The latest from Stoops, Miles, Sarkisian, and Grobe

Bob Stoops reminds us that LSU won the BCS with 2 loses in 2007: “It wasn’t too darn long ago when LSU won it with 2 loses.  That shouldn’t be forgotten.”

(on if he punted at end of game against Mizzou to help in long run) “Absolutely.  In the end, big picture does matter.  A lot of people vote by scores.  In the end, right or wrong, that’s what I decided to do. I don’t know how many (vote based off scores), but obviously it happens.  I felt it was the best opportunity to keep us in the big picture.” 


Les Miles talks about Alabama game: “There is an enjoyment when you measure yourself against your best opponents.” 

(on Alabama) “It’s tackle football.  It’s just the way you’d like to have it.”

“We want this to be…we score and hopefully they don’t.”


Steve Sarkisian wants UW to stay together and stick to plan just as Stanford did when building under Jim Harbaugh, who didn’t have a winning season until year #3: "I have assessed them because I think in some ways they are a good model for how they stuck to their plan. I think both programs believed in their schemes, believed in their systems, believed in their coaches and stuck to it. Maybe they didn't win all the games they wanted to in years one, two, three and four, or whatever that may be. But they stuck to their systems and their schemes and they recruited to their schemes.”

"To me what's impressive about it is they stuck to their plan, and they didn't get knocked off course because they didn't win as many games as they wanted to early on. And so for ourselves here it just kind of shows that, 'Man, just keep doing what you are doing, believing in what you are doing and you will get there.' "


Butch Davis breaks down FSU offensive film: Watch it right here.



Quoting Wake Forest head coach Jim Grobe: “We’re putting out so many fires on both sides of the ball, it’s hard to get our heads above water.”


Randy Shannon focused on staying the course: “It’s something you have to go through. It bothers me, it upsets me. It burns me up inside, but I know one thing – I have to get this team back and ready to play Maryland. If I go out there ranting and raving like a maniac and doing things like that instead of coaching and being excited at practice and giving Stephen Morris (QB) all the confidence in the world, it’s not going to happen. It’s going to be the same way.”


Smart move by Chizik, latest from Minnesota AD, more from Harbaugh and Stoops

Great move by Gene Chizik: "Unfortunately, I can't comment on it. But here's what I can and I will this say very loud and very clear: Cameron Newton is eligible at Auburn University, period. End of story.'' 


Minnesota AD loves the attention: "I added two new names to the list today."

"People pass along information, and I check it out. I've had calls from agents, I've had calls from coaches, I've had calls from commissioners. I can't say I would have expected some of the names."


Mack Brown didn’t think Texas could ever win just 7 or 8 game after building this program: “I'm not the president, and this isn't the economy, but this is the way I eat. And it's the same thing. Everybody wants to hear, ‘Here are the three points that are going to get it fixed, and it'll be fixed by Friday at noon.' That's not the way it works.”

“We're not in the tank. We're not going to be bad forever.”

(on he thought the program would ever have another 7-8 win year) “I didn't think it could. I thought we were beyond that, honestly.”


Quoting Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly: "It's been a tough 10 days, but we'll get through it. Adversity strikes and you've got to be able to lead through adversity as well."


Weekend College Football TV Schedule: You can see it right here.

Jim Harbaugh talks about Arizona game: "Every matchup you look at in this game is good against good."

Mike Stoops thoughts on a comparison to Jim Harbaugh: "I think we're very similar in our beliefs.”

"I think our culture is very similar -- discipline and toughness and playing hard. Fundamentals. Those are what our kids believe. Being a team is what it is all about. ... Our kids buy into what we're doing. I think we're very similar in a lot of ways."

Friedgen on money and staff, Pelini on BCS, Azzanni's suggestion paying off for Gators

Ralph Friedgen says “My staff has not gotten a raise in a while” : “Obviously, the more money you have, I think it does make an impact. I know I am pretty frugal at things. I don’t want to waste money.”

“Obviously, we’d all like to have more money. My staff has not gotten a raise in a while … That’s why I am hoping to do well so I can get a bonus this year, so I can give it to my staff. Otherwise, I don’t think it is going to be long before I start losing some of them.”


Bo Pelini on if a 1-loss Nebraska team should play in the national championship game: "That's not for me to decide. I don't even go there. I don't even think about all those things. We take care of those things. Whatever happens, happens." 

(on if he favored moving to the Big Ten) “That decision went well beyond sports.  I didn’t really pay attention to it.  No (I didn’t care).  I’m going to play twelve.  What’s the difference in which twelve we play.  I said, ‘Whatever you guys think.’”


Florida wide receivers coach Zach Azzanni suggested the change to more up-tempo style, which has helped Gators: “That’s just my background. That’s the world I’ve lived in for the last eight years of my career. I just put it out there on the table and every week we’ve been a little more, a little more. Those guys have been great. We’re not running any new plays or anything, it’s all the same thing, it’s just how we’re doing it. Just to get a spark in the offense. I can’t say enough for coach Meyer and coach Addazio for believing in me and letting me put that out on the table and saying, ‘Hey, I think this will help us and spark this offense a little bit.’ I can’t say enough for those guys trusting me and letting me help out and get this thing rolling.”

“Our O-line has been really great about it because they’re the guys who had to buy in. The little skinny guys on the outside can run all day, it’s the big boys that had to buy in – they’ve been great.”

