Grad Assistant of the Day - Wake Forest

Ryan McManus is the offensive grad assistant at Wake Forest. The name sound familiar? Yep, he's the son of Jerry, current New Mexico State offensive coordinator (previously at Kent State, East Carolina, Wake, etc...). 

In the video above, new offensive line coach Jonathan Himebauch sat in to share some of his thoughts about McManus' importance to the program, his grasp on coaching and his future as a coach.

We'd like to thank Coach Himebauch for spending a few minutes with us talking about Ryan. 

You can follow Ryan on Twitter @RyanMcManus15


Tedford mic'd up

If your a player at Cal, and have set your Twitter profile to "Private" Coach Tedford is going to find out, and ask you about it at practice.

Tedford was mic'd up during spring ball and did just that during a stretching period, and also coaches the skill players up during a fade drill and shows that he's still got an accurate rocket arm when he calls out the exact location of his throw while warming up.

Total athletic department Revenues & Expenses

The fine folks at USA Today have compiled a nice table showing total revenues and expenses for most division 1 programs in the country.

Probably won't surprise anyone; but the Top 10 in terms of total expenses are: Texas, Ohio State, Michigan, Florida, Alabama, Penn State, Auburn, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Oklahoma. Reminder, this is for the entire athletic department.

Full data can be seen here

Grad Assistants of the Day - Northwestern

Meet John Kuceyeski, offensive grad assistant, and McNeil Parker, defensive grad assistant, of Northwestern Football. Impressive young men, working towards creating a career in coaching. 

Hear where they came from, how they got their positions at Northwestern, what they do in their current positions and what excites them about coaching. Listen to their responses to the last question...these guys get it and have a bright future ahead of themselves.


High School guys using video to motivate

Lakeside, a 5A program in Georgia, clearly has their players motivated this Spring. 

Take a look at this video and you will see some players working, competing and enjoying their time working together to improve.

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