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Saints DC Gregg Williams after blown assignment: Stab me! Kill me!

We step away from the college scene for a moment to bring you a little humor from the NFL.

New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is known throughout the league to occasionally opt for some colorful language and/or humor on the practice fields.

According to WWL TV in New Orleans, Williams dropped a couple of memorable lines at Saints’ camp on Tuesday.

After a third-team corner bit on a pump-n-go that resulted in a touchdown, Williams shouted, “Stab me! Kill me! Who is the dumbest one out there? You can’t be that stupid!”

A few minutes later, Williams witnessed another blown assignment.  This time he shouted, “Some of you have never had smart in the same sentence as your name.”

Of course, there’s not much time to be screwing around.  The Saints open the season at Lambeau Field in Green Bay on Thursday night, September 8th.

Jon Gruden is likely someone thinking, “If I know Gregg Williams, that cat has got every blitz known to man in his arsenal for the defending world champions and Aaron Rodgers.  You’ll see safeties, corners, linebackers, and guys coming off the sideline to get to Rogers.”

Rodgers better think twice about showing off his championship belt.  He may get a "Suck It" sign from Williams, as the Bengals did a year ago after a failed 4th & inches.

Greg Mattison: I know in my heart what's about to happen here

Michigan defensive coordinator Greg Mattison started his press conference on Tuesday by saying, “We have got miles and miles to go.”

From there however, everything was very positive, including a closing remark from his heart.

Mattison closed by saying, “I know in my heart what’s about to happen here.  We going to have a Michigan football program that Bo, Coach Moeller, and Coach Carr are going to be proud of again.  And a program that has been built for many many years of doing it the way we are trying to do it.  I just believe in my heart that it’s going to happen.  When it happens, we’ll find that out.  There are a lot guys…players, coaches, and administrators that are all working really hard to get that done.  Whenever you have that many people working together with a great product, it’s gotta be something that’s about to happen.”

Somewhere in between, Mattison talked about the immediate and long-term goals for the Michigan defense.

In the short-term, Mattison said, “That is our biggest goal and our biggest purpose right now…to not give up the really big plays.  They’re going to rush for some yardage.  Every team we play against is going to get a run for over 4, 5, or 6 yards.  We know that, but we can’t give up the 25, 30, and homeruns.”

Down the road, “I know what I want to be.  I want to be a team that nobody can run the ball on.”

Dooley all over the place with post-scrimmage evaluation

Derek Dooley was all over the place with his evaluation of the Vols’ first scrimmage.

Good thing Dooley doesn’t wear his emotions on his sleeve. (Yes, we are kidding.)

Following the scrimmage inside Neyland Stadium, Dooley began, “Typical first scrimmage in a lot of ways.  We have a long way to go as a team.  Not much chemistry on offense, not much tempo, like eleven parts out there not really working together, a lot of delay of games, the administration of the plays wasn’t very good, but we have some individual guys that can do some things.”

The negative: “I was probably (most) disappointed in the offensive chemistry.  It looked like eleven guys out there.  There wasn’t a lot of command coming from the quarterback.”

“When you get up there and gotta make check, you gotta a make a check.  You can’t sit there and stare and then go, ‘Oh, what was that check I was supposed to make.’  I gotta go.  Tick, tick, tick. The defense is moving.  You gotta go.  If you can’t do that, then we’re going to have to back it down and go real simple.  That’s what we’re going to have to do.”

“The consistency (at quarterback) is non-existent.  It’s enough to drive you crazy.”

“We’re so use to playing freshman around her, we don’t know what it’s like not to have to get a freshman ready to play at a position.”

The positive: “This was a lot better than the first scrimmage last year.”

The positive mixed with the negative: “I saw not a lot of mental errors on defense, which is good.  I saw the fits were pretty good.  There weren’t these gaping holes.  They did a great job against the run.”

“Our tackling needs to keep improving.  We hit guys and they fall for three instead of hitting them and it’s zero.  The defensive won the line of scrimmage.  When that happens, you’re usually going to be alright.”

