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Chip Kelly didn't want to comment on LMJ's injury

Immediately after his handshake with Jeff Tedford last night, ESPN's Jenn Brown caught up with Chip Kelly and asked him twice about how serious LaMichael James' injury was.  

If you didn't see it, don't look for it as it is not the type of thing you want to see...the man's arm bent the wrong way.  It would be hard for anyone who saw that to think that he might return this season.  

Both times he was asked, Kelly responded that he really didn't know.  Kelly rarely discloses much about injuries and we assumed that was the case last night.  

What we didn't realize is that LMJ is apparently superhuman...and after seeing the video below we think that Coach Kelly might have simply been telling the truth...


A contract we'd all like to have

Steve Berkowitz of USA Today wrote an interesting article today on the contract of Louisville's athletic director Tom Jurich.

Berkowitz labels Jurich's contract, "unquestionably one of the most attractive in college sports".


Jurich's agreement runs through July 2023.  Base salary of $500,000.  $300,000 per year in "deferred income". Performance bonuses worth a maximum of $644,000 per year. "A page long list of financial costs the university agrees to absorb...".

That alone would be a lot.

But, Jurich also has a separate agreement with the University of Louisville Foundation for fundraising services.  That pays him more than $260,000 in base salary and guarantees that he will earn $300,000 of the $644,000 possible bonus available under his contract with the university. 

Jurich is 55. If he's still with the university at the end of June 2016, he will have vested in a plan which will pay him an additional $180,000 per year for 10 years.  

He gets 8 "priority 1" tickets to football and basketball games for as long as he, his wife or any of his four children live.  

Full article is available here.

On a completely unrelated note, we're hearing the football staff is "adjusting" some roles on the offensive side of the ball. Doesn't sound like a good situation. 

Best fake punt this season

There's talk out there that Navy pulled off a pretty sweet fake punt this weekend against Air Force.  

We've done some looking and made some calls and haven't yet been able to put our hands on video of it; but we're working on it and will update this article once we have it. 

This got us thinking...what has been the best fake punt so far this season at any level?  To make it more fun, we'll allow you guys to run it this weekend and then send us video.  To tip us off that you called the fake specifically in response to this article, please have the punter go through his normal pre-snap routine.

If anyone would like to submit video of an effective fake so far this season please email us at [email protected]

Al Borges: We're still learning the offense

Michigan is 5-0.  In those five wins, Michigan has scored, 34, 35, 31, 28 and 58.

The 58 they put up against Minnesota on Saturday was historic...ly bad for Minnesota.  Minnesota has had 35 seasons in which they have not allowed 58 points; and Borges' guys did that in one game. 

Here's the best part about Borges' offense...he says they are still learning it!

Jump forward to about the 1:20 mark and prepare yourselves...Borges says as they get deeper into Big Ten play they will certainly "empty the drawer more". 


There is absolutely no truth to this one

Later today TCU will be accepting membership into the Big 12.  Well, actually that part is true.

Sources close to the situation tell us that there is no truth whatsoever to the chatter out there that Gary Patterson made Chuck Neinas pinky swear that the Big 12 would not also invite SMU into the league.  

Did not happen.  Nothing to see here.  Move along folks. 

Thursday TV

The weekend officially begins at 7:30 tonight.  God Bless America!

All times Eastern.




Western Kentucky at Middle Tennessee - 7:30 - ESPNU

Colorado School of Mines at Colorado State Pueble - 8PM - CBSSN

Cal at Oregon - 9PM - ESPN

High School:

Allen (TX) at Plano East (TX) - 8PM - ESPN2

Oaks Christian (CA) at Westlake Village (CA) - 10:30PM - FSN

Year of the QB...a quality tease

The worldwide leader has some smart people up in Bristol.  We like the decision to mic up Todd Monken for this teaser of the Year of the Quarterback.  

This short video is fun to watch; but we're pretty sure that if you close your eyes and just listen, you'll be positive that's one of your old coaches talking about you.

Have to admit, the whiny, "The sun's in my eyes" is pretty good. 


Gary Patterson and June Jones no longer buds

This one is gonna leave a mark.  Yesterday, on his weekly news conference, Patterson had some rather choice words for Jones and SMU (more on this below).  Today on the C-USA call, Jones had his opportunity to respond; and he wasn't particularly nice either. 

So here's what we have.  On Saturday SMU beat TCU 40-33 in overtime. From the accounts that we've seen and the people that we have spoken with who were at the game, the C-USA refs were less than stellar (we hear that the commissioner of the C-USA called TCU's AD to apologize over the refs performance). Patterson was not pleased with the refs and let that be known during and after the game; but then he turned his attention (and displeasure) towards Jones and SMU in general. 

The readers digest version of Patterson's quotes...Jones is now 1-8 against TCU...the SMU staff loves to come to TCU to ask for help learning how to win...door is no longer open to them...we won't support them in expansion any more...yes I remember Phil Bennett saying "TC-who" after SMU's win in 2005...I know SMU is watching, they know I'm right.

Literally too many quotes for us to put here; but if you want to read a bunch of them, follow this link.

Jones, who earlier in the week had said that TCU hadn't changed much in years...which helps in game prep (yes, that seemed to upset Patterson), had an opportunity to tone down the issue just a few minutes ago on the C-USA call.  Did he take the high road?  What do you think?  No, no he didn't.

Jones, in reference to Patterson saying that he's wasn't going to help SMU anymore, "He said he wasn't going to help us anymore; but he already has...we're guaranteed a sellout next year."

Asked if we would call Patterson to set the record straight, "I think I will...after he settles down."

Jones added, "Seems like every team we play, [their coaches] lose their mind."

Here's a tip for local high end dining establishments in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex, don't book Jones and Patterson on the same night.