Cutcliffe pleased with conditioning level & leadership

Duke head coach David Cutcliffe was upbeat and enthusiastic when meeting with reporters on the first day of practice.

Cutcliffe stated, “From a standpoint of energy and a standpoint of conditioning, it’s probably the best team I’ve been around.   Now that doesn’t necessarily compute to all the things you want.  It think this team is in tremendous shape.  I think emotionally they are in great shape.  I think the leadership to this point is where we want it to be.  Now, here’s the real test.” 

“I feel like we are the last team in college football to start.”  

“65% of our team are freshmen and sophomores. I think those guys came in here expecting to win. I hope they truly believe that because we believe that.  We know we are going to win.”  

(on QB Sean Renfree) “He walks around here like a senior, which is what you want. He’s played well when he has played.  He has proven to be one of those special leaders.” 

“I think we’re going to play more people on defense.  We were playing people (in the past) start to finish on defense over and over.  It requires alot of energy to do that.  We've got to get that corrected.”

You can watch Cutcliffe's interview here.


Skip Holtz: This is when you build a team

After Monday's practice, Skip Holtz talked about the positives of bringing his South Florida team to Vero Beach for camp. 

“This was built for a professional team to come to camp. We’re not just at a camp. We’re at Dodgertown, and the legends that have walked across these fields and stayed in these dorm rooms and eaten in this dining facility. I think that’s part of what they need to understand. This is when you build a team.’’

Holtz, happy with the start of camp, added, “It’s a 29 practice marathon, not a 2 practice sprint.  The attitude and moral has been great.”



Edsall makes decision to coach the UCONN safeties

With a ton of youth and inexperience in the secondary, Randy Edsall has made the decision to coach the safeties.  Darrell Perkins, who joined the staff in the off-season after coaching the last two years at ULM, will now coach the corners instead of the entire secondary. 

Edsall made sure to point out the decision is not a reflection of Perkins. 

Edsall stated, “I had a chance to really reflect over the summer time, in terms of where we are, and what we need to do to be the best we can.  I think that’s always the role of the head coach, you have to sit down and examine where you can help the team.” 

“The one thing I saw is that we were young on the outside. We were young at safety. I just came back and told the defensive coaches, and it’s no reflection upon Darrell (Perkins), but I’m going to coach the safeties.  Just because of the fact that I can be of help to those guys.  I thought it would be too much to place on one guy with the youth and experience we had back there.  I’m just going to do it that way.  Those are the things as a CEO or President as a head coach you have to take a look at your organization, and figure out how we can be the strong. Like I said, its’ no indictment on Darrell.  Darrell is an outstanding coach.  Looking at it, it’s just too much for one guy to handle because of the youth and inexperience.” 

You can watch Edsall's interview here.

Harbaugh and Stanford open practice in cool Palo Alto

The weather is a little different in Palo Alto.  Jim Harbaugh actually wore pants and a fleece during the first day of summer camp. 

After Monday’s practice, Harbaugh said, “I got up about 3:30 am this morning with a little help from my 2-year old baby.  We’ve been chompin at the bit to get back out here.” 

(On the split practices) “We’re trying to get them as many reps as we can.  The principle of first-learning…what they learn first, they will learn best.”

Stanford will host Sacramento State in the season-open on September 4th. 



Brian Kelly wants a certain type of consistency

After Monday's practice session, Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly spoke of the importance of consistency. 

Said Kelly, “Consistency is not really, for me, about making plays as much as it is consistency in the way they come to work everyday. Focus, locked in, giving great effort.  We’ve got good coaches.  We’re going to put them in position to succeed.  That, I’m not concerned with. It’s all the things that I can’t control…your effort and attitude, all those things.” 

Like many head coach, Kelly is trying to put his stamp on the Irish.  The first-year Notre Dame head coach is laying the foundation and isn't striving to play "winning football."  Kelly makes the point he wants to play "championship football."

Kelly added, “I’m pretty good at over communicating the message I want to send.”

During his Q&A with reporters, Kelly went into detail about his defensive personnel.  You can watch that video here



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