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Fascinating stats from week 2

Another week of college football action means more interesting statistical story lines.

A few interesting notes:

- Only one player, UCLA's Johnathan Franklin, is averaging over 200 yards rushing per game through the first two games. Franklin's average is sitting at 215.5 per game.

- Through two games, only two teams are averaging over 600 yards of total offense. Oklahoma State (1-1) and UCLA (2-0).

-Teams that have attempted more than 100 passes  through the first two contests (Marshall, Syracuse, Houston, SMU, Akron) are winless against FBS competition and 2-8 overall.

- 14 teams have yet to reach the end zone on the ground this season (Southern Miss, Navy, Auburn, Florida Atlantic, Wyoming, UTEP, Penn State, Colorado State, Akron, Vanderbilt, Hawaii, Idao, Boise State, Tulane). Those teams are a combined 2-22, with only one of those wins coming against FBS competition. Nebraska (1-1) and Southern Alabama are the only teams in the nation without a rushing touchdown allowed.

- Air Force (1-1) and Fresno State (1-1) are the only two teams in the nation to have played two games without losing a turnover.

- Ten teams (Air Force, Arkansas State, Florida State, Louisiana Lafayette, Michigan State, Middle Tennessee, North Texas, Oklahoma State, and Rutgers) have yet to allow a sack through two games.

- Central Michigan (2-0) is the only team in the country to have no penalties called on them. Central has played Southeast Missouri State and Michigan State at home so far this year.

- Louisiana Lafayette's kicker Brett Baer has made 18 consecutive field goals, going 3 for 3 on Saturday.

- Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson accounted for 426 yards of offense (208 passing and 218 rushing). As a team, the Wolverines amassed 422 total yards. How does Denard's individual total outnumber the total yardage by the team? Because of the way that stats from kneeling at the end of the game or half are officially kept.

- Houston and Louisiana Tech combined to set an NCAA record for the most plays ran in regulation (209). Houston ran 115 of those.

Puzzling play call of the week

Kansas State handled Miami in Manhattan on Saturday 52-13, dominating in every aspect of the game.

On their first four possessions of the game, Kansas State puts points on the board. Three touchdowns and a field goal and really had no reason to think Miami was going to stop their offense the rest of the day. 

With just under five minutes left in the half, K-State forces a fumble and gets the ball on Miami's 20. The Wildcats drive it down to the 1 where they face 3rd and goal. Then comes the puzzling play call...

Take a look:

We actually really like the play design, just find the timing of the call puzzling.  Perhaps in week 8 or 9, after having run the jump pass once or twice and having run Collin Klein up the middle for about 20 touchdowns earlier in the season...on a meaningful 3rd and 1...but in this game, at this time?  Unnecessary?  

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter @FootballScoop.

Helmet cam: Experience the 12th man advantage

Texas A&M quarterback Matt Davis rocked a helmet cam during the Aggies March of Honor to Kyle Field for the SEC opener against Florida on Saturday.

Experience what it's like to run out on to the field, and feel the 12th Man advantage, as the camera captures everything from the walk through the fans, to the pregame sprint through the fog onto the field.

Good stuff.

Alabama's intro video: Tradition is not retired, it's built

Really well done intro video here for Alabama here from beginning to end.

This one ends with a good line, "At Alabama, tradition is not retired, it is built."

Well said.

"Trust creates hope, hope creates belief, and belief creates wins"

After being counted out by many while down 28-7 against Arkansas in Fayetteville, Todd Berry and the Louisiana-Monroe coaching staff didn't panic, they believed that they had mentally trained their guys for moments like this.

As Berry explained looking back on the 34-31 overtime win, "We took a very aggressive approach to try get those kids to switch their brains to where we were going to go out and try to win rather, than try to play games close.'' 

The players trust the guys that roam the sideline and the coaches reciprocate that same trust. No statistic shows that kind of mutual trust more than the Warhawks being 6 of 7 on fourth down conversions on Saturday against a top ten opponent.

As we've all seen at this point, the biggest fourth down conversion of the game came in overtime when they passed on a field goal to tie the game and instead scrambled for a touchdown to win it.

"That trust creates hope, and I think hope creates belief and belief creates wins.'' Berry explained.

"There's a calmness. I don't think our guys are too worried about the venues or the helmets anymore. I think we just kind of go out and play.''

That belief will be put to the test this week as UL-Monroe takes on Auburn (0-2, 0-1), who is looking to rebound after tough losses to Clemson and Mississippi State.

"We need to be perfect, and right now we're not capable of that"

Bob Davie opened up his New Mexico coaching career with a big 66-21 win over Southern University last weekend, before traveling to Texas this past Saturday and suffering a 45-0 loss.

Davie noted that they did some promising things, and at times did some things that were just "inexcusable", citing a missed assignment or lining up in the wrong technique, which led to some big plays. Davie explained those are things that they can't afford to do against a team like the Longhorns, and expect to win.

"We need to be perfect, particularly when you come into places like this. And we're not capable right now of being perfect, to be quite honest."

Graham tells team post game: The hardest thing to handle is success

After their 45-14 win over Illinois, and moving to 2-0 overall, Todd Graham reminded his Sun Devil team that while adversity may seem difficult at times, the hardest thing for a team to handle is success.

Graham then challenged his players to walk, talk and sleep like champions for the rest of the night.

"When everyone else wants to tempt you to do something else, are you willing to sacrifice what it takes to be a champion? It might not cost you against Illinois, but it might cost you down the road."

"We're about winning a championship, not winning a few games or a bowl game...we're in this thing to win a championship." 

Kiffin explains how they spent the rain delay

With the second half of the USC and Syracuse game delayed, and the game stuck at 14-3 in favor of USC, each staff found themselves with some extra time on their hands to prepare for another half of football on Saturday.

Lane Kiffin explained how his staff and the players used the rain delay to their advantage in the clip.

"We didn't tell our players that this was going to happen, but we knew that it was probably going to get shut down in the third or fourth quarter," Kiffin explained.

"We were going to come in and get the pads off, we were going to go to dry shirts because of the temperature difference, and really let our guys sit around and really coach our guys schematically and not with a lot of energy."