Rich Rod: We do everything at a BCS caliber

USA Today did an interesting article highlighting on one of Rich Rod's first tasks upon arriving at Arizona. One of the first things that Rodriguez wanted to do was send a message that everything that they do is going to be done at a BCS caliber.

That includes every detail, down to the type of Popsicles they give to the team.

Yes. Even the Popsicles.

"I don't want to give out average Popsicles. We give out them bomb Popsicles. You know, the ones as a kid you love to have?" Rodriguez explained as he described the popular red white and blue Popsicles.

"These things are the mac daddy of Popsicles. We're giving out BCS-level, playoff-bound rocket Popsicles. And if they come out with a better one, we're going to get a better Popsicle."

In the original article, which is worth a quick read as he talks about the upcoming match up with Oregon and how Chip Kelly has "a lot of fast guys playing fast", Rodriguez also notes that he believes that he's the type of guy that can adapt to nearly any environment.

"I think I can fit anywhere. I would like to think I could dine with presidents and go to the rodeo with the cowboys. I could go either way."

However, if he had to choose between the two, he added that he's probably more comfortable at the rodeo.

Arizona (3-0) takes on Oregon (3-0) this weekend, in a game that will feature two of the top 12 scoring offenses in the country. Kickoff will take place Saturday night at 10:30pm ET and will be televised on ESPN



Thursday TV - Two collegiate and one NFL game

The Giants take on the Panthers tonight, followed shortly thereafter by BYU and Boise State.

Eastern time listed.


New York Giants at Carolina - 8 - NFL Network


Arkansas-Pine Bluff at Alabama State - 8 - ESPNU

BYU at Boise State - 9 - ESPN

High School:

No games

Utah unveils new black lids, going all black vs. Cal

Very cool look. 

"Blackout" at home vs. Cal October 27th. 

Video: Vandy coaches address team pre-game and during halftime

Some good locker room footage here of the Vandy coaching staff addressing the team before kickoff, and later making some adjustments at the half.

Defensive coordinator Bob Shoop gets on the defense at the half for not communicating and not being on the same page on a play that resulted in a 100+ yard interception return. As Shoop points out, there's always areas that they can improve in, even during a 58-0 win.

"Those" high school uniforms

Last week we shared a picture with you of an interesting high school uniform combo out of Atlantic HS (Delray Beach, FL).

Here's a video of the team in action in those glorious (???) uniforms during Atlantic's 39-0 win over Pahokee.

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