Google+ hangout with Skip Holtz

Earlier today, South Florida's Skip Holtz broke some major ground using Google+ and their social media platform to field some questions from fans, making him the first FBS head coach to use the platform in that manner.

Fans took the opportunity to ask Skip about everything from his coaching philosophy, to graduating his players, and what the players and coaches are up to over the summer months.

One fan even asked his thoughts on recruiting overseas, to which Holtz responded by saying "Being in the talent rich state of Florida, it's very difficult to pull yourself away from this state because your going to fly over a lot of good football players to get to wherever your going."

The hangout gave fans a unique perspective into Holtz's personality, very similar to what we do with our "Inside Scoop" series. Judging from the Twitter reaction from both the hangout and our "Inside Scoop" series, many more coaches will be looking for more avenues to reach the masses about their program.

Video of the "Hangout" is below. Whether or not you want to listen to the content; you might want to watch a minute or two of the video just to familiarize yourself with the platform. 

Inside Scoop: Jim Mastro - Washington State

Today we visit with Washington State running backs coach Jim Mastro (2010 FootballScoop Running Backs Coach of the Year). Quality content throughout; but Mastro's story about how Mike Leach got into coaching at Cal Poly back in the 80s is a must listen, "skinny, cutoff jeans, long hair..."

Mastro weighs in on the difference between coaching in the Pac-12 vs. in the WAC, Mountain West, etc..., how they are utilizing Pistol concepts in Leach's offense, the support from the administration, and much much more. 

We already had a very positive image of this staff; but after spending a few minutes with several of their assistants over the past week, you really have to tip your cap to Leach for hiring a great group of people. 

Cincinnati Coach: "I had to up my game"

Shannon Morrison accepted a position coaching the corners on Butch Jones' staff back in early March, and noticed that he had to "up his game" shortly after his arrival.

"The way practice is structured, the way practice is run, it's different than anywhere I've been. So I had to increase my intensity, increase my effort, increase a bunch of things there to catch up." he explained.

Morrison also talks about his coaching philosophy. "I'm going to put pressure on them in practice. Whether it's having races to the ball, whether it's chasing them, whether it's screaming at them...I'm going to put more pressure on them in practice so when Saturdays roll around, it's easy."

He also explains how the effort and structure in the weight room really sets Cincinnati apart. "The push that they have from the weight room. That in itself makes this place different, than anywhere I have been. I've been coaching 16 years and this place, and these kids that I have inherited in my position group, are different."

Plenty more from Morrison in the clip below, as well as some good footage of him coaching up a corner on reading a vertical route concept.

Oregon gets their Rose Bowl rings

When you win the Rose Bowl for the first time in 95 years, you like to commemorate the win (and great season) with a ring that is just as fitting as the accomplishment, and just as shiny as their bowl game helmets.

Judging from the picture below, the Ducks have done just that.

The rings are made from white or yellow precious metal (depending on the individual players preference), and the top is surrounded by 60 hand cut cubic zirconia stones. The "O" logo is custom cut into a green stone with the Rose Bowl logo as the centerpiece.

The sides of the rings aren't pictured, but the left side of the ring has the players last name and jersey number along with the duck wing theme from the infamous chrome winged helmets, and the other side has "2012 Champs" and "Win the Day" with the final score and a silhouette of the stadium.



Motivational video: "August is coming"

When you compete in Division III's Ohio Athletic Conference like Ohio Northern (along with Mount Union, John Carroll, Capital...etc.), sticking to your summer program is as important as ever. To keep the team focused through the summer grind, the staff up there put together a solid motivational video.

The clip starts with a motivational message about an alarm clock going off, and not wanting to get out of bed. Then the voice says "sit up, put your feet on the floor and don't look back because we've got work to do...Welcome to the grind".

Then the words "August is coming" flash on the screen, and the highlight video ensues.

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