It's June...and Nick Saban is officially 'feeling it'

Caution.  Nick Saban is feeling it.  And it’s only June, boys.

Saban doesn’t exactly give the same type of speech to summer campers as most coaches.

But how do we know he’s feeling it?

We particularly liked this part of the speech, but we recommend watching the entire video.

Saban told little Johnny and his friends, “Look, guys.  You’re gonna do one of two things with your time.  You can invest your time or you can spend it.  When you invest your time, you make a goal and decision of something you want to accomplish and something you wanna do, whether it’s make good grades in school, be a good athlete, be a good person, go down and do some community service and help someone in need.  Whatever it is that you choose to do, you’re investing your time in that.”

“When you spend your time, you play Xbox.  That’s spending time.  It accomplished NOTHING.  And I know all of you who would say, ‘Oh man, I need my relaxation time.’  You know what I say to that, and excuse me to all the mommas here, that’s bullshit.  You don’t need to do that.  You don’t’ need to do that. You need to figure out what you want to do.  Invest your time in that.  Don’t play Xbox.  Blowing people up on that thing doesn’t help you.”

Bronco Mendenhall changing philosophy, hoping to elevate the program

Over the last five years, Bronco Mendenhall had led BYU to final records of 11-2, 11-2, 10-3, 11-2, and 7-6.  Mendenhall, however, is looking to take the next step.

The off-season included a number of coaching staff changes.  Along with those changes came a shift in recruiting philosophy, something new recruiting coordinator Joe DuPaix thinks will really help the program.

DuPaix, who coached the slot backs at Navy the last three years, told the Salt Lake Tribune,  “We are looking for the best kids that will come to BYU, whether they live in a different state across the country, or whether they live right here in Provo, Utah. The point is to find the best BYU-fit football players to come to BYU. That might mean that they are LDS, that might mean that they are not LDS. Either way, that is irrelevant.”

DuPaix added, “Collectively, we just really feel as a staff that we can go out and find the right kids, whether they be [LDS], or anything else.”

Also, for the first time since 2004, Mendenhall is allowing the incoming freshmen to arrive during the summer months to get acclimated to school and join the team for voluntary workouts.

It might be part of the plan to play for a national championship, something quarterback Jake Heaps believes his team is on the verge of doing.

Heaps previously said in the middle of the off-season, "We’re not playing for a conference championship. We’re playing for a national championship. This team has all the talent in the world. That’s why I’m so excited. We’re just trying to grow and build. This team has the potential to do great things. It’s in our hands — it’s our destiny — to make it happen.”

BYU open the season in Oxford, Mississippi against Ole Miss.  A week later, the Cougars travel to Austin, Texas to face the Longhorns.  The first home game comes the next week when BYU will host Utah.  

Got an extra $50 million to help out Sark?

FootballScoop’s $40 million bid to become the official naming rights holder for Husky Stadium was rejected over the weekend.

We thought “FootballScoop Field at Husky Stadium” had a good ring to it.

Unfortunately, the University of Washington is asking for $50 million for the naming rights to the soon-to-be renovated Husky Stadium.  The renovation will be complete for the start of the 2013 season.  

Washington senior associate AD Jennifer Cohen told the Seattle-Times, “There have definitely been some families that have had some questions about it, some interest, some people that have the capacity to do something like that."

Why the price of $50 million?

It goes in line with the university’s policy that naming rights need to bring in 50% of the overall cost of any structure on campus.

The football operations building is also selling its naming rights for a cool $10 million.

Pony your ass up, Starbucks.

“For your highlights, let’s go to Venti Iced Non-fat No Whip Double Shot Iced Caffe Latte Field at Husky Stadium.”

ESPN decides on Urban Meyer's role for 2011

Your college football Saturdays in 2011 will start with Urban Meyer.

Today, ESPN is expected to announce that former Florida Gators head coach Urban Meyer will call the noon EST games that typically involve Big Ten teams.

Meyer will join play-by-play announcer Dave Pash and analyist Chris Spielman for the coverage.  He will also appear live on a show called College GameDay build by the Home Depot.  You may have seen the show before.

In a classic quote, ESPN senior coordinating producer Ed Placey said, “He wanted to do everything.”

Urban?  Wanting to do everything?

Meyer has stated that he wants to stay away from criticism.  Rather, it’s more important to analyze the game flow and situations as they happen, to present a unique picture for the audience.

Bodog.com has not yet set an over/under on how long it will take Meyer to drop his first, “You gotta be outta your mind.”

Looking at the schedule, it appears Meyer will set for assignment in Columbus, Ohio for the Akron vs. Ohio State matchup.

The daily grind in the coaching profession doesn't compare...

Much has been publicized about the pressure and daily grind in the coaching profession.  Coaches are expected to win more than ever before.  There’s hardly much job stability and with recruiting, the job has become 365 days a year.

Coaches don’t exactly spend as much time with family members as most other professions allow.  There’s often not much time for sleep, especially during the season.  Some coaches don’t sleep much due to the enormous pressure felt.  You're constantly on the phone, many nights away from home in hotels, and not enough time in the day.

Furthermore, too many coaches don’t make enough time in the day to workout.  For many, bring the kids to school isn’t really an option.  In the fall, it’s not an option.  Just hanging out, watching TV...that's not really going to happen very often.

So today, we look at the statistics from a USA Today article released this morning that shows how Americans are spending their day minute-by-minute.

Take a look at these figures.  Obviously, the coaching lifestyle is quite different.

During the day, the average American spends:

  • 8:40 - sleeping
  • 3:30 – work and work-related activities
  • 2:44 – watching TV
  • 2:27 – leisure and sports
  • 1:47 – household activities
  • 1:15 – eating & drinking
  • 48 min – personal care
  • 45 min – purchasing goods & services
  • 30 min – caring for household member
  • 13 min – caring for non-household member
  • 29 min – education
  • 21 min – organizational, civic, or religious activities
  • 20 min – other activities
  • 11 min – phone calls, email, mail


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