Strange & funny video: Paul Rhoads visits Wally World

We’re still trying to figure this one out.

Late last night, a loyal FootballScoop viewer emailed in a video of Iowa State head coach Paul Rhoads.

No, it’s not the increasingly popular on-field mic’d up segment.  It’s not a post-practice media session with reporters.  It’s not one of Rhoads’ terrific post game locker room speeches.

This video is of Paul Rhoads reenacting Chevy Chase's famous trip to Wally World.  Currently, the video has been viewed slighly less than 1000 times.  

We don't think it will end up being viewed 319,000 times like Rhoads' locker room speech after defeating Nebraska, but we'll guess the views of this video will climb rapidly.

Watch the video.  You’ll catch yourself saying, “What in the flip is that?”

Rocky Long calls out Boise State's blue turf

San Diego State head coach Rocky Long called out Boise State, the newest member of the Mountain West Conference during a conference call earlier today.

Long’s issue deals with the blue turf at Bronco Stadium.

“I think they ought to get rid of that blue turf. I think it’s unfair,” said Long, who was promoted to head coach when Brady Hoke left for Ann Arbor.

Long added, “It takes the visiting team a quarter or two to get used to that different field.”

Perhaps Long is trying to get other coaches to voice their frustration, so in 2012 when the Aztecs visit Bronco Stadium, the field will be green.

Umm…can you say, “No chance?”

The teams that have to deal with the “Smurf Turf” next season are Tulsa, Nevada, Air Force, TCU, Wyoming, and New Mexico.


Lane Kiffin borderline depressed after morning practice

Talking about depressed.  That could have summed up Lane Kiffin’s mood today following the Trojan’s thirteenth spring practice.

Kiffin wasn’t in the mood to make any headlines either, despite reporters trying to get Lane to touch on some interesting topics.  

At one point, Lane said, “Basically, you’re looking at 10 scholarship players that haven’t practiced this spring.  When you add the 24 coming in, that’s 34 new scholarships players coming, it helps your depth, but it makes your practices better.  It makes your players better because right now we’re finding some players coasting a little bit because we have nobody behind them.  Regardless, they can’t get demoted so hopefully it’s something we’ll fix in the fall.”

A reporter then asked Kiffin for his opinion on why certain schools but not USC were having their spring games nationally broadcasted.

Kiffin said, “Yeah, they had 92,500 people too.  It makes it a little bit different environment.  It’s the difference in the South than being out here.  It is what it is.  I go back to..we had 51,000 at our spring game at Tennessee and 40,000 two hour before for the walk.  It doesn’t make it good or bad.  It’s just very different.”

What about the new rule banning subscriptions to recruiting websites?

Kiffin responded, “It didn’t matter to me.  It doesn’t affect anything we do.”

What about these schools that are paying $20,000 to $25,000 for recruiting services?

Once again, not in the mood to make headlines, Kiffin responded, “We have enough of our own issues.  I’m not worried about other people.”

Asked if he’s ever paid $20,000 for a recruiting service, Lane simply responded, “No.”

USC will finish spring practice on Saturday with a scrimmage in The Coliseum.

Dave Clawson: We dropped 13 balls in the spring game

It’s only 135 days until Bowling Green at Idaho.

Who isn’t fired up?

Today, Bowling Green wrapped up spring practice with a morning practice.  Head coach Dave Clawson set up the spring schedule to allow for one practice following this past Saturday’s spring game.

After practice, Clawson recapped the spring game and spring practice in general.

Clawson was pleased with the defensive line on Saturday, explaining, “Defensively, I liked the way our defensive line played.  We got the ball, created penetration, we rushed the passer.  We were very disruptive and that had a lot to do with the defensive success.   The only thing I didn’t like about the defense was that we gave up 4 big plays.”

“We dropped too many balls.  We dropped 13 balls in the spring game.  Whether it’s wind weather, we’re going to have to play games in those conditions. We have to be able to function better than that.”  (Boy, don't you know offensive coordinator / quarterbacks coach Warren Ruggiero and wide outs coach Mark Carney were in a pleasant mood after that performance.)

Overall, “Offensive line has made progress, but isn’t where we need it to be.  It’s no secret we need help on the offense line.  That’s why we brought in three mid-year guys, but we needed some younger guys to step up.”

What’s next?

“This is where the leadership in your program has to take over. Teams that have good leadership get a lot done in these next three and a half months.”After the trip to Moscow (Idaho), the Falcons will host Morgan State and Wyoming.

Gruden still working at 3:30 am: It's a grind, man

In case you missed Jon Gruden’s Quarterback Camp last night with Jake Locker and Andy Dalton, you missed some great entertainment.

Parts of Gruden's feature with Andy Dalton were priceless.

Today, the former Super Bowl winning head coach talked about his experience with the show.

“It’s been a blast.”

“I get more people talking about this than anything I did as a human.  They love these shows.  They wish there were more of them.  They wish I’d yell at ‘em.  But there’s a lot of rules and regulations when you’re on TV (pause), I guess.”

“The video is the big project.  It’s relentless, never ending.”

“It’s tedious.  You get in here at 3:30 in the morning and get done at noon…and try to have somewhat of a life.  I feel like a bat.  What are those things that live in dark places?  I don’t know.  It’s a grind, man.”

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