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Saturday TV - College football all day long

College football all day today, starting bright an early with Notre Dame and Navy playing overseas, and later on featuring Alabama and Michigan.

Eastern times listed, and afternoon / night (pm) unless otherwise noted.


No games


Navy vs Notre Dame - 9am - CBS

Appalachian State at East Carolina - 12 - FSN

Marshall at West Virginia - 12  - FX

Miami (OH) at Ohio State - 12 - BTN

Northwestern at Syracuse - 12 - ESPN2

Ohio at Penn State - 12 - ESPN

Troy at UAB - 12 

Western Michigan at Illinois - 12 - ESPNU

Buffalo at Georgia - 12:21 - SEC Network

Elon at North Carolina - 12:30 - ESPN-GP

Fort Valley State (D-II) at Delta State (D-II) - 1 - ESPN-GP

Richmond at Virginia - 3 - FSN

Bowling Green at Florida - 3:30 - ESPN

Eastern Kentucky at Purdue - 3:30 - BTN

Iowa vs Northern Illinois - 3:30 - ESPNU

Miami at Boston College - 3:30 - ABC / ESPN2

Northern Iowa at Wisconsin - 3:30 - BTN

Southern Miss at Nebraska - 3:30 - ABC / ESPN2

Tulsa at Iowa State - 3L30 - FSN

Colorado vs. Colorado State - 4 - FX

Auburn vs. Clemson - 7 - ESPN

Central Arkansas at Ole Miss - 7 - ESPN-GP

Jackson State at Mississippi State - 7 - Fox Sports South

Lamar at Louisiana Lafayette - 7 - ESPN-GP

North Texas at LSU - 7 - ESPNU

Northwestern State at Texas Tech - 7 - Fox Sports Southwest

Robert Morris at North Dakota State - 7 - ESPN-GP

Southeastern Louisiana at Missouri - 7 - ESPN-GP

Hawaii at USC - 7:30 - FOX

Alabama vs Michigan - 8 - ABC

Indiana State at Indiana - 8 - BTN

Rutgers at Tulane - 8 - CBSSN

Texas State at Houston - 8 - CSNC / CSBA / CSS

Arkansas State at Oregon - 10:30 - ESPN

Oklahoma at UTEP - 10:30 - FSN

Toledo at Arizona - 10:30 - ESPNU

High School:

No games

Interesting intro video at Arizona State

Arizona came out to this intro video yesterday in Tempe and rolled to a 63-6 victory over Northern Arizona.

The Arizona State staff put together an offensive gameplan that racked up 554 yards of total offense (with only four incomplete passes thrown all game) and a defense that allowed only 2.5 yards per rush and also managed to pick off three passes. Time of possession was almost split directly in half as Northern Arizona held the ball for 29:44 and Arizona State had it for 30:16.

Bryan Harsin mic'd up at Texas

Second year co-offensive coordinator / quarterbacks coach Bryan Harsin gets the mic'd up treatment during a recent practice in the clip above.

Harsin spends the first part of the clip harping on mechanics to his quarterbacks before moving on to coach up the rest of the skill players later on. 

Plenty of great coaching points and lines throughout the clip including the following line while working with a quarterback.

"Just like that right there... Your like a PEZ dispenser right now, just spitting 'em out."

Sark: When I hired Tosh, I was waiting for the magic potion

According to defensive line coach Tosh Lupoi, there's many differences between coaching with Steve Sarkisian at Washington and coaching at Cal.

One difference that Lupoi pointed out during a recent "Raise the Woof" event was slurpess. Yes...slurpees.

"How about this event. Freaking awesome man. The tables, the pom-poms, the lights out here."

"We were just doing a walk-through here. Unbelievable. From the place he mentioned [Cal], I wasn't going to bring it up. But from the place I just came from, I remember when we finished up our scrimmage, our mock game, we get slurpees." Lupoi told the crowd.

While introducing Tosh, Sark explained that he had often wondered how Cal was pulling in so many quality recruits while Tosh was there.

"Everytime I'd always see Cal getting these guys ... I'm like how is Cal..the CAL BEARS! They haven't been to the Rose Bowl in a hundred and eighty-eight years. Like how are they getting anybody?"

"So I hire this guy by the name of Tosh Lupoi, and I'm waiting for some like magic potion," Sark explained. "The reality of it is we're getting good players, and he's part of it, but he does it because he works really hard at it and it matter to him. He works at it and does a great job, he's a tremendous asset not only as a recruiter but what he's done with our defensive line and the rapport that he has with those players and how they're playing."

It will take a moment to load the entire clip, but listening to Sark introduce Tosh, and then Tosh taking over is worth it. Start at about the 66:55 mark of the clip.

Kiffin: No more walk-throughs for visitors in the Coliseum

According to the LA Times, USC will no longer make the Coliseum available to opponents for walk-throughs the day before games.

"It shouldn’t be a big deal. We don’t go to other people’s stadiums.” Kiffin explained.

Any other D-I programs out there doing this? Thoughts?

Stanford video: "We don't remember days, only moments"

Stanford opens up at 10 tonight against San Jose State on the Pac-12 Network.

Pretty good video here that starts off with a solid speech and wraps up with preseason highlight. The speech gets started with the following line.

"In the sweeping story of every life...we don't remember days, only moments."

Craziest play from last night's action

Kent State punts to Towson last night, and while telling everyone to get away, the punt takes a bounce and grazes the Towson returner.

What happened next can only be explained by watching the clip and listening to the play by play announcers, who had to take a moment to realize what they were seeing.

After it was all said and done, the 58 yard wrong way return was brought back to the 7 yard line since muffed punts can't be advanced.

State of Utah impressive last night

Three FBS teams from the state of Utah opened up their season last night in impressive fashion.

Utah rolled Northern Colorado 41-0, Utah State beat Southern Utah 34-3 and BYU beat Washington State 30-6.

That's a combined score of 105-9, and no touchdowns allowed, for FBS teams from the state of Utah last night.