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Video: Leach and Holgorsen reminisce

This is great material. Leach was in Morgantown yesterday and sat down for what turned out to be a rather informative and entertaining interview with Holgorsen and a local host. 


Harbaugh believes nobody's got it better

ESPN did an article yesterday about Jim Harbaugh and his first year success with the 49ers.

In the article, Jeffri Chadiha talks about a story that Harbaugh had told early in the season that has inspired the 49ers (perhaps accidentally) where the Harbaugh family would be in the car and Jack Harbaugh, a longtime coach himself, would yell "Who's got it better than us?", to which the rest of the Harbaugh family would reply "Nobody!"

Jim has used that as the teams battle cry for his first season in charge, often asking before practices and games who has it better, with the team emphatically replying "Nobody".

Linebacker Patrick Willis noticed Harbaugh's unique approach early on in camp when Harbaugh would come to team meals. "Normally, you'll see guys wanting to get up and leave the cafeteria when the coach comes in. But he comes in and talks to everybody. He'll sit down with the starters. He'll sit down with the guys on the practice squad. I saw him once walk up to a table where all the seats were taken and he just found a way to squeeze right into space between a couple guys. And nobody left."

Harbaugh's approach has the 49ers sitting at 7-1 and atop the NFC West as they head into this week's match up with the Giants at 4:15 Sunday on FOX.

Win 3 games - pocket $500,000

Mike Gundy has Oklahoma State 9-0 and ranked #2 in the BCS.

If his Cowboys are able to win their three remaining games (at Texas Tech, at Iowa State and then home vs. Oklahoma), Gundy should wind up playing in the National Championship game. If he does that, regardless of the outcome, Gundy will pocket a $500,000 bonus

Gundy's contract calls for three potential bonuses (he can only collect one). He gets about $35,000 for making a bowl game. He earns $100,000 for winning the Big 12 and he earns the $500,000 if they reach the title game.

Currently, Gundy's total compensation is about $2.1 million per season. Something tells us that if he makes the big game, that T. Boone will see to it that Coach Gundy gets a raise...and regarding that $500k "win or lose", we're thinking that if they win, Mr. Pickens might pick up the bar tab that night as well. Can you even imagine his joy if Gundy and gang were to beat former Oklahoma State head coach Les Miles and LSU in that game?

Friday TV

One Big East match up tonight. Both teams looking to end their losing streak, with South Florida having lost four straight and Syracuse has lost two straight. Somebody gets back on track tonight. 

All times are Eastern.


No games


South Florida at Syracuse - 8 - ESPN2

High School:

No games

Mike McQueary won't coach this weekend

Penn State just released the following statement:

Due to multiple threats made against Assistant Coach Mike McQueary, the University has decided it would be in the best interest of all for Assistant Coach McQueary not to be in attendance at Saturday's Nebraska game.


Video: LB mic'd up, having fun

If you enjoy listenting to players mic'd up and getting after it, you will enjoy this video.

4 straight minutes of humor. 


More Les (great quotes)

Today is Les Miles' birthday, as well as the "birthday" of the United States Marines.

On this site, we covering the former and very appreciative of the latter. 

LSU's student newspaper has compiled their list of five favorite quotes from Les since he's been at LSU and 5 of his best moments. 

See their list here, it's quality entertainment

Video: Tom Bradley accepting his new role

Late last night, Penn State defensive coordinator Tom Bradley was named interim head football coach at Penn State.

Bradley got a call from the Board of Trustees about 9:45pm last night asking if he would accept the head coaching position. Bradley accepted.

Here is one of his first interviews this morning.