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Arizona proposing beer sales at games

The state of Arizona looks to be taking a page out of the book of West Virginia as three state representatives are proposing selling beer at Arizona and Arizona State football games.

The proposed bill would provide a "pilot program to test the issue under the watch of the Arizona Board of Regents and in consultation with the department of liquor licenses and control." Proceeds would go to the athletic departments, all of which are exploring new revenue streams.

According to the Des Moines Register, twenty major universities sold beer to the general public during games this past season. That's twice the amount than the 2010 season.

Interestingly, West Virginia Athletic Director Oliver Luck said that alcohol related incidents actually decreased 25-35 percent with the new beer sales at home games this season. Luck said that they profited about $750,000 from alcohol sales in their seven home contests.

Hell Week at Miss State

Matt Balis met with members of the media recently to talk about off season training and their version of the Navy Seals Hell Week.

Balis said that Hell Week isn't something that they implement in their first week, because there is no way that the athletes bodies would be prepared. Their version took place in week 3, after two weeks of off season conditioning.

One reporter even asked Balis to estimate how many gallons of vomit accumulated during Hell Week...Balis responded by saying that it was more about the mental challenges throughout the week than it was the physical aspect. Numerous team building activities, competitive cardio routines, and early morning wake ups (on top of their regular daily schedules) made the mental preparation just as important to the strength staff.

Balis says that they assign a strength coach to the early enrollees to help them get them get acclimated to their techniques and expectations early on in the process.

NFL Sounds - Great interaction between refs, Coughlin and big Vince

Got to love having guys mic'd up.

From the Superbowl...early in the game, the Giants were driving and on a critical Brandon Jacobs run for a first down, the refs called holding and the drive stalled. On TV, the call appeared questionable. 

After listening to Vince Wilfork, the call was simply wrong. Watch this video (from about the 1:20 mark - the 2:30 mark) and you'll see how the refs saw it and discussed it, then the call, then you'll hear Coughlin's reaction...then the refs ask Vince who let's them know they got that one wrong, "but as much as you guys miss, I deserve one now". Love it.

Ferentz talks about staff changes

Kirk Ferentz met with the media yesterday to talk about a few of the recent staff changes.

Ferentz compared the defensive coordinator search to a prospect trying to decide what school to attend, and further shared his thought process with the media saying that he "didn't see an advantage to moving quickly unless you have to".

When asked whether he had given any thought to his son (Patriots tight ends coach) Brian joining the staff, Ferentz said that they are "open to anything, and anyone out there" that can further help the program.

The clip below is a good four minute cut up with the highlights from the presser yesterday.

How Sark got Tosh Lupoi to say yes

Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times visited with several of the UW assistants today. 

In the video below you'll see and hear Lupoi describe being recruited by Sark (and saying no a few times). He says Sark worked on him for about 2 weeks...selling UW to him, the alumni base, the tradition at UW, etc..."it wasn't really about the deal that was offered". 

Lupoi's a great recruiter...never even used the word "money" in the interview. Impressive.

Video: Meet a few of Tennessee's new assistants

A few of Tennessee's new assistant coaches sat down with the Tennessee media for the first time earlier today.

New additions Charlie Coiner (special teams / tight ends), Jay Graham (running backs), Sam Pittman (offensive line), and John Palermo (defensive line) all took some time to answer some questions about their new roles.

Bill O'Brien's first day

The cameras caught up with Bill O'Brien to see how his first full day as the head coach at Penn State went yesterday.

O'Brien says that he started the day with a human resources orientation after landing at noon and the next order of business has been focused on evaluating the current roster and putting together the playbooks.

Video: What it takes to land a top class

Florida State released a video with many of their top players talking about their recruitment and what drew them to Florida State.

Nearly every story that a player shares includes their connection during the recruiting process with a coach. A great reminder of why we all do what we do.