Sark jacked up following 100-play situational practice

Steve Sarkisian was very encouraged following Washington’s 100-play situational practice on Saturday. 

In total, the Huskies went goal line (11 snaps), blitz pick-up (10 snaps), 7 on 7 (20 snaps), and open field (60 snaps).  

Overall, Sark was jacked about the play from the corners and the ability to rush the passer.  The defense played the run surprisingly well and the offense didn't turn the ball over.  

Sarkisian stated, "I thought, all in all, it was a good physical practice for us. I thought both side flashed at times."

He said, “I love the fact that we are able to rush the passer.  That put a smile on my face today.  We may have had 7 sacks in that (open field period).”

“What I appreciated the other way was our ability to lean on the run game to get right and then Chris ultimately snapping off a long run after maybe have a little bit of a frustrating day prior to that.”

“I was overly impressed by them (defense) with their ability to defend the run, especially early in the scrimmage.  We defended the run better than I anticipated.”

“Offensively, I’m encouraged there were no turnovers after 100 plays.  On the flip side, we have to create more (on defense).  Hopefully, with those 7 sacks, somewhere in there the ball is coming out when those sacks are coming, but we are blowing it down (whistle).”

Washington opens with Eastern Washington.  The Huskies host Hawaii in the second week before traveling to Nebraska.

Maryland assistant on Edsall: He's already on year two

Randy Edsall is halfway through his first spring practice as the Maryland head coach and seems very encouraged.

Focused on building a strong foundation, Edsall said, “As a head coach it is my responsibility to bring everything together. I have to bring the players, coaches, trainers, managers and everyone together as one. For the most part, I think that everything has gone pretty smoothly. In the beginning it's tough to get everyone together and communicate exactly what is expected."

One of the important things to Edsall is instilling a competitive mindset in each player.

“You need to be at your best each and every day,” said Edsall. “You can't get complacent and rest on what you did in the past. I want the mindset that you are out there competing and someone is breathing down my neck trying to take my job. If everyone plays with that mindset, you have the ability to be a very good football team."

Special teams coordinator / outside linebackers coach Lyndon Johnson says Edsall has a clear plan.

Johnson told the York Daily Record, "Every day you walk in the door you know exactly what your role is and what you need to get done. He has a plan for everything. Every day of the week is a plan, and he's already a year ahead. We're in year one of this project here and to me, mentally, he's already on year two."

Assistant recruiting coordinator Ryan Steinberg added, "He hasn't slowed down. Some people thought it was the initial rush and it would kind of wear off, but he's just constantly going.”

Edsall and the Terps will host Miami (FL) in their season-opener on Monday night, September  5th.  Three more home games follow against West Virginia, Temple, and Towson.

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at spring practice with the Terps' defense:


300 former players watch Miami (FL) scrimmage

Miami (FL) went through a 120-play scrimmage today and Al Golden was glad to see roughly 300 former players in attendance.

Golden said around 200 former players were at the facility on Friday, and another 100 showed up today for the scrimmage.

“They (our players) knew they had to represent,” said Golden.

Even former head coach Jimmy Johnson spoke to the team on Friday.

Golden said that Coach Johnson talked to the players about the grind and hard work it takes to reach the highest level.

Golden added, “A lot of people want to look at those teams in the 80’s and they talk about their swagger, they talk about their confidence, or their flamboyance, but what Jimmy Johnson made a point of last night was that you have to be in incredible condition to play like that.”

First up for the Canes… at Maryland on Monday night, September 5th.   Kick-off is set for 8 pm EST.


Large beer sales expected for West Virginia vs. LSU

Five Big East football stadiums sell cold beer on gameday including Syracuse, Louisville, South Florida, Connecticut, and Cincinnati.

West Virginia could soon become the sixth.

According to the Tribune-Review, athletic director Oliver Luck has proposed controlled sales of alcohol, the elimination of a pass-out policy that allows fans to leave the game at halftime and re-enter the stadium for the second half, and banning smoking inside the stadium.

The beer sales could bring in over $1 million per year.  The Board of Governors still has to approve the beer sales.

Upon hearing the potential beer sales next season inside Milan Puskar Stadium, LSU fans were a little disappointed.

An LSU Tiger fan told FootballScoop, “They know we would prefer Red Bull & Vodka (heavy on the vodka) (preferably Grey Goose), but we will settle for beer.”

“Our plan now is to leave Baton Rouge on Thursday.  We’ll take over the Morgantown bar scene on Friday night and if (Jordan) Jefferson plays well, we’ll win by 28…and we won’t leave the stadium.”

“However many kegs they plan to stock for game days, they’ll need to stock 7 times that amount when we come to town. Don’t count on us drinking somewhere in the neighborhood of what the Norfolk State fans drink.  We are LSU.”

West Virginia has home games this season against Marshall, Norfolk State, LSU, Bowling Green, UCONN, Louisville, and Pitt.

In case you doubt the Tiger fans will take over your bar, here's a video of their last trip up north.  Blacksburg 2007.  


NCAA announces rule changes for 2011, doesn't help Dooley now

A couple of rule changes for the 2011 season have been announced today by the NCAA.

Most notably, Derek Dooley gets his wish.

A 10-second rundown of the game clock will occur if a team commits a foul that stops the clock in the final minute of both halves.

Dooley said last week, "I told people I was 8-7 in postgame handshakes. We played 13 games but I had 15 postgame handshakes."

Another rules allows for LIVE television broadcasts only in the coaching booths.  Both teams need to have equal access to a television in the booths for the purpose of determining whether a team should request an instant-replay challenge.

Also, three defensive lineman cannot line up shoulder-to-shoulder on PAT / FG Block.  Three against one is unfair and someone can get hurt.

Since you are thirsty for a Friday afternoon news snack, in honor of Dooley, here’s the last few seconds of LSU vs. Tennessee.

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