USC's new facilities, a game-changer

At FootballScoop we hate to break bad news. Prepare yourselves, you might want to sit down for this.

As most of you probably know, USC won 10 games last year, including handing Chip Kelly his first loss ever at Autzen, all while being on double-not-so-secret probation from the NCAA. The part you might not know is that Lane Kiffin and his staff were able to do that despite having what are easily one of the worst set of facilities in the conference. Literally, if it rained, they took on water in the locker room, the weight room, etc...

After touring the current facilities, our respect for what both Pete Carroll and Lane Kiffin have done at USC has grown significantly. 

Now, here's the part that hurts...in a few months, Lane and the team (oh yeah, Matt Barkley's back) are moving into what will immediately become the nicest set of facilities in the conference. This might just be checkmate for Lane when it comes to recruiting. He's already got the weather, a great campus environment (although the surrounding neighborhood isn't as nice as one might like...but we don't see that slowing down too many kids), campus life that we're certain most 18 year old boys will enjoy to the fullest extent, the legend that is USC Football including six Heisman's on display as you walk into the existing facilities, etc...

These new facilities, scheduled to be completed in late July, will be very, very nice. You'll walk in and immediately see an amazingly large an impressive video display (it's actually comprised of 273 smaller panels). Staff members that have seen the demo say the pictures and visual capabilities are beyond anything they have ever seen before. 

If we were to put the before and after pictures side by side, we're quite certain those recruiting against SC might ram their head into a wall.

The building is built; but they are still adding drywall, flooring, pulling cable, etc...it's a dusty place right now. Thus, none of the design components are in just yet; but once they are, this place is going to be very nice.  

Opposing coaches who get to see Lane's office suite will immediately be placing a call to their AD saying they need an upgrade. For us to describe it in words would not be appropriate....we'll try to head back out there in August and take some video. 

More to come throughout the week on our visit with the USC coaching staff...

Below are a couple of pics from our day there. 

John Baxter talking Academic Game Plan. 


The view as you enter the current coaches offices.


Six Heismans on display.


SC's current training table (available to all students during the daytime).


Plenty of Trojans have made SI.


The current weight room is adequate. The new one will be top of the line.


The Coliseum. 


Leaving the tunnel, entering the field.


The massive new space for the 273 panel video board (will be amazing).


View from Lane's new office onto the practice fields.


"Prep Not Hype" - The motto for Spring Ball 2012.

Pac-12 Tour - UCLA

A few months back Jim L. Mora was hired to lead the UCLA football program back to glory. He quickly loaded his staff with some talented recruiters, some excellent game planners and some bright young coaches. The question is can they attract the talent they need to win consistently in Westwood.

Touring UCLA's campus you see a beautiful campus in a great part of town. Their football facilities have been recently refreshed.

The weight room, although below ground and slightly dim; is well designed and outfitted. 

IMG 0863IMG 0857

The locker room is in great shape. 

IMG 0873

The coaches' offices have the right feel (and show the right messages...plenty of NFL scouts here to see you and "Beat SC").

IMG 0889IMG 0891


People say the practice fields are an issue as they are land-locked; but they have just about as much space as everyone else (except for Oregon...who actually uses their indoor nearly all the time) has. No indoor; but...this is Los Angeles.  

IMG 0878

IMG 0879

The Rose Bowl is something to see; but to do so you have drive about 40 minutes away.  

All in all, there is nothing wrong with the facilities at UCLA.

We'll conclude this quick report back where we started...can Mora and his staff attract the talent they need to win. One of the assistants we spoke with told us the reception he's received once he moved to UCLA from his former school has been night and day "Guys that really weren't interested before are now calling us." As we all know, the future lies in the talent you can land. Coach Mora and the staff need to capture some momentum and then ride that back to the top. 

High School coaches' cell numbers

As you probably are aware, The Coach Tracker is a service that over one hundred college staffs subscribe to in order to obtain access to high school coaches' contact information. That's all the service provides...contact information for coaches and their schools. Clients range from nearly every top 5 division 1 team all the way through a few junior colleges. The goal is the same for each, to simply have accurate contact information (principally email and cell numbers). 