Note: Urban Meyer credited Azzanni for the suggestion and change following Florida's 34-31 win over UGA.  Azzanni, who was the wide receivers coach at Central Michigan last season, won the 2009 FootballScoop Wide Receivers Coach of the Year award.


Kansas running back Angus Quigley stands up for Turner Gill: "Everybody wants to blame coach Gill, but it's kind of hard coming in and there are a lot of guys that played under Mangino and have been here. Do you fully buy in? It's hard to tell. And we're really thin. It is what it is. You look at our depth chart and we're really thin."

"People in the media want to sometimes point the finger at coach Gill. But, hey, when you look into it, it's not coach Gill. I think guys trust coach Gill. There's just something that goes on from practice to the game, which he really can't control."


Mike Gundy says we can't police them all, talks about the knucklehead: “The knucklehead who doesn’t know what he’s doing will weed himself out, he won’t make it. We’ve had a bunch of them continue to do the wrong thing and they end up weeding themselves out.”

Spurrier says hold on, Bronco talks about "a brutal fact"

Spurrier makes a good point: “It’s always interesting that after eight games, everybody in the country almost halfway assumes, ‘Well, this is the kind of year they’ve had.’ And it’s really only two-thirds over with. The final third really determines what kind of year you’ve had.”


Bud Foster visited with the Iowa staff in the off-season to help prepare against GA Tech: "We've just got to minimize those big plays against us. That's what hurt us last year. And that's probably why it sticks like a knife in my back."


Jimbo wants FSU wide receivers to step up: “It’s hard to zip a ball when you’re not sure where somebody’s going to be and throw with confidence. You all keep pointing at (Ponder). If everybody practiced like (No.) 7 and played like 7, we wouldn’t have any issues. The rest of them guys need to take his lead.”


Chizik addresses talk about assistants and other jobs: “When you hire great assistants, they’re going to be talked about.  There’ll be some deliberations on these guys for this job or that job.  I want the best for our guys.  I have a great staff.  Whoever’s name comes up, and whoever is being sought after, we’re going to do everything to help them, providing it’s the right situation.  We’re looking out for the best difference for all our guys.”


Oregon State offensive line coach Mike Cavanaugh (on his offensive line): "I'm not happy about it. We've gotta have some tough guys, guys who are grinders," Cavanaugh said."I look at some of the guys we've had -- Gregg Peat, Adam Speer -- these guys could be as good as those guys, it's just how they approach the game. ... "We've got a lot of nice guys. I'd like to see the nastiness."

Bronco Mendenhall talks about “a brutal fact” : "Any offense, other than possibly the bone or triple option... you have to have some semblance of balance, because it makes your team and your schemes much more difficult to defend.”

"(Balance) hasn't been to the level that we want yet, but we targeted that during the bye week, knowing that we have to be able to throw and catch the football, specifically to our wide receivers and tight ends, at a higher level."

"The run game is taking more burden because simply that's what we do best currently. Yet, if the play-action can't come off of that at a higher level, and the drop-back game, and the quick game can't come off of that, then the point production will stay flat, and we all know that without points you don't win football games."

"It's a brutal fact, and our team knows that, and they're working as hard as they can to correct it.”

Banged up Sark now throwing curls, more from Les, Tubs, Richt, Kelly

Washington coach Steve Sarkisian ran scout team QB again on Tuesday to help UW prepare for Oregon: "Little sore, back was a little sore. But all in all it's been fun, it's been good. It's gotten practice pretty spirited. Sometimes this late in the year, sometimes, especially during that service period it can get a little mundane and with me at quarterback it keeps it pretty spirited.''

"Our guys are going to go play. I think we have played the last couple of weeks with a little pressure on us, like I have touched on. I think we pressed the last couple of weeks, played a little tense, trying a little too hard. We've made it a point, let's just go play and let the plays work and go play and have run and make our plays when we are supposed to make them and support one another if we make a mistake and be there for one another and also high-fiving and chest bumping one another when we make great plays and just go play the game. I think that our guys have really adopted that mentality and it's showing in practice right now.''

Note: A source told us Sark was 11 of 17, 1 TD / 1 INT, but took 2 sacks and needed an IV after period 9 


Les Miles says passing game improving in practice: "Our passing game looks like we're throwing the football better in practice on a regular basis. ... I'm pretty confident we'll be able to throw it and catch it, and I've felt that way before, and I suspect it will come to fruition Saturday," 


Army coach Rich Ellerson talks about challenge of defeating Air Force: "My point to the guys is that it's not going to take some super-human effort. That's how I sum it up. Try to do your job and not someone else's.''

"Obviously, Navy and Air Force have been consistently good and occasionally great for years, especially Air Force. We're trying to get to that. We've made some great progress, but there is an awful lot of football to be played, especially this week, before we can say that we belong.''


Tommy Tuberville concerned about winning as many as Leach did? : “This season’s not over with. We can win as many as they won the last couple of years if we can start winning some games, if we can get a little luck.”



Mark Richt likes Todd Granthan’s intensity on the sidelines: “He had a lot of fire about him, and I think that’s important for a D coordinator, especially at Georgia, with me as the head coach. You want your defensive coordinator to be a lot of things. He’s in charge of that side of the ball, and he’s not going to get micromanaged from me. And I’m going to spend a lot of time on the offensive side of the field when practices are going on, so he’s got to be the one really generating the enthusiasm and the tempo. I thought that was important.”

Chip Kelly talks about Oregon Ducks' matchup with Washington

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