SEC school. That was a tremendous barometer of where we are.”

"There is a newness about us. I think we are becoming somewhat of a fad. We have a beautiful resort-like campus, brand new facilities and we are in an international city like Orlando." 

One of the hurdles could be landing a spot in a BCS conference.  In fact, that is a goal and will happen according to athletic director Keith Tribble.

Earlier this week, Tribble stated, “It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.”

Tribble added, “This program is trending the right way and doing the right things. We can’t stop doing the things we need to do to make this program great.”

UCF opens with four consecutive non-conference games.  The Golden Knights play Charleston Southern, Boston College, at FIU, and at BYU.


Stunning News: Another Tennessee coach leaves for USC

Evidently, they are still scared in Knoxville over Lane Kiffin “shootin’ deuces” and heading to Southern California.

In a stunning practical joke announcement captured on video, Knoxville New Sentinel sports editor John Adams has made a sudden decision to accept a position at USC and will not be serving as the honorary head coach of the Orange Team during Saturday’s spring game.

Last spring, the Orange Team made serious strides under Adams in his first year as head coach.

Adams, ala Kiffin, started his presser by saying, “First of all, thanks everybody for coming on short notice.  This wasn’t in the works for very long.”

Adams added, “I’ve been there before and this is just a really special opportunity for me.  For me, it just a dream is calling and I’ve got to answer.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  And it’s the only place in the world that I would have gone to.”

Here’s the practical joke video, courtesy of the Knoxville News.  Below that, since this is a slow Thursday, we’ll give you the original (Lane Kiffin “shootin’ deuces”).  

Rutgers assistant blows out hammie, toughness being tested

Toughness has always been a staple of Greg Schiano’s program at Rutgers.  Now, the toughness of one of his assistants is being tested.

Rutgers defensive backs coach Jeff Hafley recently blew out a hammie.

Hafley, who joined the Rutgers staff this off-season after coming the last few years at Pitt, was limping quite noticeably today at practice.

Following practice, head coach Greg Schiano met with reporters and said, “Yeah, we have a coach on the IR.  We got him gimping around out there…treatment.  We gotta see if he’s tough.  We’ll see.”

Then Schiano unloaded, “When you spend a couple of years elsewhere, you get back to Jersey, we gotta find out if he’s tough enough.”

A reporter responded, “You soften up in Pittsburgh?”

A smiling Schiano responded, “I didn’t say that.  You were trying to set that up.  I’m not going to agree to that.  We don’t need that on their bulletin board.”

Schiano paused then added, “Born at night, but not last night.”

It was all fun and games.  Pick it up at the 2 minute mark…