Whittingham says Utes out to prove something at Notre Dame

Utah will actually play in front of a national audience this week at Notre Dame (NBC) instead of a regional audience as it did against TCU.

The Utes are out to redeem themselves.  Head coach Kyle Whittingham says, “Our defense is good. We will come out and show everybody how we really play."

"We’re still leading the conference in sacks and our pass efficiency is still good. We can always do better, but for the most part, with the exception of a few big plays, we are doing well.”

Defensive coordinator Kalani Sitaki took the blame for last week’s poor defensive performance. 

Sitake said, “We are fine, we just had a bad game, and that is my fault. I have to get the guys ready to play every week and make sure we don’t pat ourselves on our back for wins or dwell on the losses. We have to keep moving forward and there is more urgency to do a better job this week and show what kind of team we can be.”

Kick-off is set for 2:40 EST from South Bend.

Here's what Turner Gill preached to his team before and during Colorado game

Last week, Turner Gill started the week by telling his team, “The word of the week is ‘relentless.’  That’s what we gotta have.  This is the mentality we have to have.  Relentless…all the time.”

Gill and the Jayhawks found themselves down 35-10 at halftime to Colorado. 

Let’s give Gill credit.  As you can watch in the video, Gill didn’t panic at halftime. He continued to echo his “be relentless” theme in the locker room.  Gill then told his team, “Let’s make this the greatest comeback, ever.”

After trailing 45-17 at the end of the third quarter, Kansas continue to be relentless and rallied to win 52-45.

The post-game locker room started…”WHOSE HOUSE?  OUR HOUSE.  WHOSE HOUSE.  OUR HOUSE.”

Gill then addressed his team and kept it short…”I’m proud of you being relentless.”

Here’s the behind-the-scenes.   It’s pretty good stuff.

The Gridiron - Week 9 from Kansas Jayhawks on Vimeo.

Dos Equis to sign Les Miles to lucrative deal?

Les Miles had a funny and great conversion with ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt this afternoon on the SVP Show.

Van Pelt wondered if Miles or the man in the Dos Equis commercials is really “the most interesting man in the world.”

Asked about eating grass, as Les did during the Alabama game, Les said, “I’ve been doing that for as long as I can remember.  It’s the strangest thing people would make in national news.”

Miles added, “Do you think I ingested it?  I tasted the grass.  This was not lunch. When you have a little dry mouth, you like to cut that with a taste.”

So what about that unique clap and smile after big plays, in which Miles' hands pound together.

Miles said, “It’s one of those things that I don’t necessarily find it very entertaining.  I like to feel my hands when they pound.  It’s just something that comes from me.” 

Asked who is more interesting, he or the Dos Equis’ guy,  Les said, “I have no idea.  It seems to me the view what’s on the perimeter, kinda rises with the stock market.  It’s more entertaining when you win.  I’ve been the same guy.  I’m the same coach.”

Miles concluded, “These things that I do are not for everybody and I don’t recommend you try it.”



Trooper explains the current state of the team at Auburn

Auburn wide receivers coach Trooper Taylor says the Tigers are a family, which has helped eliminate any distractions.

Taylor said, “This team has really done a good job of staying focused.  I’m going to be real honest, I can’t tell a difference.  If it is (a distraction), it hasn’t shown up out there. I don’t want act like we’re living under a rock, but I haven’t seen a distraction as far as the way the guys have worked.”

“People throw that word 'chemistry' out there.  It’s different for us.  It’s like family.  These guys are up here all the time.  Even on off days, you come through there at any time and there are 6 or 7 guys in there watching tape or hanging in your office.”

“For us, there is not a time when practice is over and now we can be friends.  It’s family only time, even when we’re at practice.”

"If my sisters need something right now, I promise you they're calling me. They're not calling a cousin or a stranger. They're calling their family. You don't love family in slices. You take family just like they are -- good, bad and ugly. That's what family is about. We also know you don't have to have the same last name, be the same color, be from the same town to be family. What we all go through together makes us family. That's pretty special."


Trooper Taylor on Auburn sticking together

Bronco admits even he may have become a bit complacent

BYU has started to play much better football as of late under head coach Bronco Mendenhall.

The Cougars are 4-5, but have won three of their last four games including a 55-7 win over UNLV last Saturday.

On Wednesday, Mendenhall admitted perhaps even he may have become a little complacent.

Mendenhall said, “Each year...as you lose players and you gain players, sometimes critical stories are lost along the way, and if those stories aren't maintained, then you lose your culture."

"I could have done a much better job of making sure that the younger players had a better idea of what these stories were."

"What (this team) knew was '11-2, 11-2, 10-3, 11-2; this is BYU and that's just going to happen. Well, they now are in critical roles, and the burden and the opportunities shift to them."

"I didn't prepare them well enough, or they didn't understand well enough what I was asking them to do, what that was going to entail. We're getting closer."

BYU travels to Colorado State this weekend. 

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