Mack Brown puzzled while Gus Malzahn is amazed

Mack Brown unsure where to place the blame after 28-21 loss to Iowa State: “Coaches did a poor job, obviously. I told the players it's hard to figure out whether you blame coaches or players. The players didn't get ready to play, and it's the coaches' job to get them ready to play. That's my job to get the coaches ready to play.”


Gus Malzahn talks about Cam Newton: "I know it sounds crazy to say this, but nothing Cam does right now surprises me."


LSU linebacker Kelvin Sheppard describes Cam Newton: "Plain and simple. He's the best quarterback in the country."


Bo Pelini compliments offensive coordinator Shawn Watson: “I thought Shawn Watson called a heck of a game.  I thought we executed our offense the way it needs to be executed.  I thought we took a big step as an offense today, and as a football team.”


Tired of “same old Spartans,” Mark Dantonio leads Michigan State to 35-27 win at Northwestern: "I get tired of hearing about the same old Spartans. If we would have laid an egg I'm sure some people would have labeled us that. (So) I do think it's another step in the program and I do hope people recognize that.''



Tuberville explains 27-24 win at Colorado: “Somehow, someway, today we kept our presence about us and didn’t panic when we were 10 points back. We were able to make enough plays to win the game.”



Dabo Swinney says a number of Clemson players were stuck in elevator, late to pre-game meal: "I said, 'If we can pluck 33 people from 2,000 feet under a Chilean mine, we can get you out of an elevator," 


Air Force head coach Troy Calhoun give credit to TCU: “Right now there’s a gap. That’s stating the obvious.”


Dan Hawkins on if there’s a reason the fans should continue to believe: "I don`t know, we`re just going to keep hanging in there. And we need them to hang in there."

(on how he is holding up) "I`m good I really am. I think we just need to go back to the grindstone every time and keep staying after it. You just have to get up one more time after you get knocked down. It is not easy for anybody."


Gene Chizik says, "I can't say enough about our defensive staff.  We were playing with true freshman and walkons."


Coaches compliment MacIntyre, Koenning, and Frazier

Funny stuff here…Utah State spokesman explains why Hawaii game won’t be a sellout: "It is the opening of deer-hunting season. We usually try to get that date as a road game, but it didn't work out this year."


Former San Jose State coach Dick Tomey compliment new head coach Mike MacIntyre: "I think Mike's done a tremendous job.The team is playing with such passion despite the fact that they've lost so many players (to injury) and have played the toughest schedule I've ever heard of."

"The feedback I've gotten from coaches like (Nevada's) Chris Ault is that the guys are spilling their guts for Mike, which is what you hope for."


Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress says Leslie Frazier will be a great head coach: "I don't have any doubt in my mind. There's a reason he's our assistant head coach, because he can slide right into the seat, and he would do a tremendous job."

"He's a great communicator. It doesn't make any difference if it's high school-age kids or college-age kids, which a lot of our pros are. Or, older guys."


A GREAT article about Illinois defensive coordinator Vic Koenning: Zook, Larry Blakeney, Tommy Bowden, and players praise Koenning.  You can read the article right here.


Jon Gruden is open to coaching again: “I have no idea. I still go about my business as if I was a coach. I approach Monday Night Football like I did a game when I was coaching. My wife thinks I'm crazy the way I still study tapes. . . . If there is an opportunity down the road I would have to consider it.”


Butch Jones meets with press following 38-30 loss to South Florida:



Herbstreit privy to inside info at UNC, Saban talks about rule he hates

Kirk Herbstreit says he’ll be shocked if Butch Davis loses job:  "I've been privy to a lot of inside information that I'm really not at liberty to speak about from talking to some folks at UNC."

"When all this comes out, I think people will realize what the deal is. I think if they were to dismiss Butch it'd be a huge mistake."

"A lot of the facts aren't necessarily out there - when people hear the facts, I'll be shocked if Butch Davis loses his job."


Official NFL career stats: Over past 20 years, 15,018 NFL players, but only 631 (4%) played 3 or more years.  Average career is 3.7 seasons.  Have to put in 4 seasons to receive benefits.


Kent State’s huge pay day: Alabama has agreed to pay Kent State a total of $1.2 million to visit Bryant-Denny Stadium for the 2011 season-opener. 


