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Vic Koenning is a competitor

If you have 4 minutes sometime today, watch this interview with Illinois defensive coordinator Vic Koenning.  

This is after practice and he sounds a little tired; but as the questions come you can just hear the competitor in him.

There is a great point in here (around the 0:55 second mark) where a reporter asks him about whether the focus this August is on preparing the players to have a great season or is the goal to have the best possible practice everyday.  Koenning's answer is an interesting one, "Human nature has you try to prepare for that practice to be the best that you can for that practice...but we're trying to get back to focusing on the season" something he says he might have lost perspective on last year.  

A couple of takeaways.  First, Koenning leads off emphasizing how good their offense is, "really, really, really good".  Second, he'd like to have a little more depth right now with his guys (who wouldn't though).  Finally, we're very confident he'll have his guys prepared come next Saturday when they host Arkansas State. 


I'm Joker

Joker Phillips went up to Louisville this morning.  UK was holding a football kickoff luncheon and Joker was asked to stop by a local station to do an interview first.  Coach enters the station and is greeted by a young staffer, "Good to meet you, coach." As Phillips tells the story, "The young man then turns his back to me and says, 'You know, I'm not really a Cardinal fan; I grew up in Lexington.'  I said, 'I'm Joker."

The guy had thought he was speaking Charlie Strong.

JP and CSPhillips and Strong have been friends for years and now are the faces of the two preeminent college football programs in the state.  Phillips was asked if it's awkward going against his friend when recruiting in state talent. "We don't really talk about their program when we're trying to sell Kentucky.  You're very limited in how many opportunities you have in front of a recruit, so for me to spend time talking about somebody else's program, that's just taking away time for me to talk about mine.  And we've got a lot of things to sell here at Kentucky, and I need all that time to sell it." 

Phillips was also asked how his players are responding to new defensive coordinator Rick Minter's schemes.  "Our kids have come a long way in understanding Rick.  Rick's a tough, hard-nosed, in-your-face type of coach.  Some had problems with that.  I understand that.  But they now understand the benefits of his approach.  His approach is to try to get out kids to line up fast, to play great technique and to play within the schemes."

Credit to Kyle Tucker with the Courier Journal for the quotes

Tennessee, Dooley and Kiffin can move on

You can find details from the NCAA on other websites if that's the kind of thing you enjoy reading.  

Here's all you need to know.  Tennessee football, Derek Dooley and Lane Kiffin can put all of the "NCAA violations" talk behind them.  The committee said there was insufficient evidence to support major violations by the football program or Coach Kiffin.  


Equipment guys, this one's for you

Don Barnes is the equipment director at Missouri.  Been that for quite some time.  

The man enjoys and takes great pride in the work that he and his staff do for the University.

In this video, Barnes describes a typical week for his staff during football season.  Professional.

Dan Mullen doing the news: Packers lose a playbook

The Packers lost a playbook and it wound up all over the streets of Green Bay.  Unusual; but not necessairily worthy of mention on FootballScoop right?

Well, we watched the video and thought our eyes were deceiving us...

When did Dan Mullen start doing local news broadcasts in Green Bay?  Huh?  See the video.  An uncle maybe?


MullenOther guy

Value of the Student Section

If you've ever tried to call a game in Tiger Stadium, The Swamp, at Notre Dame, Penn State, Texas A&M, Virginia Tech, Wisconsin or West Virginia you've felt the power, noise and excitement the student section can generate. 

At some stadiums, the student section is a distinct advantage for the home team.

UVA isn't currently one of those stadiums; but Mike London is making strides and recognizes the value in the student section.  In an effort to engage more deeply with the student body, London and his staff hosted "Virginia Football 101" last night.  As you can see below in a letter to the student body that Coach London sent out, he and the staff spent time educating the students about UVA football and trying to make them more knowledgeable and enthusiastic about participating on gameday.  

Nearly 1,300 students showed up (total undergrad enrollment per year at UVA is just over 3,000) and one lucky student won free tuition for the Spring semester (nearly a $6,000 ticket).  

Coach London clearly sees the value in the student section and is willing to invest his and his staff's time in cultivating a great gameday experience for his players and for the University.  


Dear UVa Students:

I would like to invite you to an exclusive, free student event to get you ready for the 2011 football season. Virginia Football 101 will be held on Tuesday, Aug. 23 from 5-6:30 p.m. at John Paul Jones Arena.  One student in attendance will win free tuition for the spring semester (in-state tuition)!

Virginia Football 101 will take you behind the scenes of the program.  The UVa football coaching staff will let you know what goes on the night before and the day of games, we’ll introduce you to our offensive, defensive, and special teams philosophies, and we’ll also talk about specific Virginia football strategies.

The first 750 students in attendance will receive a free Virginia Football t-shirt.  There will also be free food and Pepsi products while supplies last. In addition to the free tuition giveaway, we’ll also give away two, $250 gift certificates to help you cover your book expenses for the fall semester.

Please use the John Paul Jones Arena student entrance starting at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 23.  Virginia Football 101 will start at 5:30 p.m.  I look forward to seeing you there!

Go ‘Hoos!


Mike London

Head Football Coach


Below is video of the "white out" at Penn State.



Belichick: Extra points aren't a play

Bill Belichick went on local radio yesterday and inevitably the question came up about how he feels about the NFL changing the kickoff rules this season.  

In his response, Belichick introduced a whole new question of whether the league should do away with or alter the extra point play. 

Summarizing Belichick's words:

    Plays that are non plays shouldn't be part of the game.  It's not good for the game.  You know like extra points, when you're up to 99% on extra points it's not a play.  Let's move the ball back to the 15 or the 20 yard line and not make it a tap in, and least make them putt it.

The full interview is nearly 30 minutes long and can be heard here.  The discussion regarding extra points occurs around the 6 minute mark. 

Mizzou becoming QB U?

It would be hard for any program to match the success that the last 3 quarterbacks at Missouri have had.  Brad Smith, Chase Daniel and Blaine Gabbert are all in the NFL and each owns his own set of records back at Mizzou.  

This year, the Tigers are looking to James Franklin to take the reins.  Coaches Pinkel and Yost have been very positive about his performance thus far; but the real test comes on September 3rd when Miami (OH) comes to town.  

Mizzou's defensive front is stacked and every receiver is returning on offense.  Watch out for these guys.

As for Franklin, he's athletic (was a serious dual threat in high school); and quite possibly the nicest quarterback you'll ever hear speak.  Watch this video.