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Field being named after Arizona State's DFO

John Wrenn, Arizona State's assistant athletic director for football operations, is a coaching legend.JW.pg

In 20+ years of serving as a high school head coach, he was named state coach of the year five times in two different states (Arizona and Illinois) and his teams won three state championships.

Tonight, the field at Perry High (AZ) will officially be named, "John Wrenn Field"; a well deserved honor.  

Tressel hired by the Colts

On a call where most figured Colts head coach Jim Caldwell would be discussing players they had to cut to get down to the roster limit, he mentioned a coaching hire. 

Yes, Caldwell announced that he has hired Jim Tressel to serve as a "game day consultant".  

Caldwell says Tressel will be up in the box during games, reviewing replays amongst other things.  Caldwell cited their long time relationship and mutual respect in hiring Coach Tresel and he added that this was a position he's been looking to fill "for several years".  

Zona's really big, video board

Arizona hosts Northern Arizona Saturday night.  

Coaches on the field, as well as everyone else within a few miles of the stadium, will have a great view of HD replays on the new big video board.  

Live webcam showing the final pieces of equipment being set in place on this massive board

Pretty high end video below showing the control room for the giant board.  Looks like these guys know what they are doing. 



Update> We spoke with Toledo staff and the "Adversity" coach Beckman referred to is as follows (MAC coaches you should read this)...

Apparently at some point this Summer the MAC introduced a new conference rule requiring that players on the home team hosting a weekday game to attend all classes that day through noon.  Beckman's staff was not made aware of this new rule until earlier this week.  Plans, obviously, had already been made, the team was staying at a hotel Wednesday night, gameday routines were in place (meals, meetings, etc...).  Thus, players had to constantly be shuttled to and from campus Thursday morning (gameday)...creating a logistical nightmare for the team and staff....Adversity!

Hope everybody in the MAC is aware of this one.


Toledo came out last night with a big 58-22 win over New Hampshire last night. 

The team played well on the field and by most any objective measure played a very good ball game.

Then came Tim Beckman's post game talk.  Here's the open...

I would just like to first of all congratulate this football team for having to go through some adversity and do some things that not any other football team has ever had to go through before and I’m proud of the way that this senior group led this football team.

Reporters almost immediately jumped in to ask what this adversity was.  Beckman did not care to disclose.

We honestly have no idea what he's referring to; but sure does pique our interest. No other team ever?


Dan McCarney - Brutal Honesty

Last night, FIU beat McCarney's North Texas team 41-16.  

Immediately after the game, local news crews caught up with Coach McCarney and asked a few questions.

McCarney was open and honest about his team ("an avalanche hit us and we didn't handle it well...I'm not going to make excuses...I'll take full responsibility, I'm a man, a grown man, I'll handle this thing...we got to get this fixed") and his view of FIU ("Coach Cristobal has done a great job...he's doing everything the right way....I hope that's the best team in the Sun Belt").  



If you went to bed early, you missed a great comeback last night by Doug Marrone's Syracuse team.  Down 15 with 11 minutes to play, the Orange rallied to beat Wake Forest in overtime 36-29.

In his post-game presser, Marrone added that this was the first home victory for Syracuse over an ACC team since 1994.  1994.  Some of his players likely weren't born in 1994.


I think that, for us, we were 0-6 against ACC teams in the Carrier Dome (since 1994) and I think Wake Forest is a heck of a football team. My hat goes off to Jim Grobe and his staff. They came here ready to play. It’s the first time we’ve beaten an ACC team since 1994, and again, the resiliency of this team or perseverance is a word we like to use. It’s unbelievable to me, but we won that game because of what we do with our players. We won that game because of our leadership program, our accountability, making sure we do all the right things and staying in there and knowing you’re a team. They’re the foundation of our program. And I think that’s important.

We haven’t played a game in 265 days, so you learn from it. The players will get excited about it, but they’ll come back and we have a long way to go. We never want to start like that. There were a bunch of three-and-outs, and at one time it was 42-45 plays to 19. You can’t do that, especially early in the year. That’s not the way we want it. So I think you learn every game. But I know this: we talk about accountability and perseverance, and there’s a lot of that on that field. I’m proud of our football team for that.

A stat no one could have imagined

Yes, only one night's worth of games have been played; but this is truly worth mentioning...

Paul Johnson has Georgia Tech's offense leading the nation in passing yardage (and yards / attempt).  (I can't believe I just typed that)

But seriously, GA Tech #1, Mississippi State #2...



Hatcher: We just ran out of guys

Last night Murray State put up a battle against Louisville; but in the end the team from the Big East wore the Racers down.  Louisville opened up a 21-0 lead and held on for a 21-9 victory.  

It was a hot, humid night in Louisville and both teams had a number of players cramp up and go down. 

Murray State head coach Chris Hatcher said, "We had a bunch of players play positions they've never played before just to get through the ballgame....we just ran out of guys." But overall, "I was real proud of our effort...they really played hard."