Watch the ECU equipment staff drown in boxes of new gear to prepare for camp

Camp report day for colleges around the country is just around the corner...it will be here before you know it. While coaches are trying to enjoy their last few weeks off putting the finishing touches on their plans for camp, the equipment guys are busy preparing for the arrival of 100+ players. 

At the FBS level that's an enormous amount of work. ECU provided a glimpse of what that process looks like with this video.

"Over the last three weeks it's been absolutely incredible in here...we've received over 1,000 boxes." director of athletics equipment Erik Lewis shares in the video, noting that not all of them are full as he pulls one pair of gloves from a box that could probably fit at least 50 pairs.

Lewis and his staff probably spent a day (or perhaps a few) unloading the boxes and organizing and taking inventory ofeverything in the boxes anticipating report day. Imagine what this same process looks like at someplace like Alabama or Oregon.

Ed Orgeron: "I don't know where I'll be coaching, but come December I'm going to be with somebody."

For the first time in 21 years, Ed Orgeron will spend a fall away from the sidelines. Back then, he was in between jobs as Miami's defensive line coach and Nicholls State's linebackers coach. This time around, he's taking his time and weighing his options after a 6-2 run as USC's interim head coach. 

Though he is not coaching at the moment, Orgeron is not done coaching. Not in the least bit. "I have the itch. I miss it," Orgeron told "Culotta and the Prince" on WNXX-FM in Baton Rouge. "I miss the grass. I miss being with the players. I definitely want to coach next season. I don't know where I'll be coaching, but come December I'm going to be with somebody."

Following his successful run as USC's interim head coach, Orgeron was in the running for the full-time job that ultimately ended up going to Steve Sarkisian, Orgeron's colleague under Pete Carroll from 2001-03. The Trojans ripped off five consecutive wins soon after Orgeron was handed the reigns, culminating in a 20-17 upset of then-No. 5 Stanford and Orgeron claiming something of a people's champion status within the coaching search. Orgeron could have returned to USC under Sarkisian, but chose to try his luck at finding a head coaching job elsewhere. 

His search didn't work out. After sitting the upcoming season out, Orgeron will seek his second full-time head job (he was 10-25 in three seasons as the head coach at Ole Miss) or an assistant job in which he feels comfortable. 

In the meantime, he waits. Even when Orgeron isn't working, though, he's still working.

"I'm always looking at the top recruits," he said. "I always have a plan for where I may be next year. I'm keeping up with the recruits, the commitments, the guys that are great players. If I see a player at 7-on-7 I'm obviously going to evaluate him. I'm able to go to high schools. I'm really spending a lot of time with high school coaches, talking to them about football and helping them out if I could and I really enjoy that part."

Until the next job comes around, Orgeron is playing catch-up back at home. His family remained at their home in Louisiana while Orgeron lived in a Los Angeles hotel for his stint at USC. He's doing now what he couldn't have then. "I look forward to watching (son) Parker play, watching the Mandervillle Skippers play, I think they have an outstanding program," he said. "My other son Cody is a tennis player, I got a chance to watch him play last year. My oldest son Tyler is working at LSU, so I go up and see him on the weekends. It's just been fantastic taking time off and being a parent."

A few other notes:

Orgeron, on recruiting high-end prospects: "It's a solid three-year process. Sometimes their ninth grade year but mostly when they're a sophomore. It's just a process. You've got to stay with it for three years, try to be first and offer them, get to know the champion, who is that person, who's the decision-maker, and recruit that person just as hard as you recruit the recruit."

Orgeron on New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton: "One of the greatest coaches I've ever been around. The greatest offensive mind I've ever been around, there's no question about it... They do a tremendous job of evaluation in the draft, especially lower draft picks. He's a winner. Those guys have a great attitude. They recruit great guys with character. I just was totally impressed with his program."

Link to original audio file 


Video: Navy Seal training at 5am? Ohio is loving it

Ohio is the latest team we've seen to participate in military like training during the off season, and from the looks of it, theirs may be the most intense session yet.

The Bobcats started things off well before the sun rose with a 5am workout, led by former college coach, and Top Shot season 3 participant Jake Zweig. The workouts included a long run, team calisthenics, push presses and squats with a picnic table with teammates, and plenty of crawling and rolling in the sand.

"Right now, you're more uncomfortable than you'll ever be in a game." Zweig explains at one point in the workout.

That's the beauty of it all, summed up in one sentence.

These guys absolutely worked their tails off, and were pushed beyond their mental and physical limits. However, even more impressive than all of that is the fact that they enjoyed it. The last 30 seconds are a great testament to that. 

Photo: Ole Miss really understands what recruits want to see

Hugh Freeze and his staff know a thing or two about how to connect with today's recruit's. Ever since stepping on campus at Ole Miss, they've elevated the expectations, and results on the recruiting trail. You could argue that no staff at Ole Miss has recruited better in their first few seasons.

That's why this picture caught our attention (well, that and the fact it was sent to us on Twitter). The Rebels took four commodities that recruits would recognize (Kirk Herbstreit, Rivals, 247, and Scout), squeezed them onto one iPhone screen, and then let the tweets do their talking for them.

The result is powerful, yet simple...which is almost always the most effective way to reach your prospects. Again, this won't get a player to commit; but it keeps you in his mind and in the conversation and is an excellent conversation piece. 


(h/t @S_Ruzic)

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