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NAIA workout: Training for 3rd and 1

Ross Cimpl hasn't been a head coach for more than a few months, but him and his staff have the Dakota Wesleyan program getting after it. Cimpl was promoted from interim head coach / defensive coordinator to the head coaching position back in January. 

For Cimpl, the off season is all about creating a type of mindset. "We've been in third and short, we've been in fourth and short. We can handle it! We know how to operate in those situations, but you have to train yourself constantly to be that guy. You've got to get it in your mindset that all of a sudden 'Hey it's third and one...I've been here before' ". 

Quality NAIA video below.

Coaches weigh in on Dabo's proposal

Coaches from around the country took some time to weigh in on Dabo Swinney's proposal to participate in a spring scrimmage against a non conference opponent within reasonable driving distance.

Keeping the distance in mind, many schools would be able to scrimmage an in state foe as long as they aren't in the same conference. That would surely pack the stands and bring in some revenue ($$$).

Take a look at what a few coaches had to say to the Atlanta Journal Constitution about the proposal.

Larry Fedora (UNC): “I think that would be great. I think you would get a pretty good idea on where your team is at that time. Putting on spring games against yourself is difficult just because of the amount of kids you have on scholarship that time of year … with your seniors gone and your freshmen not being there yet … plus you have other players out for the spring with injuries. All of that really makes it difficult to do an intra-squad scrimmage. So I think you could benefit from something like a scrimmage opponent in a lot of ways.”

Paul Johnson (Georgia Tech): “Off the cuff, it sounds like it might be a good idea but I really haven’t thought much about it … It can get old practicing against yourself. Anytime you can play or scrimmage against somebody else, it would be good. The NFL certainly does it in training camp. Basketball plays an exhibition before their season.”

Kevin Sumlin (Texas A&M): “Dabo wants a jamboree? Why not? I don’t know. That’s a different deal. I think it’s different when you’re in the first year of your program like I am and you need every practice you can get … put it that way. If you ask me a couple of years from now, I might think differently.”

Joker Phillips (Kentucky): “A lot of teams use their spring practices and spring game to get their team better with fundamentals. I would be opposed to playing another vicious game and losing a kid for the rest of the season.” 

Mike London (Virginia): “I know Dabo personally. It’s an innovative idea, particularly when you look at conference realignment and television money. Playing against another team than yourself in the spring may bring in revenue to go toward other sports, non-scholarship sports, or other entities around the university … I imagine there would be some support for that idea if people really started talking seriously about it.” 

Dabo proposes scrimmaging other teams in spring

Dabo Swinney wants to take a page out of the book of other NCAA sports, and have the ability to scrimmage an opponent during the spring.

Swinney told the Atlanta Journal Constitution, "I don’t know if it will ever happen but it’s fun to think about.”

If Swinney has his way, there would be a few guidelines. You would have the option of scrimmaging yourself, or another team. If you choose to scrimmage another team it must be an out of conference opponent and within reasonable driving distance. The head coaches would set the structure of the scrimmage and other parameters beforehand.

“Personally, I think it would be a good thing for college football to do, college football takes in a lot of money. I think it would be an opportunity to give something back to your school or a charity."

Dabo went on to say that last season they were missing over 30 guys for spring practices, but will have more guys on hand this spring. But still, every time you scrimmage yourself, you've got 22 of your own guys out on the field at one time.

"Every time you practice against each other in a scrimmage, you’re 100-percent invested with your personnel, as opposed to if you go and scrimmage somebody else. You’re scrimmaging their defense, while your defense is on the sidelines. When your offense is out there, your defense is on the sidelines. You’re not 100-percent vested with what’s going on. I just think there’s something good with that" he explained.

Swinney went on to suggest that the NCAA could put a limitation on the miles away from campus you could travel, perhaps 100 or 200 miles (for the record, the University of Georgia is 75 miles away from Clemson's campus).

“I think it would be fun. I think the players would enjoy it. I think the fans would enjoy it. But that’s just one guy’s opinion” Swinney added.





