Derek Dooley reacts to Chaos - Part Two

Derek Dooley had a sick feeling when the clock hit zero in Nashville.  He had been there before (in Baton Rouge).  After chaos PART-TWO, the first-year head coach wants to see a 10-second run-off rule implemented in the college game.

Following the 30-27 (2OT) loss to UNC, Dooley said, “There were a lot of opportunities before the end to win the game.  Anytime the result doesn’t go your way, you ask yourself, ‘What could you have done differently to change the outcome?’  And there were a lot of things there, especially down the stretch.”

“Well, I thought I had seen it all in Baton Rouge.  But once you think you’ve seen it all, you hadn’t.”

“It’s why they have the 10-second run-off rule in the NFL and we don’t have it in college. And we should probably get it.”

“It was chaos again.”

“When they ran guys on the field for the field-goal unit, the rule states that the umpire should step over the ball and allow a substitution to happen.”

“I don’t know.  Maybe there wasn’t enough time to do that.”

“What do you say?  There will be a lot of things that will be brought up for discussion on game management and end of the game management and end of the game rules.”

Interesting stuff from Brent Pease, Bronco Mendenhall, and Dan Mullen

Brent Pease says he wouldn’t be going to Indiana if Byran Harsin was set to leave Boise State: "If I did know he's moving on, I wouldn't be doing this, but I don't know right now."


Bronco Mendenhall praises his quarterbacks coach Brandon Doman, says “He’s my guy.” : "I love Coach Doman to death. He's my guy. He has developed me into what I'm doing right now. I can't say enough good things about that guy; it's kind of like we were made for each other. He's a tremendous guy and a tremendous coach; I really rely heavily on him. He still pushes me harder and harder. It's almost as if when I'm doing better, he's going to be pushing me even more."

"Coach Doman, is really, in my opinion, the one that is responsible. Coach Doman is not only so helpful in helping Jake develop and reach his potential--which is going to be amazing when that happens--but his relationship that Jake has with Coach Doman is one that will surpass any I could ever have with any of our players."


Interesting quote from Dan Mullen: "There's no secrets around here and I kept (Scott Stricklin) informed. I never had, really, any interest in leaving here this year."

“Really excited with the direction the program is going, with the leadership of Scott and within the athletic department, and with Dr. (Mark) Keenum. The vision they have, and the vision I have, everybody’s on the same page. We see a great future at Mississippi State, and we’re going to do some great things.”


Clemson defensive ends coach Chris Rumph jokes with running backs / special teams coordinator Andre Powell:



Smart talks to Muschamp, Bradley talks to Golden, Foley talks about Muschamp

Quoting Kirby Smart: "I talk to Will (Muschamp) all the time, but not about working for him." 


Quoting Penn State defensive coordinator Tom Bradley: "I called [Golden] to congratulate him on the Miami job. I kinda teased him. I said, 'Al, you'd have been better off with the Miami job when you were single, not when you're married with three kids.' ''


Quoting Florida AD Jeremy Foley: “We’ll find an office for Urban.  He may be sitting in a chair in my office. We’ll be looking at each other all day.”

(on if Meyer will coach again) “Yeah, as long as it’s not at Georgia or something. I’m just kidding.”

(on Muschamp) “He's certainly respectful of the fact that this is Urban's last deal. He's not going to be in the forefront. He's back in Austin. We probably talk every day. He's, trust me, rocking and rolling hard putting a staff together.”

Quoting Ralph Friedgen:
"It's been real surreal. To be honest with you, I'm a little bit overwhelmed by it. I really had no idea that people even thought that much of me."

Mike Gundy says Blackmon was just proving his ankle was healed during his first TD:
"I don't like to taunt. But he cut across the field and was having a little fun, and proving his ankle was back to normal."


Ruffin McNeil says month off hurt his offense: “The time off may have hurt us just a little but in timing. But Maryland did a good job so you can't anything away (from the Maryland defense). We could have executed better.”

Up 33-10, Holgorsen crushes a Red Bull

Up 33-10 near the end of the third quarter, Dana Holgorsen crushed a Red Bull last night.


No word yet on if Holgorsen was setting the stage for a long night of post-game celebration OR if he was trying to figure out how in $H*T his guys had only scored a season low of 33 points.

Either way, sources tell us that Ed Orgeron watched Holgorsen take action.   Orgeron exploded, “Now that’s some good $#*T.  That’s my kinda guy.”

Here’s the evidence of Holgo fueling the tank:



Country roads

Take me home

To the place

I belong

West Virginia

Mountain Mama

Take me home

Harbaugh: I don't want to put a timeline on it

Jim Harbaugh, the “Jackhammer,” is one busy dude right now.

He’s got Virginia Tech, a new baby girl named Katherine, a large contract proposal, and options about his future on his mind.  No confirmation (at the time of print) was available on his priority.

When asked yesterday if he had spoken with the 49ers, Harbaugh responded, “I only talk about the job I have now.”

The Jackhammer added, “You know, my dual focus is on the Orange Bowl and the baby.”

So Jim, when will you resolve your future?

“I don’t want to put a timeline on it.”

According to Bay Area writer Jon Wilner, Stanford has placed a new deal in front of the Jackhammer.  The new deal is worth approximately $3 million per year and includes huge amounts of deferred money and housing assistance, according to sources.


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