Nick Saban says it start with intangibles: “The first thing you have to play with is good intangibles.  If you don’t have the effort, toughness, and discipline, then the rest of it is never going to come.  I wanted the team to improve when we were winning, but nobody cared about it then because they were all satisfied because we were winning.” 

“I think the 40 second clock has been a good addition to college football.”


Saban’s response on if there are any NFL rules he would like to see implemented at college level: “I don’t really know of any.”

“The one rule if you are a defensive coach, you absolutely hate…offensive players that can block down field on passes behind the line of scrimmage….that’s really a great advantage for the offense.  There some plays that you really just can’t defend.” 


Coaches looking forward to weekend games

Mack Brown looking forward to watching his quarterback on Saturday against Iowa State: “(After Nebraska performance) We think we’re going to see a quarterback (Garrett Gilbert), tomorrow, who is in complete control of his offense.”

(interesting comments on polls) “I’m not so sure coaches do a great job with the polls because they are so tired.  With late games, I’m checking scores on the plane.  I haven’t watched the games.  At the end of the season, maybe the coaches do a better job with the polls.”


Quoting Missouri head coach Gary Pinkel: “We run well and we’re playing very well together as a team, and that’s important.”

“We are a lot better team than we were three weeks ago.  That gives us a shot.”

(explanation for struggles against Oklahoma in the past) “I haven’t done a very good that.  Bottom line, it’s my responsibility.  We have overcome a lot of stuff here, but I just haven’t done a good enough job.”


Butch Davis eager for Miami (FL) match-up: "No game is just another game. Miami is a place I spent a significant amount of time. I've got an awful lot of respect for the program. I've got a lot of friends in South Florida."


Randy Shannon tired of losing to Butch Davis: "They have our number right now, and we have a chance to do something about it. It's more of a pride thing that you get tired of losing to a guy."


Illinois defensive coordinator Vic Koenning wants takeaways: “I’ve never had an issue (with turnovers). As a matter of fact, I’ve been blessed. I’ve had some groups that have been in the top in the country in that almost every year. We’re just not getting enough here for some reason, and I gotta find a way to make that happen.”


Jeff Horton told the Minnesota team… : "I don't know how this decision came about, but this is the decision that was made. And I need all of you guys for us to have any chance for success."


Iowa State head coach Paul Rhoads concerned about fragile team: "This is such a critical game for us, win or lose. We got beat by 41 points (by Utah), we got beat by 52 (by Oklahoma). We can't go down to Austin and get beat by 63. It would continue to spiral because it would be harder to bring the kids back."


Doc Holliday concerned about special teams: "Anytime you've got depth issues, which we do, it shows up on some of your special teams. That's the issue we are dealing with right now."


Quoting Les Miles: “If I have to bear some criticism, so be it.” 

“We need both quarterbacks. We’re going to call on both guys to step on the field to give us the best opportunity.”    

Neuheisel stunned, Bellotti interested in return, Kiffin considering spread offense

Rick Neuheisel stunned following 60-13 loss at Oregon: “That was impressive. I’ll leave it at that. It was an overwhelming performance by them, especially offensively. They were dominant."


Tweet of the night: “If UCLA has a pistol offense, then Oregon’s is some kind of flesh melting ion bomb.” 


Former Oregon coach Mike Bellotti interested in coaching again: “I don’t know; we’ll see. I like what I’m doing (ESPN). The travel is a little crazy, but I’m dealing with it. If the right job came up, I would listen. But right now I like doing what I’m doing.”



Lane Kiffin seriously concerned about OL depth: "Unless they start letting us enter 7-on-7 tournaments, we better find some linemen."


Kiffin says USC might move to spread offense next year due to personnel: "Look at what we have. We've got a bunch of really good receivers and backs and tight ends and we don't have a fullback on our roster that's on scholarship two months from now."

"That may be what we need to go to. We'll play with whatever we have."


Jim Harbaugh pumped up about offensive line play: "It's not just run blocking; it's the pass protection. Our linemen are blocking in 1-on-1 situations and getting it done. Sacks are always a good indication of how well the line is blocking (Stanford has given up three), but there are also fewer hits on Andrew and fewer throwaways than last year. It's the way they work and study game plans together."


Jeff Tedford talks about mindset heading into Arizona State game: "What we've talked about is we're halfway through the season, and we're 3-3. We take one game at a time and put our heart and soul into everything we do for each week and lay it on the line. You can't look at the big picture and start to worry about things like that. It's about focus and preparation for this week. That's all that matters."

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