Wow. One team receives strong praise from head coach following practice

How many coaches around the country would like to say the following about their team?

“Love the attitude.  Love the work ethic.  Getting better.  Competing and I love the competition. Guys are going at it.  Battling, scratching, picking each other up, patting each other on the butt, then going back at it again like they’re enemies, then pick each other up like they’re buddies.  Practicing the way you’re supposed to practice and acting like a team does.”

(on the tempo of practice) “I think it’s quickened because of the familiarity of the program.  What to do in the defense, in the offense, with these coaches.  Then I think they understand what we want and there is great camaraderie between us.”

“The thing about this group that has impressed me the most is their maturity.”

Those are the words of Jimbo Fisher following today’s practice in Tallahassee.

Are the ‘Noles heading for a special year?

Darren Rovell rips coaches that ban twitter, provides interesting points

CNBC sports business analyst Darren Rovell has published an article in which he calls coaches that ban twitter “ignorant and unfair.”

Rovell believes, “For the coaches, they see no upside. But that’s also because they don’t care about the athlete learning about social media. They also don’t care about how the athlete individually markets himself. (You don’t get a piece of your own jersey sales in college, now you can’t even market your own personality.)”

“It's about proving that the biggest college sports can really be a teaching opportunity instead of just a multi-billion enterprise in which everyone capitalizes except for the kids themselves.”

Turner Gill and Chris Petersen were the first two coaches to ban the use of twitter for their players. You can now add Steve Spurrier to that list.  

Spurrier told Dan Patrick this morning, "There's no reason for them to tweet anything out there.  I don't see how it can do any good for anybody. We had a couple of guys put some nasty stuff on their in the summer.  So we just said you don't need to do that anymore.  Let your girlfriend or pal down the road do all your tweeting or whatever it is."

Rovell actually rips Turner Gill in his article.  

Jimbo Fisher, on the other hand, shared his stance this afternoon on the use of twitter.  Fisher won’t ban twitter because, "It's part of growing up. Be mature enough to handle it."

Let us know your thoughts on if coaches should ban twitter.  You can share your comments down below.

All-Access Video: Bielema opens camp to the cameras

Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema has opened up the doors to the cameras during August camp.

“The Camp: Week One” takes you inside the Badgers’ first team meeting and Bielema’s meeting with the true freshman.

From the get go, Bielema wanted his team to understand one thing.  “Earn it.”

He told the team, “I want to talk about earning it.  A lot of people say nice things about you.  All of that is based on who?  They think we’re going to be good.  Because of what we’ve done in the past, they expect us to be good, but none of that is guaranteed.  You have to earn it.”

We found it interesting that the Wisconsin locker room includes a four square area for players to compete and have fun.

Near the end of the video, you will see the strength staff organize a group of players through an exercise to improve hand placements and hand quickness.

Here is the all-access film of the Badgers.

Smart decision: Luke Fickell setting his way with the media

Ohio State interim head coach Luke Fickell is setting his way with the media.

Fickell is making a point to avoid talking about any individuals, something that Ohio State has seemed to be about in the last couple of years.

Following practice on Monday, a reporter asked about which players were standing out thus far in camp.

Fickell responded, “We’re going to continue to focus on the team.  I don’t know that I’m going to point out any one single guy.  I think we have a bunch of guys that our going to step up and do their job.  We’re going to continue to talk about it as a team, worry about the name on the front of the jersey instead of the back.”

And again, later on…

“We’re not trying to focus on any one person, any one player, any one coach, not about me.  We’re just going to continue to talk about the team.”

From the outside, it seems like a smart decision, one that should help the Buckeyes.

Tubs likes red, Texas Tech unveils new uniforms

Texas Tech has unveiled their new uniforms, which feature the phrase “Guns Up” on the back beltline.

It appears that Tubs has opted for a set of white cleats to go along with the traditional black. The new uniforms will also feature red numbers on the black and white jerseys, which is also a change from previous seasons.

The Red Raiders opens the season by hosting Texas State.  It’s probably going to be a hot one.  In fact, US News has just ranked Lubbock, Texas as the hottest city in America this summer.

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