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Ohio State giving out iPads to student athletes

After recognizing an impressive 548 student athletes for achieving above a 3.0 GPA, Ohio State has decided to enhance and support the student athlete experience by providing iPads.

“The use of iPads will allow us to find creative and innovative ways to enhance our tutoring and mentoring services for student-athletes. The iPads will be preloaded with athletics department materials currently provided to student-athletes in paper or book form and will be available to students throughout their academic careers.” Dr. David Graham, Ohio State assistant Provost for academic success explained.

Starting in the fall, the University will provide 500 iPads with the goal to provide all student athletes (about 1,100) with one within the next two years. The iPads will be issued to student athletes and retrieved accordingly.

According to the official press release, the iPad will provide advantages to help with the challenges that student athletes face while traveling during the season, as well as other issues including:

- Enhanced learning through digital technology including e-textbooks, digital course materials and online course programming; this will build on and complement Student-Athlete Support Services’ initiative to create iBooks for courses relating to student-athletes

- Improved academic productivity during team travel, as students will have easy access to email, Carmen (Ohio State’s online course management system), Ohio State library databases, Pages and Numbers for word processing and spreadsheet creation, FaceTime, Skype and other tools that will enable coursework to be completed on the road

- Better access to content through applications (apps) that will help students engage with subject matter

-Increased time management and stronger study skills through apps designed to help college students manage their hectic schedules and workloads

- Better services for students with learning disabilities via assistive technology

- Stronger familiarity with the latest innovative technology that will prove valuable for student-athletes in the classroom as well as the 21st century workplaces they will join after graduation

Video: Communicating effectively

Jon Jancek took over as the defensive coordinator at Cincinnati back in January of 2010 and led one of the more dominant defenses in college football last season. Last year the Bearcats led the nation in tackles for loss (8.62 per game), was 2nd nationally in sacks (3.46 per game), and 9th in turnover margin (.92).

A large part of that success is how Jancek has focused on communicating with his players, which you see first hand in the clip below. 

"I have to communicate with them in a way that doesn't damage their self esteem, doesn't damage the type of person that they are, but they certainly leave practice, or after a game knowing what they did wrong, what's expected, what they did well, and continue to grow."

Jancek also talks about observing how his son's freshman coaching staff teaches and how that has helped him keep things in perspective as a coach.

Watch the turf get ripped out at Missouri

Back in February, Missouri athletic director Mike Alden told fans about a $1.5 million project that would transform the playing surface at the Faurot Field to include a larger midfield Tiger logo as well as the addition of SEC logo's.

Earlier today, Missouri released an inside look of the old stuff getting torn upover the past week. The new and improved surface should be rolled out soon.

The stadium without turf is an odd sight, considering in a few months the stadium will be packed with 70,000 fans when the Tigers open up with Southeastern Louisiana, followed immediately by two more home games against Georgia and Arizona State.

Tim Salem mic'd up

We always take the opportunity to watch Tim Salem when he's mic'd up. 

Quality stuff throughout this video...including throwing garbage cans. Enjoy!

HS Video: Shiloh Christian All Access

Nice video here out of Shiloh Christian high school in Arkansas.

Head coach Josh Floyd has done a tremendous job with the program since taking over in 2004, compiling a record of 89-19 (25-4 in the playoffs) with 4 state championships in 5 state finals appearances, and a total of 6 conference titles.

The video has some solid drill work from the spread, and screen drills from their first week of spring ball. Plus, within the first 10 seconds there's a coach utilizing an iPad during practice.


NFL to require knee and thigh pads in 2013

The league has announced that all players will be required in to wear thigh and knee pads starting in 2013.

Owners approved the rule change earlier today.

The league noted the focus on player safety for the rule change. That is all. Move on.

The "Andrew Luck Directorship of Offense"

Stanford has announced a large endowment from a very generous, yet anonymous, donor in honor of Andrew Luck.

The donation changes Pep Hamilton's title from offensive coordinator to the newly appointed "Andrew Luck Directorship of Offense". It definitely has a unique ring to it.

In Stanford's official release, David Shaw described the gift as "pioneering a new way to support the school that you love. Our supporters don't just like their school; they love Stanford University, what we do and how we do it. They rally around the class and character of the scholar-athletes who attend Stanford. We are extremely grateful for this support, which helps set Stanford University apart from our competitors."

For those that know Pep, it is now fair game to introduce him to others as the "Andrew Luck Director of Offense" for the Stanford Cardinal.  Flows right off the tongue. Enjoy. 

As you might imagine, several witty characters on twitter have come up with a few other proposed endowed positions / titles for other coaches. Follow us to see a few of the more interesting ones we've seen this morning. 



GA of the Day - Marques Hagans (Virginia)

Marques Hagans, UVA's offensive grad assistant, is a humble young man. Hagans came to Virginia to play quarterback and won the starting job...but then Matt Schaub took over as the starter. Hagans learned to play receiver, played special teams, anything to help the team... When Schaub graduated Hagans took back over as the starter and went on to become the fifth highest passer in UVA history. 

Hagans went on to play four seasons in the NFL...all as a receiver.

Watch the video and you will see and hear a humble young man who has a passion for the game and for teaching and working with young players. Marques Hagans is an impressive young man and is coaching for the right reasons.