Three and out - The Titans are hiring a Wi-Fi coach, worlds are colliding, and sport or not a sport?

Doug: The Tennessee Titans have an actual job posting for a Wi-Fi coach. This is not a joke. (H/T Bryan Fischer). Here is a portion of the job listing, see the full one here.


Zach: I giggled like a three-year old in a cotton candy store throughout this video. Worlds are colliding, Jerry!

Scott: I thoroughly enjoyed this chart from SB Nation.

Mizzou DC Dave Steckel teaches us all how to do the Dougie

Get it, Stec!

Photos: Eastern Washington reveals new all black uniforms

Eastern Washington unveiled these new all black uniforms on Wednesday for Saturday's opener against Sam Houston State. While these look pretty good, although I do question the strategy of giving up your home field advantage of red uniforms on red turf.


Everything you've ever needed to know about the NFL fines process

In case you've ever thought to yourself, "I am completely unaware what the second offense fine schedule for spearing is in the NFL, and this bothers me," you are in luck, friend.

NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent tweeted the following today:



Vincent laid out the entire NFL fines process, tweet by tweet:

Video: Faux Pelini comes clean

Why won't Faux Pelini reveal himself? WHY?!??!

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