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UFL Staffs - Virginia and Omaha

So, the UFL season opener is tonight.  For those that might have lost track, the league this year is playing with 4 teams (Virginia, Omaha, Sacramento and Las Vegas).  

Virginia and Omaha play tonight while Vegas and Sacramento play Saturday night.  The league tells us that all tevelvised games will be streamed live on www.ufl-football.com; unfortunately tonight's game is not televised and thus will not be streamed. 

We thought we'd take this opportunity to catch you up on the current staff's of the 4 teams (will give you Virginia and Omaha now...the other two on Saturday as a reminder of that game).  


Head Coach - Marty Schottenheimer

Offensive Coordinator - Terry Shea

Running Backs - Gerald Carr

Wide Receivers - Bobby Saunders

Offensive Line - Bill Laveroni

Tight Ends - Chet Fuhrman

Defensive Assistant - Kurt Schottenheimer

Defensive Line - John Marshall

Assistant Defensive Line - Delbert Cowsette

Linebackers - James Willis

Defensive Backs - Lionel Washington

Special Teams - Mike Stock



Head Coach - Joe Moglia

Offensive Coordinator - Bart Andrus

Offensive Line - Don Lawrence

Running Backs / Tight Ends - Brock Olivo

Wide Receivers - Kevin Daft

Quality Control / Offensive Line - Robert Hunt

Defensive Coordinator - Tom Olivadotti

Defensive Line - Brandon Noble

Defensive Backs - Pete Kuharchek

Quality Control / Defensive Line - Mike Gallagher

Special Teams - Richard Kent




Thursday TV

First order of business, we need to set the record straight...no, Les did not show up at Mississippi State's Cowbell Yell last night.

Now, let's get to the TV schedule.  "Have a nice day!"




LSU at Mississippi State - 8PM - ESPN

Bloomsburg at IUP - 8PM - CBSSN

High School:

Cherokee Trail (CO) at Mullen (CO) - 7:30 - ESPNU

Chandler (AZ) at Basha (AZ) - 10PM - FSN 

Cowbell Yell...trust us, you want to see this

Fairly large game Thursday night in StarkVegas Starkville as LSU comes to town to play on ESPN.  

The University has cancelled all classes for Thursday in order for the fans to work up an appropriate lather pre-game (and yes in the SEC that means beginning tonight).  The New York Times has an article about the energy that Mullen has brought to town.  Think about that, the New York Times has an article about Mississippi State and Starkville, MS.  

Earlier today we saw a few tweets about former players showing up on campus (Fred Smoot in a white Rolls Royce).  Clearly there's excitement for this game.  

Tonight, Bulldog faithful have turned out in large quantity to participate in the first ever Cowbell Yell (we're pretty sure the gents up in Oxford are having quite a laugh about this right now).  Mississippi State AD Scott Stricklin just tweeted that over 9,000 people have shown up so far for the event.  Impressive for a Wednesday night.

But moments ago our night just got that much better as Brandon Marcello who covers Mississippi State for the Clarion Ledger tweeted out a link to the video below.  Yes, that's head coach Dan Mullen chest bumping Fred Smoot at the Cowbell Yell.  Phenomenal.  Can't wait for the game tomorrow.


Video: Sweet new trophy room at Oregon State

Nice inside look at the new trophy room at Oregon State.

At the 20 second mark you get quick glimpse at the players lounge as well.  Looks good. 


Dooley: Muschamp's guys haven't shown their stuff

Derek Dooley takes his team to the Swamp this weekend (3:30 CBS game) to play a 2-0 Florida team.  

After practice today, Dooley spoke with reporters (video below).

A couple of quotes from Dooley:

On what it's like to go to the Swamp: "Last year we played Memphis on the road but that's a little different environment than the swamp" - [editor's note> a possible nomination for understatement of the year?]

On all of the different things Florida can do on offense: "Yeah, if you go look at Charlie's history just the first two games of last year's Kansas City Chiefs there were 10,000 different plays"

"We haven't seen hardly anything from them because of the two games they've played.  Same thing on defense.  They played vanilla defense the whole game.  They're not going to do that against us."  

"It's a new staff.  They've played two games where it was over at halftime.  So they haven't shown their stuff."



Update on Mike Leach

Coach Leach went on a radio show called 3 guys in a garage this morning and went through what has become the standard update...wrote a best selling book, it sets the record straight, Texas Tech is wrong, Craig James hired a PR firm to smear Leach, etc...

But, Leach did offer the following when asked about how bad he wants to get back into coaching, "I'm looking forward to getting back...I mean this has been fun too, I guess the difference would be I have a lot of variety now.  The one thing about football is you have kind of a narrow existence.  And now I get to see and do all kinds of things...I never thought I'd get to do the best selling writer thing, to broadcast TV, to be on the radio, to travel a lot...I've gotten to go on movie sets...all the stuff that you'd kind of like to do, I've gotten to do a lot of it.  But you know, the payoff as far as everybody pulling together and working together and the sense of accomplishment that you get when you win a football game you know I miss that and I don't know that the payoff equals that...I like the intensity, everybody pulling together, that goes with coaching football.

In short, Coach is ready to go..."Yeah, I'm looking forward to getting back."

We're all looking forward to have Coach Leach back on the field.

The full audio (18 minutes) is available at this link. 

Edsall vs. Holgorsen

Maryland hosts West Virginia Saturday at noon (ESPNU).  Maryland is 1-0 and coming off a bye week, while WVU is 2-0 and looking to make a statement after a slow first half against Norfolk State last weekend.

These two coaches couldn't be more similar.  Slightly contrasting styles of coaching will be on display.  Should be a fun one to watch.

We noticed that Maryland football was nice enough to publish to youtube a video of running back Davin Meggett bowling coach Edsall over at practice.  Happens to everyone.  Glad he's ok.  

We're not sure how many people care; but Edsall will be announcing their uniform combo for this week's game later this evening on Twitter.  We won't post an update.  Can anyone imagine the scene when one of the young West Virginia staffers walks into the staff room tonight and interrupts Holgorsen to tell him the breaking news of what Edsall tweeted?


Building a winner

In December 2008 Tim Beckman was hired to be the new head coach at Toledo.  Toledo was 3-9 in 2008.

In 2009 under Beckman the Rockets went 5-7.  In 2010, they went 8-5 and returned to a bowl game for the first time since 2005.  This offseason (and last), Coach Beckman's recruiting class was rated the best in the MAC and they have 17 returing starters.  

This year, they opened with a big 58-22 win over New Hampshire and then went into Ohio Stadium and came within a completion of beating Ohio State.  

This year, the Rockets will play 8 games on TV (4 of them within the ESPN family of channels), including this Friday night when Boise State comes to town.  The exposure for the program is great; but the schedule is brutal.  Two Tuesday night games, a Thursday night game and three Friday night games.  

How about this run...at Ohio State, Boise State at home, at Syracuse and then at Temple.  Tough, to say the least.  No small task; but if the Rockets can win 2 of 3 (Boise, Syracuse and Temple), this could be a year to remember in Toledo. 

Quick note> 6 of the 9 assistants on Beckman's staff finished college in 2000 or later.  Young staff, doing well.  

Video of Beckman talking about this week's game versus Boise State.