Quick Hits: Chizik, Petersen, Harsin, Applewhite

Quoting Gene Chizik after winning the national championship: "Well, obviously, you know, it is really hard for me to describe the feeling that I have for the Auburn family. I look down here to my left and I see three guys along with a locker room of 100 more that have just defied all the odds. I'm not sure if 15 weeks ago anyone believed that we could do this except us. And this is the most unbelievable group of young men I have been around. I feel very blessed. God has blessed my life to be around a great administration, a great Auburn family. These guys represent Auburn on the field, off the field, in the community the right way. We said that we wanted to go from good to great. And I can sit here tonight and I can tell you that Auburn -- the Auburn Tigers are the best football team in the United States tonight."

"You know, it is not about my arrival. That's not how I live my life. I live my life trying to do the right thing and guide 18- to 22-year-olds to do the right thing and to go from good to great. We try to give them everything they can have on the field, off the field, spiritually, in the classroom, as a student. And that's how we live our life. We are going to do it the right way. We always have done it the right way. It is not about how I arrived or how I leave, it is not about Gene Chizik. It is about the Auburn family and it is about those, I don't know, 30- or 40,000 fans that came into that stadium tonight and probably another 10,000 that were outside and probably another 10,000 that wanted to come back home but couldn't get here. Don't get any satisfaction in look at me or "told you so," none of that. This is for these players and this Auburn family and the people that care about Auburn and carry the Auburn flag. It is that simple."


Quoting Boise State head coach Chris Petersen: "I'm really happy to be in the position I've been the last five years. I think (Stanford) is a very special place. I just thought it was worth having a conversation about, but that's about as far as it went."


Brian Harsin says it's his job to have a championship offense at Texas: "We shook hands and we started talking ball. It was so simple, so easy and right away I knew I had a guy who will be on the same page. It felt very comfortable right way."

"I know the expectations here. We've got a championship program, a championship coach and it's my job to make a championship offense."


Major Applewhite talks about the chemistry of the Texas offensive staff: "It will be collaborative. It won't be a one-guy show, a two-guy show. It will be a cohesive effort and that's how you get ownership and get what you want. We'll all have a part of it and that's what you want. You want a group of five guys come to the table with ideas."



Quick Hits: Chip Kelly, Lane Kiffin, Gary Patterson

Chip Kelly using the story of Secretariat as motivation: “Our message with Secretariat is he didn't care. He ran -- I never looked at Secretariat as an underdog. You can watch that movie. You win the Belmont Stakes by 31 lengths, that's not an underdog in my book. I think the message we had with Secretariat is it didn't care about what its competition was. It was a faceless opponent. It went out when the gate opened it ran as fast as it could as long as it could. That's what Steve Prefontaine did. He ran as fast as he could for as long as he did. If he didn't do it that way, then he wasn't happy with it. We are not going to lay back, sit back and do it. We have never taken that -- we don't talk much about our opponent, to be honest with you. From a scheme standpoint we do. We don't use those "are we an underdog" and all that. Those are outside influences that motivate you. We are intrinsically motivated operation.”


Colts' head coach Jim Caldwell explains his timeout call with 29 seconds left: “I didn’t care. I was going to make sure that they couldn’t. Make them snap the ball. They were in field goal range. We wanted to try to make them snap the ball as many times as they possibly could.”


Need a ticket to the national championship game? :  You can get one right now on StubHub for $6,900.  It's on the 50-yard line.


Lane Kiffin won’t pick a winner, but says defense will decide the national champion: "Two first-year starting quarterbacks in the national championship game. When was the last time that happened?"

"I don't know who's going to win the game. The key is not going to be who moves the ball; it's who's going to be able to make them slow down and force them to make the mistake.

"Who's going to play defense and not give up big plays?"


Gary Patterson says it will be tougher to say at the top: "It's tougher to try to stay at or near the mountain top than it is getting there. You work hard and hang on tight when you're hanging off the cliff. You should do the same when you're at the top of the mountain. That's how you stay there." 

Former LSU AD explains Les Miles' situation

Former LSU AD Skip Bertman doesn’t believe Les Miles will leave for Michigan. 

Bertman also never believed that Tulane (the other college in Louisiana) would defeat his Tigers in the 2001 Super Regionals, Bertman’s last series as a college baseball coach.  The Green Wave advanced to Omaha. 

Bertman told the Detroit Free Press, "This time now for Miles, he has a 7-year old, a 16-year old and two boys in between, isn't the time for him to move.   At LSU he makes the $4 million, likes Baton Rouge, likes LSU, and had a really great recruiting class. The timing is such, I don’t think if Michigan came up with the $4 million plus the ($1.25 million) buyout he has, I don’t think the timing is right for Les Miles.”

Timing?  Skip, what would be good timing?

Bertman says, “He has a lot of morality, you don’t find it in many people, let alone many coaches. He won’t try to make more money by pretending that he wants to go to Michigan. That’s extraordinarily rare. I was an AD for a long time. Some coaches they really don’t want to go, but pretend they do.”

Bertman, who hired Les Miles, will soon find out.  Several reports say that Miles will talk with Michigan AD Dave Brandon in the next 48 hours.


"Y'all must be crazy"

At FootballScoop we get texts all day long from coaches telling us who is interviewing, who got the job, etc...This morning one comes in saying, "Free beer for coaches."  That was all it said. A minute later, "Y'all must be crazy".

Not crazy, we just really like what we do.

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Video: One of the best pre-game speeches you will see

In case you missed it, Miami (OH) interim head coach Lance Guidry gave one of the best pre-game speeches you will hear before last night’s GoDaddy.com Bowl game.  The Redhawks went on to defeat MTSU 35-21.  

Guidry, a Louisiana native, has served as the interim head coach at Miami (OH) since Mike Haywood’s departure.  Guidry has coached the defensive backs the last two years for the Redhawks.

Early in the week, Guidry joked, "If my coaching career doesn't pan out, I'm gonna to become a Cajun cook."

Seems like a lot of head coaches might want to consider Guidry for a position.    

He also served as the defensive coordinator / defensive backs coach at McNeese State for five years, during which the Cowboys won 3 Southland Conference championships and played in the D1-AA championship game.  He's also a former Welsh Greyhound and coached the Wampus Cats at Leesville HS, the home of Cecil "The Deisel" Collins.

Anyway, here’s the evidence:


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