Video: Western Kentucky coaches play an April fool's prank

Willie Taggart, one of the most positive and enthusiastic head coaches in the country, agreed to go along with a little April fool’s joke during pre-practice the other day.

This morning, we received the video and it’s pretty funny.

Dooley would likely have a heart attack.  

At this point, Willie T is the only known coach to fringe upon Pete Carroll’s original idea to video a prank, stunt, or April fool’s joke and then upload it to YouTube.

This one is pretty darn funny, so we’ll give props to the person that came up with the idea.  As you can tell, it drew a funny reaction from several players.

If this doesn’t make you laugh, please push in your keyboard and call it day because you're definitely not in a good mood.  

Here's the evidence:


Chip Kelly says Oregon has broken a new practice record

It’s official.  Chip Kelly says the Ducks have broken a new University of Oregon record.

Following Monday’s practice, Kelly told a reporter, “I know Saturday’s practice was the most reps we’ve ever had in the history of the University of Oregon, despite you said we were going slow.  We were pretty close (again) today.”

So coach, are you adding anything new?  This is an experimental time, isn’t it?

Kelly responded bluntly, “No.  We don’t have an experimental time.  We practice.  We are running our offense.  We decide what we’re running and we run it. We put it in during the first five days and by then we’ll start refining it.”

College football is back.  It’s only the second week of spring practice in Eugene and Chip Kelly is in mid-season form. Beautiful.

Oregon vs. LSU is only 152 days away.

In other pace related news, Kevin Sumlin says Houston scrimmaged 100 plays in under an hour on Saturday.  Think about that.  Meanwhile, Rick Stockstill says MTSU got in 154 plays in just under 2 hours.

Meanwhile, we heard the GA's at one SEC program threw back a case of Bud heavy in just over an hour on Saturday night. 

UPDATE: We have received information from a loyal viewer that says Chip Kelly needs to watch the film of the third practice of 1978 spring ball under Rich Brooks.  A lot of reps there, we're told.  It could be close.

Holgorsen talks about WVU talent, developing players, and Blackmon

West Virginia offensive coordinator / quarterbacks coach Dana Holgorsen believes his system can help develop an average player into a great player.

This spring, Holgorsen is putting an emphasis on evaluating talent and developing players.

Asked to compare the talent at West Virginia against the talent at the previous schools he has coached at, Holgorsen admitted, “I don’t know yet.”

“One thing this offense allows you to do is develop kids.  You take a guy like Joel Filani, who was a 2-time all Big Twelve first team receiver his junior and senior year, went to the league and played a little bit, he was absolutely terrible for 2 straight years.  So guys do develop.  This is the beginning product.  I mean, I think the talent is fine, but the way guys develop is what is most important to me.”

“Last year at Oklahoma State, Justin Blackmon was the third best receiver about 2 weeks into camp.  Just based on development and maturity, ended up being pretty good.”

“Maturity is the biggest thing.  He (Blackmon) was 180 pounds in high school, so you don’t know how kids are going to develop from ages 18 to 22.  He absorbed a lot and was really dedicated in the weight room.”

Geno Smith returns at quarterback for the Mountaineers.

Holgorsen said, “We’re playing at a fast rate.  I’m force feeding Geno (Smith), too.  They (the quarterbacks) stare a hole through me sometimes because they don’t get it.  They get it, they turn.  They don’t get it, they stare at me.  That bothers me at times.  I get aggravated, tell them to hurry up, go, and yell at them.  We’re teaching them. I’m doing that on purpose.”

One thing Holgorsen doesn’t worry about is arm strength.

“I don’t care about arm strength. That’s about #9 on my list.”

West Virginia opens with Marshall, Norfolk State, and at Maryland.  In week #4, LSU travels to Morgantown.  The game will undoubtedly be nationally televised.  We’re hoping to see Holgorsen crush a Red Bull just before kick-off.

Skip Holtz pretty blunt after 5 turnovers & 16 penalties

South Florida held a scrimmage on Saturday.  Following 5 turnovers and 16 penalties, Skip Holtz started his post-practice media session with, “You had to be a football enthusiast to enjoy that.”

Holtz said, "It was ugly to watch."

“Right now, we’re not playing base defense.  I don’t mean this negative, but we’re not good enough to play base defense.  That’s why we’re doing what we’re doing.  We’re not good enough to play base defense and hold a gap.  We’ve got to create confusion.”

“Move, twist, stunt, stand up, drop, zone, blitz, man…that’s what we’re going to have to do to be good.”

On the flip side, Holtz continues to worry about the Bulls’ ability to throw it and catch it.

“Offensively, I worry if we can run it against a good team that runs base.  It’s hard for us in turn to get that because that’s not what we do defensively.  Same thing, it’s hard for us to get a really good feel for the secondary because we can’t challenge them offensively.  We don’t throw it and catch it well enough.”

Translation…Dr. Lou reminded Skip to tell the media how God awful his team is performing.  South Florida travels to South Bend to play the Irish in 5 months. It's the season-opener for both teams.

Who will Dr. Lou pick? Do you care?


Muschamp in a bind for Saturday's spring game

Will Muschamp says the Gators are down to 7 total bodies on the offensive line.

Muschamp told ESPN, “We're working about seven [offensive linemen], and that's total bodies. That's all we've got. Injuries are part of the game. There's nobody feeling sorry for the Gators right now, I can tell you that.”

This should make things interesting for offensive line coach Frank Verducci.

Speaking of the Gators’ offensive line, check out the up close video of 1 on 1 pass rush from this weekend’s practice.

The Gators will hold their spring game this Saturday.  The SUN Network will broadcast the game at 12 pm EST.

Other spring games on TV this Saturday include LSU (4 pm EST on ESPN), Clemson (4 pm EST on CSS), and Mississippi State (6 pm EST on CSS).

On April 16th, you can watch several more spring games including Georgia (CSS), Michigan (BTN), Notre Dame (Versus), Arkansas (ESPN), Alabama (ESPNU), Auburn (CSS), and Ole Miss (CSS).


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