Virginia: Offensive line work

University of Virginia offensive line / tight ends coach, Scott Wachenheim, had the camera crew on him for a recent practice, and they came away with some great practice footage.

Wachenheim says that their main points of emphasis under his guidance are footwork and hand placement. He expects to make big strides in their second year under the same scheme. In the clip he talks about getting better every practice, so at the end of the year they've got a ton of practices under their belt where they've gotten better each day. 

Take a few minutes and take a look at this link. It's full of great practice footage, and it's evident that Wachenheim is having a blast and feeling right at home out on the practice field.

Lane Kiffin to Jim Mora: Welcome to the neighborhood

Everyone thank twitter for this gem....

Guess who just bought a house right around the corner from Lane? Yep, UCLA head coach Jim L. Mora. 

Mora said in an interview, "He (Lane) sent me a text...'Standing in front of your (new) house. You know you're in Trojan Country!'"

Not sure we could afford the real estate; but wouldn't it be fun if the FootballScoop guy bought the other house for sale in that block? Donations?  

Ball State making impressive strides

Ball State has made some impressive strides off the field in Pete Lembo's first year at the helm, largely in part to new strength coach and conditioning coach David Feely.

In March of last year, the Cardinals had 31 players benching 300 plus pounds, and four players benching 400 plus pounds. 

This season, those numbers have doubled. 60 players are benching 300 plus pounds and 8 guys are putting up 400 plus pounds. Similar gains have taken place in the squat rack and the Cardinals have also added the power clean to the workout regimen for some added versatility..

One player, Keenan Noel, who is making the transition from fullback to nose guard, has been more than impressed with the changes. "Looking at people when they first come in to now, it's ridiculous just the way people's bodies have changed, shoulders have got wider, chests got bigger, legs got bigger, everything toned up. Now you look and you're like, we're big. We're a football team."

"Inside the Lines": RB coach Bobby Erhardt

Running backs coach / special teams coordinator Bobby Erhardt, the newest addition to the Bronco's staff, was the featured coach in Western Michigan's latest release of their "Inside the Lines" series.

Erhardt says that words cannot describe how happy he is to be back in Michigan and working under Bill Cubit. The phone call to join the staff really "rejuvenated" him, he said.

This is another good addition to the series with some great practice clips mixed in with the interview.

Big East schedule released

The Big East schedule was released earlier today. 

Paul Chryst will start his head coaching career at Pitt with a game against Youngstown State, before kicking off September with a Thursday night game at Cincinnati. Chryst will also make a trip to South Bend in early November to take on Notre Dame.

New Rutgers head coach Kyle Flood will kick of his season against first year head coach Curtis Johnson in New Orleans when they take on Tulane Saturday, September 1st. Flood and the Scarlet Knights will also have to travel to USF, Arkansas, Temple, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh.

All in all there looks to be some solid Big East action this fall, especially on the weekdays. Full schedules can be seen below. 

Thu., Sept. 6 PITTSBURGH (8 p.m., ESPN)
Sat., Sept. 15 Delaware State
Sat., Sept. 29 vs. Virginia Tech - 1
Sat., Oct. 6 Miami (Ohio)
Sat., Oct. 13 Fordham
Sat., Oct. 20 at Toledo
Sat., Oct. 27 at LOUISVILLE (8 p.m., ESPN/ESPN2)
Sat., Nov. 3 SYRACUSE
Sat., Nov. 10 at TEMPLE
Sat., Nov. 17 RUTGERS
Fri., Nov. 23 USF (ABC/ESPN/ESPN2)

