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Arkansas has new uniforms

Commitment to strength program paying off

When Todd Hafner took over William Penn (NAIA) in 2004, he inherited a program that had won 26 games the previous 16 years combined. In the past three seasons, Hafner has led the resurgence of the Statesmen program, leading them to a combined record of 26-7.

William Penn climbed as high as #4 in the national rankings, and dominated on both sides of the ball last season. They led the NAIA in rushing yards per game (330 ypg), 2nd in the nation in sacks allowed per game (.3 per contest), and converted an impressive 90% of their fourth down tries (#1 nationally). Defensively they only gave up 11 ppg (#2 nationally), allowed 232.6 yards per game (#4 nationally) and only allowed opponents to convert on 23.7% of their 3rd down attempts (#1 in the country)

A large part of that success can be attributed to their strength program. Strength and conditioning coordinator Ike Hammerly is a nationally recognized leading strength & conditioning coach. Hammerly oversees a full time strength staff (very rare at an NAIA school) and a total of 18 varsity sports. Take notice of what these guys are doing in the weight room and how they're doing it because they're going about things the right way.

It's an exciting time to be down in Oskaloosa, Iowa. Look for big things out of these guys in the future. 

3 Penny Films: Red Wolves revival

3 Penny Films has struck again, this time with an inspiring look inside of the Arkansas State program.

The video starts with news clips of the rumors swirling that Gus Malzahn would become the next head coach and progresses to interviews with Arkansas State players along with their reactions to the news, to finally getting on the field and starting spring practice and how his expectations of the players and the program have progressed.

3 Penny Films continues to churn out great video after great video for everyone from Minnesota to Auburn to Miami. These guys are some of the best in the business (and they have two Emmy's to prove it).

How the iPad will make your job easier

Over the past two years we have seen broad adoption of the iPad as the dominant tablet in the US. The same can be said within the college coaching profession. Entire staffs are converting entirely to the Apple platform.  Those who aren't converting entirely are still feeling the pressure to switch or have already switched to iPhones and iPads.  

In our opinion, those who haven't yet, will soon enough.  The platform is simply that good.

Perhaps some of you think we're talking about the basic apps that tell a little about your program that the marketing guys say "we have to have"; but that's really not what we're talking about at all...in fact, unless those are custom written we tend to think those just look like a website forced onto a tablet. What we're talking about are apps that make your job easier and your life better. We're talking about the game changers...

With that said, we've had the opportunity to meet and work with some of the leading companies working to ensure you get the most out of your iPhone and iPad experience.

As you saw recently, OT Software sponsored our Pac-12 Tour and their custom iPad software is so impressive that Mike and his team are already writing custom programs for multiple Pac-12 teams. This stuff is a game changer.  

As most of you are aware, you can now watch and edit your videos on Hudl's iPad app (if it isn't already, this will become the most used iPad app for coaches nationwide very quickly). The guys at Hudl are on the cutting edge of video editing and delivery and more great things will come from this company. 

Today we noticed the video below that showcases Jump Forward's iPad app which also is very impressive in it's capabilities.  Watch the video and think about what a step forward that is from where compliance / recruiting software was two or three years ago...

At FootballScoop we're big believers in utilizing technologies that will make your jobs easier. If you are aware of another software or app that you feel we should share with our audience, please let us know @FootballScoop or via [email protected]

Video: New logos introduced at Houston

The University of Houston unveiled their new logos today with an accompanying video highlighting the changes.

The Cougar got the biggest makeover of all the, and they also introduced some new fonts and other minor changes to the lineup.

The updated logos will make their debut with the Cougars in the new look Big East.

Bustin'a move in Annapolis

Coach Ken Niumatalolo had been impressed with the way the Midshipmen have worked this spring.

During last season, the team ran between 800 and 900 live reps. This spring alone, the team has accumulated over 700 live reps.

Their 5-7 record didn't please the team last season and these guys have flat out been getting after it.

As a reward, Niumatalolo had the team warm up a little differently than normal...take a look.

Sumlin and staff sorting out the "pretenders"

The players at Texas A&M are adjusting to the new staff's expectations, and Kevin Sumlin and his staff have spent the first few practices sorting out the physical players from the pretenders.

“We’ve got some guys that, just like any other time, are coming to the forefront, physical guys that like to play. And we’ve had some guys that are pretenders. Not very tough, we’ve got to figure out a way over the next couple weeks to develop some mental and physical toughness.” Sumlin said last week.

After practice yesterday, he noted marked improvement in the attitude and held a meeting to talk about the direction that they're heading. Sumlin's message was simple, they may not be ready to take the field just yet, but their tempo and attitude have made significant progress in a handful of practices.

“By no means are we ready to play a game but our attitude was better, our tempo was better and I think our want-to was better.”


"Sometimes you have to yank 'em through the knot hole"

Chad Morris and the offensive staff down at Clemson have focused on improving in short yardage situations this spring, and Morris told reporters yesterday that he is has seen continued improvement so far.

The staff has specifically focused on changing the mentality in short yardage situations, putting the team in situations in scrimmages and practice where they have to fight for every inch. Morris believes that they are continuing to step in the right direction, but as he put it, "sometimes you have to yank 'em through the knot hole".

Morris has seen some improvement, and says that they have taken steps in the right direction, but he believes that they have a long way to go before they're ready to match up in short yardage situations with the best in the country.

Video: O-Line jugs machine challenge

Fun video here out of Northwestern where the offensive line takes on a challenge with the Jugs machine.

Seems simple enough...catch a punt from the Jugs machine. But as you can see...it's not that easy with the big fellas.