Super Bowl figures

Sunday's Super Bowl is expected to draw the largest audience ever, even more than last years 111 million viewers that tuned in for the Packers and Steelers game.

The National Football Post released some interesting facts and figures for the big game. For example, the winning players will receive a $88,000 pay day, while the losing players will collect $44,000. If the Giants win, the players will have earned $172,000 throughout the course of the playoffs, and the Patriots will earn 22,000 less ($150,000) with a win, due to their first round bye.

The big payday will go to NBC who will earn over $250 million in advertising alone.

If your still hoping to score tickets, the cheapest ticket is selling for $2,100 while the top end of the scale tips at $15,000. A luxury box for 35 people will set you back $650,000. To find a hotel room, you'll have to take a look at hotels an hour outside Indy, and many of them are charging up to 7 times their typical rate.

Tedford on social media and recruiting

Jeff Tedford says that he has used his Twitter account just once, and that was to tweet that he was heading to a concert.

"...and my wife almost threw me out of the car." Tedford said.

Yesterday, after introducing their 17 man recruiting class, Tedford acknowledged that social media is a huge part of how teenagers communicate in today's society. "It's just kind of the times we live in now. It's been a very unique recruiting season...unlike any other. With the Twitter and the Facebook...it's just a different day and age." Tedford went on to say that he thinks that him and his assistants need to better understand how to use social media to aid in recruiting efforts. 

Tedford added that he has never seen a time where "a 17- or 18-year-old can get up and type four words in the morning, hit 'send' and everyone goes into a tailspin."


Gus shows off his pitch

Recently Gus Malzahn spent some time with the guys at ESPN and he filmed the piece below which aired earlier today. He did a mock "in home" visit with a quarterback prospect.

He's smooth; and yes this was all done in fun; but we'd love to hear your comments on this one. 

Advertisers should read this

Although what we really enjoy is helping coaches, sometimes (and usually around the 1st of the month) we have to remember that this actually is a business. 

With that said, we encourage all of our viewers (over 1.3 million of them over the last year) to support the great companies that advertise on FootballScoop. We don't push products or companies that we don't believe in and the feedback that we get from our viewers about the companies we work with continues to be outstanding. 

With that said, he's the update from January...

January 2012 was the largest month in the 13 year history of FootballScoop.com. All of the following stats are from Google Analytics and we provide these to all of our advertisers and prospective partners (everyone should do this...transparency). 

In January, we had over 360,000 unique people visit the site (55% growth over January 2011). Nearly 130,000 additional people visited the site in Jan 2012 vs. Jan 2011.

The feedback we get from coaches is better than we've ever heard before. For the first time ever we had over 2 million visits to the site in one month....yes, that's just about 1 new visit to the site every second of the month (fascinating if we do say so ourselves). 

Each week during January we averaged over 120,000 unique people visiting the site. Coaches from over 1,100 colleges, all 32 NFL teams, and thousands of high schools every week. 

Over 10,000 people each day check the High School Scoop page and The Scoop was seen well over 100,000 times a day. Traffic to High School Scoop was up over 30% over traffic in January 2011

If you are looking to reach football coaches and decision makers, there quite simply can not be a better place to do so. As one of our advertisers told us at the AFCA convention in January, "We're seriously considering directing all of our advertising dollars to FootballScoop because the return that we get for the investment is far better than anything else we've ever tried." 

If you'd like to discuss promoting your company or product on FootballScoop, please contact Scott Roussel at 225.445.8223 or  

Vandy is back at it

Just a quick look this time; but you know they will roll out more later.

Once again, the esteemed Charles Huff at the podium...

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