Your town, Your team, Your gameday

Please football season get here.  Yes, we are going with a LA Tech schedule report on Monday afternoon.

LA Tech head coach Sonny Dykes is one of twelve head coaches entering his second overall season as a head coach.

Unfortunately for Dykes, the Bulldogs will host only five home games this season.  The Bulldogs will host Central Arkansas, Houston, Hawaii, San Jose State, and New Mexico State.

The road schedule includes Southern Miss, Mississippi State, and Ole Miss. 

Beginning with an October 8th game at Idaho, the Bulldogs will travel five out the next six weeks.  It’s at Idaho, at Utah State, San Jose State, at Fresno State, at Ole Miss, at Nevada.  Boy, don't those long plane rides sound exciting.

Surprisingly, Phil Steele ranked the LA Tech schedule only 78th toughest in the country.

On the same day that Steele released his “toughest schedule” rankings, LA Tech released their 2011 marketing slogan.

We like the little kid on the lower left side with the face paint.  How fired up is he to be on the LA Tech schedule poster?  He gets a great photo, but Sonny gets nothing.

"Your town, Your team, Your gameday"

12 coaches preparing for year #2 as head coaches

In a couple of weeks, twelve coaches will enter their second overall season as head coaches.  

That list includes Joker Phillips, Rob Ianello, Jeff Quinn, Dan Enos, Ruffin McNeill, Jimbo Fisher, Sonny Dykes, Charlie Strong, Doc Holliday, Larry Porter, Mike MacIntyre, and Willie Taggart.

Of that list, only four head coaches led their teams to bowl games...Fisher, Strong, Phillips, and McNeill.

After leading Kentucky to a 6-7 record in 2010, Joker Phillips admitted this week, “Everybody says if you're a coordinator, it prepares you to be a head coach, but that's not true. There's so many little things that you have to take care of."

He added, "There's nothing that really prepares you for all of the things that come up during the season."

In 2011, Kentucky will be rockin' new uniforms. That’s not the only thing new, either.  Rick Minter is now coordinating the defense, while Steve Perdue joined the staff as the new running backs coach. 

There will also be a brand new HD video board and sound system  at Commonwealth Stadium.

Kentucky opens the season against Western Kentucky in Nashville, TN.  

Who will deliberately enrage Nick Saban on Friday morning?

It's sort of a slow Monday morning, but things are certain to pick up throughout the week.  SEC Media Days begin on Wednesday from Birmingham, AL.

Wednesday's schedule includes Petrino, Spurrier, Muschamp, and Mullen.

Thursday's schedule includes Joker, Richt, Chizik, and Dooley.

Friday's schedule includes Saban, James Franklin, Nutt, and Les.

This morning, our favorite tweet came from EDSBS, who wrote, "SEC Media Days are this week. Commence annual straw-drawing to pick reporter who will ask question to deliberately enrage Nick Saban."

In case anyone needs suggestions, we've gathered some questions that would likely agitate Coach Saban.

1. Coach, can you please give me the day & time when you will let us know who your starting quarterback will be?

2.  Coach, can you give us an in-depth injury report?

3.  Coach, you finished 4th in the SEC West last season, but your overall success at Bama has been terrific.  You seem to enjoy being back in college football.  Are you dead set on staying in college football?

4.  Coach, how many of those “Never Forget, 28-27” signs are still up inside your facility?

5.  Coach, you seemed rather juiced during your youth camper speech in June.  Could you enlighten us as to which player may have been arrested the night before?

6.  Coach, can you tell us about your relationship with Will Muschamp and how you think he will do at Florida?

7.  Coach, what did you think of Gene Chizik’s new book?

8.  Coach, again, for the record, how many games do you think Auburn would have won last year without Cam Newton?


Do you have a good question for Coach Saban?  Let us know in our newly added conversation section down below.


Dan Mullen reiterates: I don't ever plan on losing to them

After defeating Ole Miss for the second consecutive year, Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen joyously shouted to his team in the locker room, “We’re never going to lose to this team again.”

You still stand by that, Dan?

Mullen told the Clarion-Ledger this week, “That’s the plan.”

What if Ole Miss wins?  How will you react?

Mullen added, “We better work an awful lot harder next year. I'll be honest with you, I don't ever plan on losing to them. Hopefully I never have to come up with that scenario.”

Those comments surely have to agitate Houston Nutt.  They would irk any competitor.  

So Houston Nutt, do you plan on approaching the game any differently this year?  (i.e. Is there anything you would like Dan Mullen or your own fans to know?  The floor is yours.)

Nutt told the Clarion-Ledger, “We really tried to make it very important last year. That is one of the biggest games of the year, and when you have that rival - Ole Miss-MSU in the Egg Bowl - it's something very, very special. Our players know that and I think our coaches know that.”

In three years as Ole Miss head coach, High Road Houston is 22-16 with two Cotton Bowl wins.  In two years as Mississippi State head coach, Excite Me Mullen is 14-11 with a Gator Bowl win over Michigan.

Trooper says what he really thinks of Gus Malzahn

It’s unusual for an SEC program like Auburn to enter August camp unsettled at quarterback.

Of the major programs around the country, quarterback decisions remains to be made during pre-season camp at Auburn, Alabama, Texas, Ole Miss, and Notre Dame (if you really believe Brian Kelly).

But fresh off a somewhat disappointing (lack of verticality) chest bump with Barack Obama, Auburn wide receivers coach Trooper Taylor says, “It won’t matter. Just watch. I’m 100 percent confident that whoever he puts at quarterback is going to play big in this offense.”

Taylor added, “I’m a true believer. I’m riding the Gus bus. We’ll be successful on offense. Gus will make sure of that.”

“He’s a magician. He’s Harry Potter. All he needs is the broom. He’s got the glasses.”

Competing for the starting quarterback job will be Clint Moseley, Barrett Trotter, and true freshman Keihl Frazier.

Auburn opens the season by hosting Utah State.  Kick-off is set for 12 pm EST on either ESPN or ESPN 2.

There’s still no total confirmation on if Trooper will be wearing a jacket for the 12 pm EST kick-off.  Game time temperature should be around 98 degrees, so we’ll go ahead and assume the jacket will be go. 

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