Addazio gets off to a great start

In his first game as the head coach at Temple, Steve Addazio had his team ready to go. Playing cross-town foe Villanova, Addazio's guys put up 42 in a 42-7 win against Andy Talley's team.

Watch the first few minutes of Addazio's post game comments, he's pretty pumped about this team.

Great quote from him, "I told the team, I had to apologize to them, I was like a lunatic out there today; but I wanted to set the stage for how I want our team to play...to play the brand of football that we said we were going to play."

Friday TV

Thursday night was good.  Friday has potential.  Saturday could be special. 

All times Eastern.


Raiders at Seattle - 10:30PM - NFLN


Youngstown State at Michigan State - 7:30PM - BTN

TCU at Baylor - 8PM - ESPN

High School:

Evangel Christian (LA) at Union (OK) - 8PM - ESPNU

Kiffin puts Scout team in powder blue and gold

Lane Kiffin has his guys run through some situations today against the scout or "service" team.  

To aid in differentiating the offense from the defense, Kiffin thought it was a good idea to put one set in a different color jersey.  Makes sense.  Then Kiffin added a little twist; he put the "service" team in powder blue jerseys with gold numbers.  

Reporter: "What was the thinking behind using the powder blue jerseys"

Kiffin: "There's a rivalry around here....hopefully they'll be motivated to get off of service team so they won't have to wear the powder blue.

Reporter: "So kind of symbollic message?"

Kiffin: "Not really, we were bored."  


Auburn's new indoor practice facility

This offseason Auburn built a new indoor practice facility.  

Nice video here focusing on the graphics added to dress the place up.  Pretty nice looking.

Auburn University: Indoor Football Practice Facility from Advent on Vimeo

A Class Act

Kent State (Saban's alma mater) opens up at Alabama this weekend.  Tough opponent, difficult circumstances.

Hopefully, we all remember the tornadoes that tore through Tuscaloosa back in late April, devastating portions of the town.  Well, here's a part of the rebuilding that you might not have heard about.

In late July a number of players from Kent State's team travelled on their own down to T-Town to help in the rebuilding process.  They joined with players from Alabama's team in rebuilding a house for a family that had lost everything.  

Video from that day

That's Class.

Photo: KentStateSports.com

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