Bronco admits even he may have become a bit complacent

BYU has started to play much better football as of late under head coach Bronco Mendenhall.

The Cougars are 4-5, but have won three of their last four games including a 55-7 win over UNLV last Saturday.

On Wednesday, Mendenhall admitted perhaps even he may have become a little complacent.

Mendenhall said, “Each year...as you lose players and you gain players, sometimes critical stories are lost along the way, and if those stories aren't maintained, then you lose your culture."

"I could have done a much better job of making sure that the younger players had a better idea of what these stories were."

"What (this team) knew was '11-2, 11-2, 10-3, 11-2; this is BYU and that's just going to happen. Well, they now are in critical roles, and the burden and the opportunities shift to them."

"I didn't prepare them well enough, or they didn't understand well enough what I was asking them to do, what that was going to entail. We're getting closer."

BYU travels to Colorado State this weekend. 

Ruffin McNeill explains importance of staff chemistry

With an offense going one way and a defense going another way, East Carolina head coach Ruffin McNeill says staff chemistry is absolutely critical.

After a 76-35 loss to Navy, the ECU defense now ranks 117th in scoring defense (41.3 ppg) and 115th in total defense (456 ypg). 

On the offensive side, the Pirates are 14th nationally in scoring offense (36.4 ppg) and 21st nationally in total offense (436 ypg).  East Carolina is 7th nationally in passing offense.

McNeill says, “The one thing in building the staff was that it was constructed on chemistry. Anybody can handle the good times, but when tough times happen, that’s when the integrity of the staff and team is tested. I have been a part of staffs that when things got tough, it divided. Instead of saying ‘us’ and ‘we,’ it became ‘them,’ ‘they,’ ‘you’ and ‘I.’

“When Coach Holland and the board named me, it was important for me, knowing there would be tough times and good times, to get that staff chemistry. There will be a lot of cheering times here, but there will be tough times. During those hard times are when the staff chemistry is very important.

“You’ll see Lincoln and Brian talking all the time. Lincoln apologized to Brian for the four fumbles. Brian wasn’t worried about that, he knows things happen. Brian was as disappointed as anybody in the defense because he works so hard.

“I have veteran guys on my staff who have been in it a long time. The key is that great chemistry. Times are a little tough right now, just like after the Virginia Tech and North Carolina games. We held tough and tight during that time and we will do the same thing now. Those guys are working hard and pulling for one another on all three sides of the ball.”

At 5-4 in his first season as head coach, Ruffin McNeill’s team will finish at UAB, at Rice, before hosting SMU in the season finale. 

$100,000 on the line in The Swamp

A trip to Atlanta for the SEC Championship is on the line on Saturday night when Florida hosts South Carolina. 

 Urban Meyer wants it “out of control” in The Swamp.

Meyer said, “I’d like to make this one go down in the books. “Obviously, the football team’s gotta do their part, which is the most important one, but I’d like to see this stadium absolutely out of control. The best home field advantage in America, let’s use it to the maximum.  Unless people got something else to do, I’d love to see a couple hundred thousand people here, packed house.”

A win for the Gamecocks would clinch the SEC East for South Carolina, in which Spurrier would receive a $100,000 bonus.

Upon hearing that his quarterback Stephen Garcia called the game “the biggest in school history,” Spurrier said, "No, that's not true. Please don’t listen to Stephen when he talks."

South Carolina is third in the nation is sacks with 3.56 per game and eleventh nationally in rushing defense.  Urban said last week, “We’re just not very good on defense.  We’re just not.”  The Gators, do however, rank 7th nationally in total defense and 25th in scoring defense.

Too bad for the Gamecocks this one isn’t in Columbia.  Sandstorm would be ridiculous.


Lane Kiffin and Mark Richt defend Cam Newton...sort of

It absolutely pains us to write anything about this whole Cam Newton situation, but we were glad to see Lane Kiffin and Mark Richt come to Newton’s defense.

Kiffin said yesterday that Newton did not ask for money from Tennessee.  The Vols recruiting Newton, but didn’t offer him because he wasn’t the perfect fit for Kiffin’s offensive system.

Kiffin said, “You hear so many things down there.”

"I remember so many things said about me that weren't accurate. It was a good lesson learned. If something comes on the radio or in print, I don't think there are any facts to it at all until someone shows some proof. This is a perfect example."

Mark Richt added, “It’s just amazing the amount of noise there is around it. Whether somebody does something or not, there’s just a lot of attention put on accusations that may or may not be true. I’m not even talking about this one in particular, but just in general.”

“Somebody gets accused of something and it’s like a bomb goes off. Whether or not it’s true — and I don’t think some people care if it’s true or not — they’re going to sensationalize and make a big deal about it.”

“I think anybody is innocent unless there’s some proof that they’re guilty. That’s America. That’s how we’re trying to operate.”

We hope you have enjoyed our lack of Cam Newton / NCAA investigation stories.  Don’t forget to follow us @footballscoop or join the 3,100 people that follow us on Facebook.  Search “FootballScoop Staff” on Facebook. 

Jim Chaney and Doug Marrone break out the humor

Tennessee offensive coordinator Jim Chaney is set to enter Saturday’s game against Ole Miss with a true freshman under center for the Vols.

Derek Dooley said earlier in the week, “I still don’t know if he (Tyler Bray) knows what coverage the other team is playing.  It drives Coach Hinshaw crazy.”

After Wednesday’s practice, Chaney added, “My wife's a pharmacist. I'm heavily sedated right now."


At 6-3 in his second year at Syracuse, head coach Doug Marrone was asked if he was surprised to see that his team is a 3-point favorite at Rutgers this weekend.

Marrone went Caddyshack on reporters by saying, "Com'on, you guys shouldn't be looking at that either. I'm going to put up a sign for all the media that gambling is illegal.”

"Kind of like Caddyshack. No gambling allowed at Bushwood."

The Orange finish at Rutgers, before returning home to play UCONN and Boston College. 


At Minnesota, interim head coach Jeff Horton knows the Gophers are really struggling on offense heading into Saturday’s game against Illinois. 

"We’ve really got nothing to lose. We can try anything. If it works, it works, If it doesn’t, who cares?"

"We need to win for them [the players]. Who cares about me? I'm 53 years old. When you're in coaching, you got a lot of ups, you got a lot of downs. That's all part of it. Wade Phillips feels like crap today. He's won a lot of games, been in Super Bowls. That's the nature of the business."

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