2011 media guide released: Does anyone do it like LSU?

LSU has released their 2011 football media guide.

Interestingly, the Tigers chose not to feature any players or even head coach Les Miles on the front cover.  There’s not even a color photo of Tiger Stadium, the pride of LSU.

Perhaps it’s a message that this year's squad isn't about any one individual, it’s about a team.  It’s about a team on mission to end up in New Orleans, site of the 2012 national championship game.

OR it’s that LSU wants you to read a passage, so that you can truly feel Tiger Stadium.

"It is a pantheon of concrete & steele.  It is a city that rises.  Defiantly in the delta, alongside the father of waters.  It is the humidity of autumn       evenings that drapes stately oaks and broad magnolias.  It is haunted and it is loud.  It is Halloween night and cannon blasts.  It is a Louisiana gumbo of humanity that cheers its Tigers to victory & destroys the dreams of invading foes.  Chance of rain…never!  It is a cathedral of college football…and worship happens here.  When the sun finds its home in the western sky, it is a field of glory.  For sure, but much more than that it is a sacred place and it’s Saturday night in Death Valley."

Do yourself a favor.  Watch this video down below.  College football is approaching.



D1 assistant coach resigns for 3 very respectable reasons

Sometimes it’s just time to do something else.

After eleven seasons on the staff at Kent State, A.J. Pratt accepted a position on Willie Taggert’s staff at Western Kentucky in 2010.

One year later, Pratt has decided to resign his position for three very respectable reasons.

Pratt, who served as the tackles / tight ends coach under Taggart, released a statement saying, “My wife and kids know nothing else but being a family of a college football coach for the past 12 years. This decision is based solely upon three factors - my family, my faith and my health.”

“Our family has discussed this decision the past few days, and we are at peace with the outcome though it is the most difficult decision I have ever personally had to make. The opportunity for a new occupation has just recently been presented, and I wish the timing could have been different.”

“We are very thankful for the people of Western Kentucky University, especially the athletic department, administration and our student-athletes. We are thankful and blessed for those relationships. I will continue to support WKU football and the people that make it successful from our home in Bowling Green."

Taggart understood his assistant’s position and said the decision was entirely Pratt’s.

Pratt will serve as a teacher in the Bowling Green, Kentucky area.

Stay tuned to The Scoop.  There are always three or four surprising changes just before August camp arrives.  About this time last year, Vanderbilt head coach Bobby Johnson decided to hang it up.  

Big East coach tabbed most friendly head coach in college football

Have you ever wondered what some of these college head coaches are like when nobody is looking?

ESPN The Magazine wanted to find out by creating superfan “Jim Smith.”

Smith wrote a letter in February to each of the D1 head coaches stating, “Dear Coach: Would you be willing to call my voice mail and leave a message I can use as my outgoing greeting? Something like, 'Hi, this is ________ .  Jim can't take your call right now, but if you leave your name and number ... '"

Larry Fedora, Art Briles, Mike London, Kirk Ferentz were among the four coaches to respond to the letter.  Seven head coach declined, but sent autographed photos.

Of all the coaches, it was Syracuse head coach Doug Marrone, a native of the Bronx, New York, who offered the nicest response.  Despite all the responsibilities that Marrone has with leading a major D1 program, he took the time and clearly went above and beyond.

A month after the drafting the letter, Smith received this voicemail from Marrone:

"Hi, Jim, Doug Marrone from Syracuse football. I got your note and want to thank you for your support. Every fan matters here for us. It's been a tough few years for Syracuse football, but we have that Big East title in our sights. Stay with us. I'll start the message in a minute." Awkward pause. "Hi, this is Doug Marrone from Syracuse football. You've reached Jim. He can't take your call right now. But I promise you, if you leave a short message after the beep, he will get right back to you. Go Orange." Another awkward pause. "So thanks again, Jim. We really appreciate your support up here. Go Orange."

You won’t believe what happened next…

Who would you say is the most friendly head coach in college football?  Let us know in our newly added conversation section, which is down below.

UCLA will pay Norm Chow serious $$$,$$$ this year

UCLA will be paying Norm Chow $500,000 this year while Chow calls plays for the Utah Utes.

Chow, who has signed a 2-year extension at UCLA last summer worth $1.1 million, was forced out as the Bruins’ offensive coordinator following a month of negotiations following the season.  Shortly thereafter, Utah head coach Kyle Whittingham offered his offensive cooordinator position to Chow, who accepted the job.

UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel opted to bring in former San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator Mike Johnson to run the offensive.  The Bruins also hired Nevada running backs coach Jim Mastro, leading most people to believe “The Pistol” will remain a big part of the UCLA offensive scheme.

Utah actually hosts UCLA on November 12th at Rice Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City.

Chow graduated from the University of Utah.  Oddly enough, he isn’t coaching the quarterbacks for the Utes.  Instead, Chow is coaching the tight ends.

Even more strange, Chow has opted to live in a hotel.

Video: Tulane football does something really cool

Last week, Tulane quarterback Ryan Griffin served as a camp counselor at the Manning Passing Academy in Thibodaux, Louisiana.  Griffin joined the likes of Andrew Luck, Kellen Moore, Landry Jones, Tino Sunseri, John Brantley, Jordan Jefferson, Nick Foles, EJ Manuel, and many more.

Today, Tulane launched a marketing video featuring the 6’5 and 215 lb red-shirt junior quarterback.

Personally, we like the bold statement in the video from Griffin.  Tulane football…with a little bit of swag.  Notice the crowd noise in the video.  Have you ever been to a Tulane game in the Louisiana Superdome?  Beautiful!

Tulane is the fourth school that we have seen use a specific player to market ticket sales.  USC and South Carolina kicked things off early this summer with campaigns featuring Matt Barkley, Devyn Taylor, and Marcus Lattimore.

Tulane’s home schedule includes Southeast Louisiana, Tulsa, Syracuse, UTEP, Memphis, and Houston.

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