No TV Tuesday

No live games on TV tonight (or tomorrow).  Is the power of the Worldwide Leader dwindling?

Thursday night we've got Arizona at Oklahoma State and the Saints at the Packers.

Onside kick

In case you didn't see this on Saturday...

Auburn scored with about 2 minutes left to get back to within 3 points of Utah State (yes, let that part soak in for a minute).  Chizik decides to go for the onside kick.

Special teams coordinator Jay Boulware calls it...one high, long hop...catch it on the fly.  

Auburn lines up 6 guys (all speed) outside the hashes.  Utah State only has four guys there to counter.  Advantage Auburn. 


What happens after a 17 hour bus ride

Adrian College (MI) took it's team by bus to play Husson University in Bangor, ME.  That's over 1,000 miles...one way...17 hours on the bus for the guys.

When they got there, we envision head coach Jim Deere saying something like, "OK guys let's stretch our legs."  

His Bulldogs did more than that, they hung 77 on Husson.  Final score, Adrian 77 - Husson 7.  The Bulldogs scored 21 in the 1st quarter, 28 in the 2nd and 14 in each of the 3rd and 4th quarters.  

We guess after a 1,000 mile, 17 hour bus ride, you gotta let the kids play a little before packing them back in for the return trip.


Dabo in the locker room

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney allowed the cameras to roll during his pre-game and post-game talks in the locker room this week as his team hosted Troy.  Final score Clemson 43 - Troy 19.  

Good video.  A couple of quotes from Swinney:

"When they come in your house, you kick them out....you want to dominate them, you impose your will upon them.  You line up and you take your will and you make him like it....that's what good football teams do."

"If we can dominate two out three phases, we will win."

"Adversity is the companion of a champion, the enemy to the weak."

Playing (a lot of) true freshmen

Is the number of true freshmen that you play an indicator of the depth of your program?  

In week one, we saw a number of traditionally deep teams play a large number of true freshmen.  Relevance?

Here are some numbers of true freshmen that played in week one that we found...

Texas - 18

Auburn - 13

Ohio State - 12

Virginia - 12

Tennessee - 12

Clemson - 12

We also noted that the Texas coaching staff voted true freshman wide receiver Jaxon Shipley their offensive player of the game, Utah State true freshman quarter back Chuckie Keeton almost led his Aggies to a win at Auburn and Oregon State true freshman running back Malcolm Agnew is leading the nation with 223 yards rushing.  Interesting times...

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