While the information in the database is extremely accurate (with accurate emails for nearly 90% of the 15,000 high school head coaches in the country) the information could always be more complete. With the first of the month coming on Sunday, we're trying to finalize as much data as we can this week....and we're looking for some help reaching a few high school coaches.

If you know one of the following coaches, please have him email () or text (225.229.3429) us with his cell number so we can get it into the database before we push data out to the colleges on the 1st. 

Alabama Coaches:

George Bates
Phil Wilson
Billy Coleman
Tommy Tharp
Charles Moody
Eddie Stephenson
John Causey
Brian Seymore
Eddie Bullocks
Kenneth Chadwick
Rudy Free
Chip Harris
Bubba Walls
Michael Sims
Will Randolph
Brent Dearmon
Jack French
Dennis Alexander
Steve White

Arkansas Coaches:


Barry Lunney
Eric Daniel
Maurice Moody
Scott Hyatt
Michael Sain
Michael Malham
Scott Waymire
Kenneth Moore
Cary Rogers
Tom Shoemaker
Hugh Lumpkin
Chris Dufrene
Chuck Speer
Greg Johnson
D. J. Crane
Josh Price

Arizona Coaches:

William Frasier
Charlie Sorrels
Ernie Horstkamp
Steve Quinn
Barry Lunney
Eric Daniel
Maurice Moody
Scott Hyatt
Michael Sain
Michael Malham
Scott Waymire
Kenneth Moore
Cary Rogers
Tom Shoemaker
Hugh Lumpkin
Chris Dufrene
Chuck Speer

California Coaches: 

Jim Ellison
Michael Hernandez
Rory Hurley
Chris Andreadis
Adam Schiermyer
Andrew Molander
Tim Mcburney
Dustin Peace
Matt Johnson
Dave Huffine
George LaFrance

Florida Coaches:

Mike Hay
Carlos Mollinedo
Sheldon Walker
Ceasar Campana
Frank Hall
David King
Richard Dunbar
Jamalle Cornelius
Sammy Sirianni
Jim Anderson
James Thomson
Matt Thompson

Georgia Coaches:


Tom Fallaw
Harris Rainbow
Scott Hendrix
Jeff Measor
Grant Chesnut
Calvin Epps
Marcus Johnson
Shaun Pope
Leroy Ryals
Allen Cartwright
Robbie Pruitt
Mario Allen

Illinois Coaches:


Keith Sinclair
Rich Crabel
Bryan Lee
Eric Washington
David Underwood
Nick Batts
Jeff Winslow
John Hayden
Lenny Onsen
Anthony Andrew
Matt Fralick

Indiana Coaches: 

Emil Ekiyor
Dave Shelbourne
Eric Heppner
Larry Getts
Chris Svarczkopf
Scott Bless
James Blankenship
T. Andre Thomas
Ryan Gallogly
Rich Moren
Reed May
Kevin Wright
Doug Dinan
Josh Haganow
Doug Hurt
Chris Ulerick

Kansas Coaches:

Eric Willimon
Brad Hollinger
Dave Fennewald
Ben Labertew
Matt Maltsberger
Faron Kraft
Greg French
Steve Martin
Aaron Barnett
Todd Dain
Chris Schmidt
Mike Ritzel

Louisiana Coaches:

Benny Vault
Reynolds Moore
Reggie Rogers
Demise Loyd
Michael Concillio
Mike Mowad
Ben Durham
Kevin Cook
Bo Barton
Damien Mills
Shyrone Carey
Doug Dotson
Travis Douglas
Jason Tucker
Francis Mahan
Todd Montgomery
Kevin Magee
Bryan Villa
Corey Bordelon

Maryland Coaches:

Troy Wilson
Scott Mathena
Darrel Jackson
Johnny Brown
Alan Lagon
Marlon Curtis
Ernie Williams
Randy Longnecker
Mark Hackett
Chris Bartlett
Steve Calande
Joel Sankey
Robbie Vachon