1 - at FedEx Field, Landover, Md.
Thu., Aug. 30 Massachusetts
Sat., Sept. 8 North Carolina State
Sat., Sept. 15 at Maryland
Sat., Sept. 22 at Western Michigan
Sat., Sept. 29 Buffalo
Sat., Oct. 6 at RUTGERS
Sat., Oct. 13 TEMPLE
Fri., Oct. 19 at SYRACUSE (8 p.m., ESPN)
Sat., Nov. 3 at USF
Fri., Nov. 9 PITTSBURGH (8 p.m., ESPN2)
Sat., Nov. 24 at LOUISVILLE
Sat., Sept. 1 Kentucky
Sat., Sept. 8 Missouri State
Sat., Sept. 15 North Carolina (ABC/ESPN/ESPN2)
Sat., Sept. 22 at Florida International
Sat., Sept. 29 at Southern Mississippi
Sat., Oct. 13 at PITTSBURGH
Sat., Oct. 20 USF
Fri., Oct. 26 CINCINNATI (8 p.m., ESPN/ESPN2)
Sat., Nov. 3 TEMPLE
Sat., Nov. 10 at SYRACUSE
Thu., Nov. 29 at RUTGERS (7:30 p.m., ESPN)
Sat., Sept. 1 Youngstown State
Thu., Sept. 6 at CINCINNATI (8 p.m., ESPN)
Sat., Sept. 15 Virginia Tech
Sat., Sept. 22 Gardner?Webb
Fri., Oct. 5 at SYRACUSE (7 p.m., ESPN)
Sat., Oct. 13 LOUISVILLE
Sat., Oct. 20 at Buffalo
Sat., Oct. 27 TEMPLE
Sat., Nov. 3 at Notre Dame (3:30 p.m., NBC)
Fri., Nov. 9 at CONNECTICUT (8 p.m., ESPN2)
Sat., Nov. 24 RUTGERS
Sat., Dec. 1 at USF (ABC/ESPN/ESPN2)

Sat., Sept. 1 at Tulane

Sat., Sept. 8 Howard
Sat., Sept. 15 at USF (date subject to change)
Sat., Sept. 22 at Arkansas
Sat., Oct. 13 SYRACUSE
Sat., Oct. 20 at TEMPLE
Sat., Oct. 27 Kent State
Sat., Nov. 10 Army
Sat., Nov. 17 at CINCINNATI
Sat., Nov. 24 at PITTSBURGH
Thu., Nov. 29 LOUISVILLE (7:30 p.m., ESPN)
Sat., Sept. 1 Chattanooga
Sat., Sept. 8 at Nevada
Sat., Sept. 15 RUTGERS (date subject to change)
Sat., Sept. 22 at Ball State
Sat., Sept. 29 Florida State (ABC/ESPN/ESPN2)
Sat., Oct. 6 at TEMPLE
Sat., Oct. 20 at LOUISVILLE
Sat., Oct. 27 SYRACUSE
Sat., Nov. 17 at Miami (Fla.)
Sat., Sept. 1 Northwestern
Sat., Sept. 8 Southern California - 1 (ABC/ESPN/ESPN2)
Sat., Sept. 15 Stony Brook
Sat., Sept. 22 at Minnesota
Fri., Oct. 5 PITTSBURGH (7 p.m., ESPN)
Sat., Oct. 13 at RUTGERS
Fri., Oct. 19 CONNECTICUT (8 p.m., ESPN)
Sat., Oct. 27 at USF
Sat., Nov. 3 at CINCINNATI
Sat., Nov. 10 LOUISVILLE
Sat., Nov. 17 at Missouri
Fri., Nov. 23 at TEMPLE (ABC/ESPN/ESPN2)

1 - at MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, N.J.
Fri., Aug. 31 Villanova
Sat., Sept. 8 Maryland
Sat., Sept. 22 at Penn State
Sat., Oct. 6 USF
Sat., Oct. 13 at CONNECTICUT
Sat., Oct. 20 RUTGERS
Sat., Oct. 27 at PITTSBURGH
Sat., Nov. 3 at LOUISVILLE
Sat., Nov. 10 CINCINNATI
Sat., Nov. 17 at Army (CBS SN)

*All times Eastern; all dates and times subject to change
*Additional television arrangements will be announced as they become available and are subject to change