Les vs. the dos equis guy

After tonight's 9-6 overtime win over Nick Saban's Crimson Tide, is there really any doubt that Les is the most interesting man in the world?

Not a single trick play from Les tonight. Just straight up, I'll beat you with my 11. It might not be pretty, but we'll win.

That six pack of Dos Equis on your doorstep Les, that's from us. - FootballScoop Staff 

Texas' coordinators getting it done

They are only half way through the 3rd quarter; but Manny Diaz and the duo of Harsin and Applewhite are getting it done against Texas Tech.

Diaz apparently went in with a game plan of making Tech one dimensional. His defense has completely taken away Tech's ability to do anything on the ground. At this point Tech has Tech has attempted 14 runs and has negative 8 yards to show for it.

On offense, Texas is simply running the ball anywhere they want on the field against Tech's defense. Thus far, they have run the ball 34 times for over 300 yards already. Only 5 passing attempts. 

Currently the score is 38-6. 

Update> Final score 52-20 Texas. The Longhorns finished up with 439 yards rushing on 54 attempts (8.1 per carry). 

Bad things at Penn State

It pains us to type this article; but given the impact of the recent revelations at Penn State it would be irresponsible not to.

There are far more good people in the world than bad people. Same goes for coaches. Thousands of great coaches out there working tirelessly to improve the lives of the young men they coach. 

A warning at this point, the information below (specifically if you click the link to the website of the attorney general in blue) is graphic and disturbing.

The state of Pennsylvania has charged former Penn State assistant Jerry Sandusky with unthinkable crimes against minors and has charged Penn State's athletic director and another senior university official with failing to report the sexual assault of a young boy after the information was brought to their attention and with making false statements to a grand jury that was investigating a series of assaults on young boys

Upon reading the allegations and the statements from the attorney general from Pennsylvania and the state police commissioner it is nearly impossible to think that Penn State won't have to make major changes from the athletic director down. 

We believe we're speaking for coaches everywhere in saying that we hope this has no impact on Joe Paterno's legacy. 

Saturday TV

There's a big ballgame tonight at 8 on CBS; but believe it or not there actually are other games today as well.

All times Eastern.


No games


Michigan at Iowa - noon - ESPN

Syracuse at UConn - noon - ESPNU

Texas Tech at Texas - noon - FX

Purdue at Wisconsin - 3:30 - ESPN2

Texas A&M at Oklahoma - 3:30 - ESPN2

Stanford at Oregon State - 3:30 - ABC 

Ole Miss at Kentucky - 3:30 - ESPNU

Army at Air Force - 3:30 - CBS

UTEP at Rice - 3:30 - FSN

Cincinnati at Pitt - 7pm - ESPNU

Missouri at Baylor - 7pm - FSN

South Carolina at Arkansas - 7:15 - ESPN

Arizona State at UCLA - 7:30 - Versus

LSU at Alabama - 8pm - CBS

Notre Dame at Wake Forest - 8pm - ABC

Kansas State at Oklahoma State - 8pm - ABC

Oregon at Washington - 10:30 - FSN

LA Tech at Fresno State - 10:30 - ESPNU

High School:

No games

Kiffin's biggest concern

USC plays at Colorado tonight at 9pm on ESPN.

USC, 6-2, is coming off of the emotional tough loss vs. Stanford last week. Colorado, sitting at 1-8, is looking for anything to hang their hat on heading into recruiting season (their lone win was against Colorado State). 

As you can see in the video below, Lane Kiffin was asked what his biggest concern was going into this game at Colorado. In his response, he didn't mention anything about Colorado's team. He mentioned that he might have to start a couple of different guys on defense, the weather, a Friday game, travelling to a place that none of his guys had ever been to before, etc...but no mention of anything about Colorado's team. 

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