Michigan Coaches:

Dan MacLean
Tony Crawley
Brian Baird
Al Margrif
Ryan Irwin
Mark Worsham
Paul Windham
Peter Stuursma
Greg Hudkins
Bill Feraco
Robert McBride
Norm Moran
Manfield Dinkins

North Carolina Coaches:

Jeff Byrd
Milton Butts
David Johnson
Richard Bailey
Scott Lambert
Bob Turner
Earl Bates
Greg Lloyd
Nick Anderson
Rob McNeely
Chris Adams
Chad Smothers
Thomas Childs
Scott Cloninger

Ohio Coaches:

John Lundy
Mark Iammarino
Ryan Slone
Mitch Hewitt
Phil Davis
Nate Johnson
Tim Dunn
Mike Donnelly
David Brausch
Bobby Lake
Gregory Anderson
Ryan Teglovic
Steve Gilbert
Kyle Miller

Oregon Coaches:

Robert Webb
Joel Magill
David Johnson
Darren Polamalu
Justin Blanchet
Louie Idrogo
Jim Keys
Wayne Wise
Randy Stephenson
Danny Naugle
Jon Gettman
Carl Elliott
Bob Donaldson
Gary Sletmoe

Pennsylvania Coaches:

Brandan Hathaway
Vincent Bedesem
Andy Evanko
Bob Zaruta
Steve Wiles
Jeff Polites
Michael Matta
John Henzes
Chuck Dailey
Mark Evans
Richard Brubaker
Position Open
Travis Skrzypek
Bill Gallagher

Tennessee Coaches:

Shane Boggs
Blake Butler
Wayne Turner
Steve McKinney
Darren Bowling
Ben Herron
Glen Ryan
Rodney Ellison
Josh Fronabarger
Joe Case
Steve Harris
Don Coady
Matthan Houser
Billy Barnhart
Brad Deman

Texas Coaches:

Shane Boggs
Blake Butler
Wayne Turner
Steve McKinney
Darren Bowling
Ben Herron
Glen Ryan
Rodney Ellison
Josh Fronabarger
Joe Case
Steve Harris
Don Coady
Matthan Houser
Billy Barnhart
Brad Deman

Virginia Coaches:


David Bedwell
Tater Benson
Travis Osborne
Joe McElfish
Bobby Dalton
Paul White
Chris Fraser
Dennis Worek
Melvin Moore
Heath Cockerham
Rodney Redd
Lou Sorrentino
Luke Brankley
Dan Rounds
Dennis McCall
Mark Frye


Littrell: Players quickly grasping new offense

New Indiana offensive coordinator Seth Littrell says he is happy with the way the players are grasping the new offense.

Littrell says that by day four, most of the offense has been installed, and terminology is the only thing that they are still sorting through. He was also impressed with the progress of the quarterbacks, saying they were further along than he had originally expected.

The weather in Bloomington has been outstanding the past few days, and Littrell explained that he's more than happy than to be wearing shorts during spring ball in the Midwest.

How to coach toughness: You'll love this

Middle Tennessee's two new offensive line coaches, Glen Elarbee (guards / centers) and Matt Moore (tackles / tight ends), are instilling a new mentality of toughness within the Blue Raider front five, and it was very evident at Friday's practice.

Rising senior center, Alex Stuart had a little too much Gatorade and as the quarterback started his cadence, that Gatorade decided to make its way back out.

As Stuart was throwing the liquid back up, Elarbee would not allow him to move, reminding him that it would draw a penalty. So Stuart stayed put, continued to vomit, and snapped the ball.

"Why not? He enjoyed it, actually. He pushed through it. We just want toughness so that we can push through anything.” Elarbee explained.

Head coach Rick Stockstill is liking the idea of having two guys with eyes on the offensive line. “It’s been phenomenal they fly around. They have great energy. They coach on the run. There’s not a play that goes by that every one of those linemen aren’t getting coached.”

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