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Petrino talks to ESPN

This morning, Bobby Petrino's interview with Joe Schad aired on ESPN.

In the interview, Petrino takes responsibility for his actions.

"That's not how I was raised. That's not how I raised my children. I take responsibility for it and I am really sorry."

Advice from McCarney: "Eliminate outside expectations"

Dan McCarney is looking forward to doing things with the North Texas football program that have never been done before.

In order to accomplish that, McCarney explains that there are a few things that they need to do first, starting with eliminating expectations from those outside of the program.

"If we went around here and worried about what people on the outside think of our program and how far we can go, we'd be in depression all the time." Great advice for any coach out there that is in a similar situation.

Gator head now the midfield logo at Florida

The Swamp will have a bit of a different look this fall, including new fonts used around the stadium and the "F" at midfield being replaced with the infamous Gator head.

Our goal was to place our primary mark at midfield. That’s the most prominent location on the field and we felt that’s where the Gator head needed to be. It’s a hugely recognized symbol in college athletics.” explained Mike Hill, senior associate AD for external affairs.

The decision to change the midfield logo was decided after numerous conversations with the staff, as well as former letter winners who sit on the board of the F Club.

The font that will be featured around the stadium in the same Gator font that has been used on the basketball uniforms for many years. Pictures of the changes are below.



"We're going to do what we want, when we want"

Heading into the fall, Danny Hope and the Boilermakers return an impressive 19 starters, which tops the Big Ten.

Offensive coordinator Gary Nord returns two different quarterbacks with quality game experience and expects to be able to use that to their advantage when he's calling plays on game day.

In fact, both Caleb TerBush and Robert Marve attempted over 100 passes last season. Nord is confident that they now have the experience to dictate their game plan, instead letting the defense dictate what the offense can do.

"With the experience at the quarterback spot, we’re going to go out and lay our ears back and do what we want to do when we want to do it instead of them (the defense) dictating what we need to do,” Nord explained.

Monday night TV schedule

Monday Night football rolls out tonight.

All times are eastern.


Green Bay at San Diego - ESPN - 8


No games.

High School:

No games.

Fickell: Titles are secondary

After practice on Tuesday, linebackers coach / defensive coordinator Luke Fickell was scheduled to meet with the media for the only time during preseason camp.

Fickell noticed that the media was still busy asking offensive coordinator Tom Herman questions, so he attempted to slip past everyone unnoticed. Definitely a change of pace from his post practice routine a season ago as the interim head coach.

Being able to see things from a head coaches perspective last season, Fickell feels that he is now in a better position to appreciate being able to focus his energy on his assistant coaching duties.

It’s getting back into the things you love to do. Where’s your focus? You can switch sides of the ball, switch positions, and you always have to focus yourself back to what you’re doing."

“If you worry about too many things outside of what you have control over, it’s very difficult. So whatever your job is, that’s what your focus is. The ability to stay on task and do that is the key. That’s maybe what I learned the most.”

For Fickell, it's all about being around the players that he has helped bring into the program and teaching them through football. Titles are secondary.

"You have to find what's exciting and what you have a passion for. Coaching, this is what I love, yes. It doesn't matter if you're coaching or you're helping out academics, you're a strength coach or the head coach or you're an assistant coach, helping these young people has to be one of your passions."

The First Social Media Command Center in College Athletics

You're gonna want to watch the video to see what Oregon has created. 

We introduce you to the Quack Cave!

The truth is we all monitor social media in our own ways, Oregon just took the plunge and built a command center which can be manned at all relevant times.  Bold move Oregon, we like it!

Holgo's new contract

As we noted on The Scoop earlier today, Dana Holgorsen has signed a new contract that will take him through the 2017 season, with a starting salary of $2.3 million per.

By the end of the agreement in 2017, Holgo will make $2.9 million annually. A flat buyout is listed within the wording of the contract at $2 million. 

The entire contract can be read, word for word, here.

Other notable areas of the contract include:

- An annual retention bonus of $75,000 every December 8 that he remains the Mountaineers head coach. Also included are retention bonuses of $50,000 (March 1, 2013), and $300,000

- Two cars, a golf club membership and four guests on a charter flight to any road game are also included.

- The pool of money for his assistant coaches will begin at 2.6 million and increase at least 3% every year. If the Mountaineers make a bowl game, that pool will increase by no less than 5%.

-The list of annual performance based incentives can total no more than $600,000.